Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The MI6 - Hasbro connection

Profuse thanks to BigDaddyMerk for pointing out and exquisitely illustrating the striking similarities between the plan of MI6’s Vauxhall headquarters and the Transformers' Autobot logo…

There was me thinking that MI6 was a tentacle of some kind of a covert Illuminati controlled global conspiracy when all along its real backers were Hasbro Inc.

It all makes perfect sense now.

A word of warning to anyone planning to click on the above link to BigDaddyMerk’s fine blog. BigDaddy is currently documenting the life cycle of a rather large boil on his neck and it is (was) a corker. The squeamish will suffer.

People with balloon phobias should also think twice about visiting BDM's blog right now, especially this post here.

Boil photojournalism…?

Ain’t the Internet grand


Daniel said... ;)

BigDaddyMerk said...

It's not a boil, it's a serious viral infection caused by a dodgy wisdom tooth (get them checked out as soon as they hurt kids!) and a nasty abcess beneath it. Soon to be ripped out by my lovley friends at the Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Trust...I'll document that too.

...And whoever said blogging got boring!

Stef said...

apologies for the faulty identification

that was probably something to do with this being one of my favourite films

Daniel said...

Funnily enough seeing it without the red line overlay it does kinda look like the Autobot insignia. :)