Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Miami Seven

Jon Stewart takes a look at the case known to many as "The Miami Seven" in this video clip available here. He examines the careful and decisive evidence presented by Alberto Gonzales:

Gonzales: These individuals wish to wage a quote: "full ground war against the United States."

Stewart: Seven guys? I’m not a general. I am not anyway affiliated with the military academy, but I believe if you were going to wage a full ground war against the United States, you need to field at least as many people as say a softball team.

Dept of Justice spokesperson: One of the individuals was familiar with the Sears Tower- had worked in Chicago and had been there-so was familiar with the tower, but in terms of the plans it was more aspirational rather than operational.

Stewart: No weapons, no actual contact with al-Qaeda, but one of them had been to Chicago…

Heh heh. Those silly Americans. You wouldn’t catch us sophisticated British swallowing crap like that from our government

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