Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spot the piggie competition #124


Tom said...

Was that the Orange Order down there? I haven't got my glasses on.

Ancient, Orderly Hibernian said...

I'm protesting at plans to sash public spending.

Brenda said...

Sudden huge surge in numbers of 'anarchists' is very suspect. previously there were only a couple of hundred max. Also, how well organised were they? Running through the streets in semi-military formation, unhindered. All the anarchists I know can't organise their own shoelaces, in fact dis-organisation's their USP.

Black op, not black bloc.

gyg3s said...

This tranche of protests has the unfortunate effect of legitimising the State.

The protesters need the State to fulfil their demands, eg, not having spending cuts. Providing students with money for 'education'.

All these things need what the Marxists call false generosity.