Monday, June 05, 2006

Feeding your inner Fascist

It was a beautiful day yesterday so I spent it wandering around the Lambeth and Southwark; savouring the sharp tang of exclusion and despair that wafts from some of the finest examples of high rise estates Man has seen fit to place on this Earth.

My personal all time favourite despair-laden council estates are the Heygate and Aylesbury estates, just off the Walworth Road…

‘The Aylesbury Estate, situated just south of Elephant and Castle in the London Borough of Southwark, is home to 7,500 people. Like many people living on large inner city estates, Aylesbury residents face challenges such as a poor physical environment, fear of crime, lack of job opportunities and ill health.’

And that description comes from the organisation set up to help residents in Aylesbury feel good about their home.

Or how about the Wikipedia entry for the Aylesbury

‘However as old tenants moved out and new tenants came in, the estate went through a period of decline in the 1980s. The area is now considered to be in the bottom category on the ACORN classification for inner city adversity, signifying an area of extremely high social disadvantage. Crime is highly prevalent in parts of the estate with the Guardian newspaper recently reporting a crime taking place every four hours. The population is very racially diverse with two thirds of residents being of black and minority ethnic heritage’

Rumour has it that the American architect of the nearby Heygate Estate killed herself after seeing the results of her designs.

But anyway, how I choose to spend the handful of sunny days we are blessed with in this country is not important right now.

One of the nicest touches coming out of the coverage of the latest terror scare in East London is how the media has thoughtfully suggested that Islamofundamentalists were probably planning to kill Englishmen whilst they were packed in pubs watching the world cup football next week.

And I couldn’t help thinking just how clever it is to…

  • Import a sizeable new foreign underclass; a significant proportion of which are Muslims
  • Pack the new underclass right next to our native underclass in the kind of fine neighbourhoods I was strolling around yesterday
  • Have them compete for shitty jobs, shitty education, shitty healthcare and shitty housing
  • Fill the newspapers with stories of foreign murderers, rapists and paedophiles
  • Put it about that some of the immigrants are planning to kill us whilst we’re watching our national team playing our national game.

Sheer genius. If there’s one thing guaranteed to really piss off English people living in low income areas, side by side with migrants, it’s the prospect of fucking up their football.

Migration is one of those issues where I hold what seems to be a counter-intuitive position compared to some of the other opinions I bandy around in this blog. But just because I am suspicious about just who really benefits from and who is behind mass migration that doesn’t mean that I am not disturbed by the way our media and politicians are currently stirring up the mob over migration and related issues.

Read the British Press and feed your inner fascist.

I hope whoever came up with the terrorist vs. football angle gets a nice fat bonus this year. He earned it.

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