Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Will this sh*t ever end?

shoot to kill

I read this story via yahoo news just now:

London Bomber's Desperate Final Calls

One of the July 7 London suicide bombers made three desperate phone calls to his fellow terrorists just before detonating his explosives on a bus, it has been reported.Hasib Hussain, 18, is thought to have been planning to explode his device on a Northern Line train.However, the service was suspended because of a defective train, causing Hussain to abandon his scheme.

Security sources told the Evening Standard that after the time passed when the explosions were supposed to take place, Hussain used a mobile phone to try to call his accomplices with "increasing panic".

But there was no answer as the other three had already detonated their devices.

After wandering the streets, Hussain boarded a number 30 bus on the spur of the moment and detonated his bomb there, the Standard reported.

The Standard said investigators believe the calls prove that the attackers had not originally intended to target the bus.

They also reportedly believe Hussain's actions show there was no mastermind or support network behind the attacks, as Hussain would have called such a person rather than his fellow suicide bombers.

The news follows revelations that the bombs, which killed 56 people, were triggered by button-like devices.

According to The Guardian, each of the four terrorists had to manually set off their device.

This contradicts theories they did not know they were carrying explosives.

The newspaper said earlier suspicions the bombs could have been triggered using mobile phones had now been discounted

Yes, after a brief hiatus due to the leaks from the Stockwell Shooting enquiry, the media is back to printing unattributed shit with full vigour.

  • How can the news that the bloke on the bus was desperately trying to call his friends in any way support the notion that they were four deliberate suicide bombers? If he had just found a bomb in his rucksack, desperate calls to his friends would be exactly what he would be making.
  • The 'suspicion' that mobile phones were used was actually reported as hard fact by the NYPD and based on briefings they had received from Scotland Yard.
  • If there were no timing mechanisms found amongst the 7/7 bombers' remains (watches? cell phones?), how is it the three train bombs went off simultaneously? Or has Al Qaeda taken to recruiting psychics?
  • And what’s a fucking ‘button like device’ when it’s at home?

Anyway, none of this information is ‘official’. So, given last week’s fuck-up, why are the papers printing it at all and how many idiots do they think are going to believe it?

Sadly, I fear, the answer is quite a few.


Postman said...

I was fascinated by the Guradian piece that said this "new" evidence (/) scotched the idea of the bombers being unaware of their bags contents.

1. Has such a theory , apart from harmless barm pots like us, ever suggested that thae bombers were blissfully unaware of their bags contents.

2. Why does anyone want to "scotch" this theory which never got going in the MSM anyway ?

There is so much untruth, lies, half truths, sheer chaff that it will be impossible to sort out "facts" at any time , now or in the futre.

probably it was Colonel Mustard in the Library with the lead Pipe is as near to the Truth as we will ever get.

Sparkling said...

They have to keep the story alive somehow.

Stef said...

@scented: You are right of course, it's time for everyone to get back on message

@postman: Yes, I was thinking the same thing and it was quite heartening actually. It does suggest that inidividuals grumbling amongst themselves, online and elsewhere, does represent at least some level of threat