Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Ready for The Rapture

The Lebanon…


Oh dear

It doesn’t look good does it?

Which is surprising really. After all, blasting the crap out of a country virtually powerless to defend itself by conventional means is such a sure fire way to stamp out terrorism.

Just look at Iraq.

Maybe the Israeli government just needs a little bit more time for its tactics to work. After all, it has only been pursuing its current strategy since 1948.

And as for expanding the conflict to include Syria and Iran, game on I say. I’m one of those people who was frankly a little disappointed at the British government’s response back in the 1980s and 1990s when NORAID was funding and supplying arms to the IRA. If only our leaders had had the moral strength to nuke Boston, Chicago and New York, the Troubles would have ended overnight and everything would have turned out just fucking peachy.

And even if, in spite of all reasonable expectations, waging war against a billion desperate people who believe in an afterlife doesn’t quite work out, that’s good too. Well, according to the folks at the Rapture Ready bulletin board anyway. They seem positively ecstatic at the prospect of Armageddon.

It’s definitely what Jesus would have wanted.

PS I am mad


Shahid said...

erm, no you're not, you're the sanest we have. That's what's scary.

"Yo Blair!"


The Antagonist said...

Is it possible to mention Israel and 1948 without mentioning the Stern Terror gang that made a pact with the Nazis, before later becoming the IDF after it's clandestine terrorist objectives of a Promised Land from which to orchestrate Armageddon had been achieved?

Wolfie said...

Its clear to me that this "operation" has a lot more to do with events in Washington than events in Southern Lebanon. Over the last few months there has been a shift in power within the Whitehouse as the "realists" gain dominance over the "hawks". The realists want to negotiate and contain Iran and the hawks want open war. It seems the Israeli government, or maybe even this has been planned by elements within Washington, is more hawkish about strategy regarding Iran. The chess-pieces are being slowly moved into place for WW3.

I got the impression from guarded comments from Putin (or Pootie-poot as the most powerful man in the world calls him) at the G8 that he is well aware of this.

Anonymous said...

I don't think people who choose to bomb others into the stone age really give a crap about whether they'll have to do it again in a year's time or next week for that matter.

People who talk about the existence of another culture posing an "existential threat" don't look at the world in terms of broad based positive outcomes.

War for some is a lifestyle choice. Peace is not their goal.

zee said...

This whole Lebanon issue just pisses me off!

and it frustrates me even more when you find people actually agreeing with the bombing - who btw, dont seem to have a clue about world politics...or for that matter what bombs do to ppl!