Friday, March 11, 2011

2012 so on it's early?

'I can see your house from here'

Whilst I was living in Christchurch (NZ) I was struck by how relatively blasé the locals were about living on the
Ring of Fire.

Admittedly, procedures were in place in the event of a geological hiccup and low-rise building is very much the norm.
However, a heck of a lot of that building was on top of cliffs, underneath cliffs or on soft, easily liquified ground. A couple of locals who visited my home were thoughtful enough to take the piss out of the month's supply of tinned food I had sitting in a cupboard.

The thing is, whilst tsunamis were seen as being very much on the cards, few people believed that Christchurch would ever be hit by a major earthquake - what with the nearest seismic fault being 80 or so miles away

Only, as it turns out, Christchurch sits directly, and I mean directly, on top of a major, previously dormant, fault and it hasn't stopped rumbling since it kicked off all of a sudden last September

Being a curious soul I've been wondering ever since how it is that a significant rupture in the Earth's crust would burst into life after being quiet for at least thousands of years?

The answer could have been, and still could be, a stochastic 'shit just happens' explanation and what happened to Christchurch is a localised one-off event with no systemic implications for anywhere else

However, some on-line Earthquake buffs (e.g.) have been suggesting that there is a spike in global seismic activity which has been building up over the last 2-3 years. The problem with knowing if they're onto something or not is the risk that these doom-sayers could be indulging in the kind of subjective, dot-joining based activities that veteran conspiraloons know and love

And then this chap posted this vaguely-frantic video a couple of days ago...




john said...

a very interesting link. Many thanks for this.

The Blobfish said...

In other, completely unrelated news, Iron Mountain had a good day yesterday

Can You Tell What It Is Yet? said...

There's much more Wikipedia-based dot joining in this prophetic video than the one you've posted

A lot of tinfoil hats and mercury fillings were vibrating on March 8th that's for sure

wv: nibiru

Anonymous said...

well 2012 soon and as we all know the clock stops then, so lets fuckin party on,,,seriously,,this prophetic video is fuckin typical of scare scaremongering crap.The fact is there have always been disasters,the difference is we re instantly aware of them in all the tiny details due to the net etc etc.

The US Air Force is delivering a cargo of liquid coolant to the Tokyo Electric Power Company's Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear power plant - where one of six reactors seriously affected by today's quake is still alarmingly hot many hours after it was automatically shut down when the quake struck.

Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear power plant - where one of six reactors seriously affected by today's quake is still alarmingly hot many hours after it was automatically shut down when the quake struck.

Stef said...

In a follow-up video to the one I posted the guy who's making them wraps up with 'It's a great time to be into geology guys' and the only dots he's joining are epicentres

The video posted in the comment under my original post is a different sack of memes altogether

At present, I personally haven't satisfied myself that there is a genuine spike in seismic activity (and I haven't discounted it either) but even if there were that would be perfectly consistent with the past

The 2012 thing is a real liability and distraction when looking at stuff like this and, astoudingly enough, is not a factor in my own deliberations

Anonymous said...


Japan has declared a state of emergency at two nuclear power plants, as officials try to confirm whether a reactor has gone into meltdown.

Cooling systems inside several reactors at the Fukushima 1 and 2 power plants stopped working after Friday's earthquake damaged power supplies.

Huge pressure has been building up and a small amount of radiation has been released from one of the reactors.

Thousands of people have been ordered to evacuate the area near the plants.

Technicians earlier released vapour to lower the pressure in some of the reactors.

Japan's Prime Minister Naoto Kan confirmed that a "minute amount" of radioactive material had escaped from a reactor during the procedure.

Later, officials said it was possible that one of the reactors had gone into meltdown.

Anonymous said...

Nuclear reactor has exploded.

Fukushima nuclear power plant

if you look in Google Earth you can clearly see that one of the 4 reactor buildings has exploded.
One big disaster unfolding.

Anonymous said...

47 sec into the clip the reactor blows.

Hu Bris said...

'I can see your house from here'

that's real class, that is :)

your ability to recycle that joke is quite admirable indeed

Wolfie said...

There does seem to be an increase in activity but I think it can be attributed to solar activity. After decades of peacefulness our local star it getting active again and perturbating our molten metallic core. Not the end of the world but its back to business. Mankind has lived through a relatively peaceful period geologically and its coming to and end.

Wolfie said...

Oh dear, I have to turn off that auto-complete feature.

Wolfie said...

It gets better.

Anonymous said...

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