Friday, March 25, 2011

Location of Libyan civilians in most need of protection, sorted by oil company




Anonymous said...

I like the way the blue Statoil square on the right has Egypt encroaching in on it.....when the oil runs out at the top of the square it's a case of 'bollocks to this now' and it veers back to the right again.

Anonymous said...

F william Engdahl on Libya:

Sophia said...

Says it all in few words.

craggy said...

So, the western oil companies own much of Libyan oil.

Just to be clear, what inference are you drawing from this?

Anonymous said...

@craggy: That this war is about economics and not really about freedom fighters or civilians.
Sorry, I didnt mean war, I meant no fly zone.

craggy said...

On the face of it, the fact that the western oil interests have such significant operations in Libya might lead one to think that Gaddafi was not standing in the way of western capital interests.

But the assumption seems to be that these western oil interests would prefer a more "friendly" regime. Is that right?

Anonymous said...

My personal opinion is yes, more control, especially in view of the global meltdown in 2008 to service the debt compound interest equation.

Increasing the cost of food and fuel increases the demand for money (forcing people to get into debt), and keeps the current game going a bit longer. The system is cannibalizing itself, as well as also securing resources.

This guy is a full on loon, and comes a across bit like maud'dib, but makes some interesting points:

Stef said...

"Sorry, I didnt mean war, I meant no fly zone"

I think you'll find this sort of thing is now referred to as a 'kinetic military action'

though not everyone is entirely sure

StefZ said...

"My personal opinion is yes, more control..."

More control, sealing off the Mediterranean as part of a huge game of Risk with real pieces, shoring up the markets in the wake of the recent Japanese earthquake or, my personal favourite, maintaining dollar hegemony...

take your pick

or, very possibly, a combination of the above with a pinch of fucked-up shit that the relatively sane are incapable of fully comprehending

minimising civilian casualties wouldn't even make the stand-by list