Sunday, June 11, 2006

A little Respect

My favourite Forest Gate raid joke of the week…

‘A tragic failure in intelligence, arising from the police apparently failing to distinguish between a terrorist house and a terraced house’

The ballsed-up raid at Forest Gate is already slipping into history but there are a few lessons to be learned for the future that will still hold true the next time

And there will most certainly be a next time.

The first lesson is that there can be no doubt that there are people within the Metropolitan Police/ Home Office whose job it is to routinely smear innocent members of the public.

When Jean Charles de Menezes was shot last year, the newspapers started filling up with stories that implied he was fleeing the police because he was either here illegally or was a wanted rapist.

And, sure enough, immediately after the police raid last week the papers reported that one of the suspects had shot the other in a struggle with the police, plus various other snippets of doo-doo that basically implied that even if they weren’t terrorists they still merited a good kicking from the forces of law and order.

This is no small issue. It’s unlikely that the newspapers made up these stories out of thin air. They cited ‘off the record’ sources within the Police and Home Office. The conclusion has to be that the security services we are supposed to trust in these trying times lie through their fucking teeth.

So, how are we supposed to know when they’re telling the truth?

On top of that, the newspapers don’t seem to care that they have been lied to and haven’t publicly said or done anything about it.

The second lesson therefore is that the press is compliant with the people within the Police and Home Office who lie through their fucking teeth.

Well, that’s a mighty kick in the chops for all those conspiracy theorists out there who believe that our government and media are basically controlled by the same people.

The third lesson is that every time the domestic War on Terror narrative starts to slip you can bet your last pound that a couple of extremists will come along to remind us of the reality of the Enemy Within.

Actually, it’s usually the same couple of extremists…

Enter stage left Simon Sulayman Keeler; formerly of the extremist Al-Muhajiroun group and now a lead figure in Ahl ul-Sunnah Wa al-Jamma.

He’s the White, ginger-bearded, convert to Islam who keeps turning up at all those tiny demos that the media go to great lengths to portray as being much bigger than they are

Enter stage right, Yvonne Ridley; former Sunday Express journalist, sacked by Al Jazeera for being too inflammatory and now a leading activist in the Respect Coalition.

She’s the White convert to Islam who keeps saying things like…

Muslims should boycott the police and refuse to co-operate with them in any way, shape or form.

…that the media go to great lengths to portray as being much more indicative of British Muslim sentiment than they really are

As well as talking divisive shit that only serves globalist ends, Ms Ridley is also the kind of firebrand radical Left Winger who sends her daughter to £17,000 a year private schools by Lake Windemere. At least that’s what I read here.

Yeah, right on sister! Viva La Revolucion!

Which puts her in the same category of hypocrite as all those other good socialists who have contributed to the buggering up of state education, whilst sending their own kids to private and selective schools; Tony Blair MP, Harriet Harman MP, Diane Abbott MP, and I’m guessing everyone with kids who writes for the Guardian, douche bags like that.

So, back to Forest Gate. What I see is…

  • Simon Sulayman Keeler – a White, recent convert to Islam preaching conflict and division
  • Yvonne Ridley – a White, recent convert to Islam preaching conflict and division

getting as much airtime as…

  • Lots of lifelong Muslims not preaching conflict and division

And most of those lifelong Muslims that are getting on television are being selected on the basis that they’re the ones who love kissing New Labour arse.

If I were a British born Muslim I wouldn’t trust any of these fuckers as far as I could throw them. Actually, I’m a British born non Muslim and I don’t trust any of these fuckers as far as I could throw them.

And let’s not leave Gorgeous George Galloway out of the roll call of suspicious fuckers. Personally, I appreciated many of the things he has said about the War in Iraq and what our government is up to. On the other hand, he has also said and done some things that distract serious debate about the issues he has raised. On BBC’s Question Time last week I was sickened by the spectacle of New Labour vapid droid wanker David Lammy being able to harp on about Galloway’s appearance on Big Brother instead of addressing substantive questions about the War in Iraq raised by Galloway.

Galloway’s no fool so he must have realised the negative consequences of some of his recent comments and activities.

So what’s he playing at by mixing serious issues with rat poison?

The Respect Coalition started off as an organisation that offered the prospect of some genuine opposition to our government’s policies, some much needed balance and a genuinely alternative voice. Now it just reeks of the Loony Left and spook infiltration – which are often the same thing anyway.

And as the Antogonist said by way of comment in another blog – all this manipulation of the press and the infiltration of activist groups is only subliminal if you don’t notice it.

Well, I’ve fucking noticed

The c^nts


Daniel said...

Fascinating Post!

KeirHardiesCap said...

Being neither male nor a muslim, if my only spokespeople were Yvonne Ridley and The Muslim Council of Great Britain ( even the name is crassly pompous) I would also be in Bradford pushing cars over and setting them on fire.

Anonymous said...

"Actually, it’s usually the same couple of extremists…"

Don't forget our mate, Dave.

Oh, and al jazeera are turning out to be a bit dodgy, aren't they? Always showing those Tim Osman videos right on cue. Yawn .... What would Sefton Delmer (sp?) make of the incompetence of it all?