Thursday, August 25, 2005

Getting old and slow - updated


Everyone gets that feeling at times when they know something is wrong but can’t quite put their finger on why. Yesterday’s story about the 7/7 bus bomber frantically trying to call his ‘button like device’ wielding accomplices was one of those times.

And then it struck me this morning…

If the bloke on the bus was a member of a suicide team he would have known his mates were already dead.

So, unless he thought mobile his cellular network coverage included the Scented Garden of Paradise, it's pretty bloody hard to understand why he would have been trying to call them.

Somebody in Scotland Yard will get round to realising this tiny little flaw in their current lie eventually, so expect to hear a modification to the current fable in the light of new ‘evidence’ at some point in this pathetic farce.


Teensy update for anyone who missed it...

According to the Independent today, the fanatical suicide bomber who blew up the No.30 bus on 7/7 managed to find time in his hectic morning schedule to stop off for a Big Mac at Kings Cross ...

Suicide bomber Hasib Hussain ate a last meal at McDonald's before blowing up the No. 30 bus on 7 July, killing 13 people.

Hussain also made a number of telephone calls, at least one of which was to one of his fellow bombers, before carrying out his attack on the bus which exploded in Tavistock Square in central London. There were reports last night he may also have spoken to the other two bombers.

The final minutes of the 18-year-old from Holbeck in Leeds are believed to have been captured by a CCTV camera as he entered the fast food outlet after coming out of King's Cross station. Detectives have been attempting to piece together Hussain's "missing hour" between the moment he split up from his fellow bombers at King's Cross and got on the bus. The bus bomb exploded almost an hour after the three Tube bombs.

In particular they have been trying to ascertain whether Hussain may have met up with any "fixers" who helped in the multiple bombings which led to the deaths of 52 people.

There appears to be no evidence Hussain met anyone else during his visit to McDonald's and it is, as yet, unclear which route he took to his target.

However, investigators have ruled out the theory that he was forced to change his plan of action because part of the underground line was closed.

It has been claimed that his original plan to board a northbound Northern line train at King's Cross was thwarted after the line was suspended.

However, the particular section was, in fact, open and he could also have used alternative northbound Tube routes from the same station had that not been the case...

Now I've heard about people suffering from Mac Attacks but this is ridiculous ....

Is anyone keeping up with all of this? Tube lines being closed then not closed. Suicide bombers tucking into a quarter pounder with fries immediately before blowing themselves up. Suicide bombers talking to friends who were underground and already dead. And so on and so.


and while were at it, back in Stockwell, the Times reported this today...

POLICE watchdogs investigating the death of Jean Charles de Menezes believe that they have all the relevant closed-circuit television film relating to his shooting but admit that there are gaps...

... Manoel Gomes Pereira, a senior Brazilian Foreign Ministry official, said the IPCC had mentioned that some of the CCTV cameras could have been out of order. He added that the three-man Brazilian mission had been told: "Apparently there are parts of the film which do not exist."

Ain't it grand. I can't speak for anybody else but I feel warm n fuzzy all over just thinking about how lucky we are to have such fine people in charge of seeing that truth and justice prevail.


Barny Merman's Blog said...

haha! Nice...I know how you feel, I live in England too and sometimes I just think that idiots are running the government. Oh well, that's what the internet is for, to reveal everything to as many as we can. Keep it up, I like it. Cheers.

kt said...

I'm really enjoying your commentary on this - giving much food for thought, always appreciated :)

I did think though, if for some reason this guy didn't make it on to the tube to blow himself up, perhaps he was checking to see if the same had happened to any other in his group...?

Stef said...

@kt: Thanks though I am guilty of suffering from a one track mind these days...

Yes, I agree that the scenario you present is possible. A little thin but possible. It is, however, inconsistent with lines from the newspaper reports such as

Security sources told the Evening Standard that after the time passed when the explosions were supposed to take place, Hussain used a mobile phone to try to call his accomplices with "increasing panic".

What kind of increasing panic would that be? Wouldn't he be quite pleased to know that his friends had been successful?

I'd suggest 'increasing panic' is more consistent with discovering a bomb in your bag and realising that your friends might be dead.

Of course, how could the security forces establish that there was any panic at all? He made three calls to his friends. They didn't answer. How do you make three calls in a 'panic'?

Bottom line from the perspective of official account - this story either tells us a) nothing or b) suggests the guy was a patsy. The only reason for putting it out is to maintain the illusion that we are being kept informed and to distract attention from the Stockwell Shooting mess. There are still all sorts of unanswered questions about that puppy:

- why, if the police deny being the source of all those lies, were those lies included in the autopsy report?
- what is the explanation for the serious discrepancies between the witness statements
- and all that missing tape... from the station and outside the flat. It turns out that the guy outside the flat was an SAS trained member of the SRS. The first thing those guys learn is never leave your post, certainly not for a leak - you pee in a bottle, you pee in your pants but you don't ever leave your post. That leaked statement explaining the absence of video from the flat is almost certainly a lie

Peter said...

If he was a patsy and discovered a bomb in his bag there would have to be other forces at play for him not to have a) phoned the police; b) got himself and his fellow bus passengers as far from the bag as possible.

The only way the patsy theory works is if the bomb blows up on discovery, or if he is part of an exercise and believes the bomb to be fake. If (and it's a big if) we believe he made calls to his friends, we have to assume he intended the bombing.

Incidentally, what was a pre-suicide Muslim doing in McDonalds? It's similar to the stories that the 9/11 hijackers prepared for their deaths by drinking in a strip bar.

After the bare-faced lies exposed in the official story about Stockwell, I'm appalled that the press and the public give any credence whatever to the latest "info".

To be honest, I've stopped listening to it all and read things like this instead. Maybe that's just as dangerous :) but keep up the good work

de said...

Maybe he just needed a Happy Meal.

Postman said...

"That leaked statement explaining the absence of video from the flat is almost certainly a lie"

Maybe the video is absent NOW.

Detail missing from the report - did he get "supersized" ? Have a milkshake ? Eat in Take out ? Leave the gherkins ?... just want to know how he was getting ready for Paradise. Do Mac do a Halal Hambugger ?

I tell you it was Colonel Mustard with the flat iron in the Garage.

Sparkling said...

He was obviously not an experienced or very clever suicide bomber.

Sometimes it takes a thief to catch a thief... or so they say.

de said...

Experienced suicide bomber..?


Northun Munki in Oxford Circus said...

After a long weekend away in bomber-land (West Yorkshire) I have heard a conspiracy theory which I feel may have some truth to it:

The shooting of Mr de Menezes was not carried out by the police but by the SAS or other members of the "security services".

This could carry some truth as if this was the case there would be public outcry at soldiers on the streets, shooting unarmed civillians.

Better cover this one up fast boys...

Juno said...

Terrorists and happy meals. whatever has Ronald McDonald come to?

Hey there Stef!

Shahid said...

I'd love to post on this stuff on my own blog, but there are far too many who would switch off, thinking I was a crazy apologist in denial.

Glad you're writing on it Stef. Keep it up.