Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Another proper Charlie, sorry, Johnnie

I've noticed some speculation here and there about yesterday's flanning of Rupert Murdoch by zany, madcap, UK Uncut* co-founder Jon May-Bowles

A common line of thought being that Johnnie was deliberately allowed to deliver his load so that Murdoch would garner some sympathy from the viewing public and also to serve as a distraction from the heinous matters being discussed

Speaking as someone who prefers his unverifiable hypotheses to be more (L)assagne-like; with at least a couple of layers, I favour the possibility that the flanning served as both a distraction from the hearing *and* a reminder to Murdoch of his vulnerability

There does, after all, appear to be a huge pissing contest taking place in the UK amongst various establishment gangs - which kind of flies in the face of those who believe there are no cabals and those who believe that there is essentially only one

An alternative explanation for Johnnie's behaviour would be simply to take things at face value; as many of the warm and supportive Youtube commentators have done underneath this video of Johnnie strutting his rib-tickling stuff down in the hood in Stockwell...

"Congratulations, you fucking dick - you've just guaranteed tomorrow's headlines will be dominated by some posho wannabe activist and shaving foam rather than the abuse and corruption of the Murdochs. Oh, and you're fucking shit as well."

"You disrupted one of the most important criminal investigations in British history to get your grubby little fifteen minutes of fame. Congratulations, you attention-seeking cunt."

"he attacks old men and gets beaten up by middle aged women
jonnie fucking marbles.... the least funny man in the world"

"Oh, what a surprise, listen to the posh twat. What’s the betting that Jonathan May-Bowles turns out to be another middle-class knob from the home counties, like 99% of these over-privileged, activist, leftie, anarchist pricks are."

Any similarities to Charlie Veitch are entirely structural and class-based


* = I've not been exactly what you might call a fan of the activism to date, typified by UK Uncut, which has been directed at the austerity program promised by the UK government and banking system. My take is that the activists are currently flogging a dead horse and until they start talking about structural reform, rather than tinkering with a bit more tax here, a little more spending there, I will continue to look upon them as attempting no more than putting lipstick on a pig. The counter to my point of view is that these activists have to go through a learning process and will eventually conclude, as a result of their trials and tribulations, that structural reform is needed. Fine, let them learn...


MerkinOnParis said...

Hear! Hear!

paul said...

Which is the more chilling, mr marbles or his audience?

Bridget said...

Who is the mysterious Mr Ginger?

I told Nick Robinson. I told Nick Davies. I told as many of the other journos I could see what I knew. You should tell the police, they said. But they don't want to know, I said. I went back and had another try. No dice. The police just wanted the public out of the area. I went into the room where the journos where being allowed to wait to re-enter the meeting-- the public were excluded after the attack.

And there was Mr Ginger, who hadn't been in the Select Committee Hearing. I pointed him out to a couple of the journos I told the story to. Too busy. And then I went home.

Thanks to Mr Attention Seeking Prat May-Bowles, it'll probably mean fewer chances for the public to get into hearings like today's. And he's even managed to get sympathy for Rupert Murdoch, who may deserve some concerned focus on his health and fitness, but not for becoming a victim of an attack.

But what sort of security is it that lets a man into one of the most open buildings of Parliament with shaving foam in his bag? That could have been caustic soda, paint stripper, poison, acid....The security apparatus is showy but totally ineffective because the contents of bags aren't searched properly. These people didn't get in through having insider help, they just queued to get in, same as I did. And I've no idea what exactly was Mr Ginger's role, but this was clearly no spontaneous attack

Adloyada: My day alongside Murdoch's pie-chucker

paul said...

Good article bridget, Ruperts performance certainly had the whiff of medical miracle Ernie Saunders about it.

Bridget said...

Jonnie Marbles: Why I foam-pied Rupert Murdoch | Jonnie Marbles | Comment is free |

Stef said...

I could come up with a much shorter, succinct explanation