Thursday, June 22, 2006

Special Ann Coulter Souvenir Commemorative Post

Ann Coulter feasts on Paxman's soul...

It’s hard to remember now but there once was a time when BBC2’s Jeremy Paxman used to be quite a good interviewer. Or maybe my memory is playing tricks with me and he really was crap all along.

Nowadays, Jezzer just gets by through shouting at people he really doesn’t like, denying them any opportunity to respond, putting words into their mouths or asking loaded questions that aren’t really questions, taken from the ‘Do you still beat your wife?’ genre of interviewing.

These days Jeremy Paxman earns a living, and it must be said a very good living, as a second-rate Jeremy Paxman impersonator.

And Jeremy’s botched attempt at bushwhacking Satan’s most favoured blonde girl chile Ann Coulter last night must stand as some kind of benchmark of just how shite Paxman has become.

You can watch a video of the Paxo being stuffed, second by painful second, here…

Ann Coulter on UK BBC Newsnight interview with Jeremy Paxman

If Jeremy were a horse someone would have shot him after that.

And for anyone unfamiliar with the Joy of Coulter why not try playing…

Did Hitler or Ann Coulter say that?

at the end of which you should get the general idea (BTW thanks for that link Rahid)

And, whilst on the subject of Ann Coulter, let’s not forget possibly the finest blog title in the history of the Internet…

I F^cked Ann Coulter in the Ass, Hard

which, and I’m guessing here, was definitely NOT written by Jeremy Paxman

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Wolfie said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one to notice that Paxo has lost it somewhat. But then the BBC lost its edge after the Kelly affair and he seems to have become part of the malaise.