Sunday, June 11, 2006

Norman from Swansea - you are a f^cking idiot

Further to my last post…

Whilst browsing through reader’s comments left at the end of a Daily Mail article about the Jean Charles de Menezes shooting, I just spotted this incisive observation made by someone calling himself ‘Norman, Swansea’

If he hadn’t run, he would still be alive. He must have been guilty of something

Being confronted with raw, unadultered stupidity of this sheer quality leaves me doubting my lifelong opposition to eugenics and forced sterilisation. It also hardly represents a glowing endorsement for the concept of democracy.

So, the leaked news is that 11 months after the fatal shooting absolutely no-one will be held accountable for JCdM’s death.

As someone less intellectually challenged than Norman commented

No surprise then


Maybe I’ve missed something here. I’ve read the coverage. I’ve listened to the accounts but, for the life of me, I still haven’t heard a credible explanation as to why the police actually shot JCdM. Even if you swallow yet another use of the tragicfailureofintelligencepoorcommunication card surely you’ve got to ask yourself why the people who executed JCdM thought he was carrying his bomb. He had no bag and he was dressed for summer with a thin denim jacket. Quite simply, why would anyone looking at him think he was armed in any way and needed killing on the spot?

Do the majority of concerned people out there really think this question has been answered?

Or maybe we’re all a little bit Norman.



Eager to feed everyone's Inner Norman, the News of the World today has printed the story that JCdM was off his face on coke at the time he was shot...

The cocaine discovered in de Menezes' blood by forensic scientists was "recent" abuse they concluded. He had been observed as "very, very jumpy", fuelling belief that he was acting suspiciously.

Well, that's alright then. Panic over

'If he runs he's VC. If he stands still he's well disciplined VC'

\ chucks coffee percolator into bin

\ puts camomile tea on shopping list


Postman said...

As I keep repeating, my old Nanny used to day , " They must have been bad men , or else the Policeman wouldn't have taken them to prison"

AS to the coke - presumably there is a very simple blood mesurment which will indicate blood level. Evry youth that arriveds in Rochdale nick get tested whatever the reason they are there.

JUst more to smear DeM with - suprised his PC wasn't loaded with kiddie porn etc.,

Beth said...

The police followed Jean Charles from his flat, along the road, onto a bus (or was it two buses), they may have sat next to him on the bus or opposite him or stood near him, then off the bus into the station and down the stairs, all the time thinking, so we are told, that he was a potential bomber. That's quite a journey when you suspect someone is carrying a bomb and may be about to blow himself and you into kingdom come. I bet they scrutinised him like they had never scrutinised anybody in their lives before. As the old saying goes, the thought of execution in the morning concentrates the mind wonderfully. However, I do not believe that by the end of that journey the police still thought he was carrying a bomb. They could see he was wearing light summer clothes - jeans, t-shirt and light, short, denim jacket - and carried no bag. They must have studied him on that journey and could see all this. If he had a bomb it would have been inside something and they could see he wasn't carrying anything. I am convinced that even if they did think at the beginning of the journey he was going to detonate a bomb, they must have been aware by the end of the journey that he was not carrying a bomb.

Wolfie said...

Not only were his cloths light and non-concealing but he did not run (according to eye-witness testimony). I have a personal theory, which is little more than a guess, which I wish someone in the press would investigate, that is maybe his execution had more to do with his line of work. He was after all a freelance electrician. You do know the LUT is one of the largest employee's of freelance electricians (through 3rd party contractors) ...

Anonymous said...

"It also hardly represents a glowing endorsement for the concept of democracy."

Do keep up, Stef: democracy is tyranny by the majority. Norman's endorsement is most apt.