Saturday, November 13, 2010

Magic Wellness Sticks - German Style


anon 22:41 said...

Police brutality is one thing.

However, the protest itself was but a display of "not in my backyard" mentality, at best. The nuclear waste was produced in Germany, and had to return to Germany, somewhere.

Why didn't they protest when that very same train, which was carrying even more potent nuclear waste was on its way to France?

The linked article is overblown shite, but the comments are simply staggering.

Stef said...

I suspect that a fair few of those protesters are passionate campaigners against nuclear energy full stop and they would argue that they're not NIMBYs because they don't want nuclear energy in the first place

or probably anything that generates CO2 either

And wind and solar ain't going to fill the gap

Which basically means they either

a) have no practical vision for the future


b) are big Georgia Guidestone fans

The occasional kicking from the police aside (and the reason for my post) climate protesters get a relatively easy ride from the authorities and you can be pretty sure that if the State had a mind to clear them from that forest the police would have been more than adequately supplied

anon 22:41 said...

I thought the Georgia Guidestone was a satanic NWO monolith raised by reptilians one moonless night?

Eco/anti-globalization militants remind me of my cat.
He'd go mad whenever the hoover was on. He'd be spitting and attacking the nozzle, but he'd never go attack the hand that was holding it. So I'd have great fun following him around with the hoover and watch him have a fight with it.
Yes, I'm a cruel bastard.

Some of these guys are the lumpenproletariat of militantism. They're so predictable theyre the objective allies (or useful idiots) of who they're supposed to fight.

stef said...

My issues with the Guidestones as an incised mission statement of the Shadowy Overloards are twofold

- Firstly, they're almost too blatant. A multilingual, megalithic call for world government and population control. They represent conspiraloonery's worst nightmares magically transformed into tangible form. Like those things they use to make their sandwiches in Star Trek

I recall a commentator on this blog suggesting that they might be deliberate loonbait, created by the Shadowy Ones, just to give us a headache trying to figure them out

Secondly, and following on from the first point, why Georgia? I sat down once with a pocket calculator and copies of Skymap and Garmin Mapsource, tooled around for 1/2 hour and eventually decided fuck it...

stef said...

and, as a general point regarding Guidestone-like peculiarities, I do try to keep an open mind and will only discount ideas as being bonkers if

a) I've researched and thought about them and found them wanting


b) I can get a cheap laugh

Very often I don't have the opportunity to play either card and am quite content to say 'Fucked if I know'

and cheers to gyges for switching me on to a less profone way of expressing that sentiment

stef said...

as for the cat thing, a mate of mine used to stick shoelaces to the back of his Scalextric cars and send his cats bonkers. They were OK on the straight but always spun out on the bends

stef said...

and back on topic...

Met closes down anti-police blog

stef said...

cf. Ian Tomlinson tribute beating

Anonymous Coward said...

Anti-police blog defies rozzer censorship and moves to secure server

Parapacem said...

Oh, yeah, I saw that and was thinking about letting you know. Shows how good your sources are.

In an unrelated matter, I think I am one of the few sane people left on the planet and I have found the biggest conspiracy of mankind. I have pulled back the curtain, broke the mirror and went down the rabbit-hole. Either that, or I have gone barking mad.

Stef, carbohydrates are a big problem. Mankind isn't made to eat so much carbs. Anything more than 6 bread units a day will fuck up your body and your mind. It's the root cause of almost all "Lifestyle diseases", I'm pretty certain. I feel like Kepler and his fight for the heliocentric view. Nobody listens to me. Every body smiles at me. They talk to me like to a little child: "Ooooh, you eat more healthy. How gooood for you. Now stop bugging me." I know I'm right, but I can't prove it yet. Mind you, I am not the first one to find out. Wolfgang Lutz made some gound work in that area. He started in the late 1950s. He died two month ago, aged 97, without making a breakthrough in the scientific community.

Fuck, this is positively annoying. I see the next 60 years before me: Fighting the good cause to enlighten mankind, just like Don Quixote. At least he had his Sancho Panza - I haven't found mine yet.

Parapacem said...

And back to the topic: A few of the farmers in that area are very passionate NIMBYs (btw: don't fuck with a man who is willing to run you over with his tractor), but the large majority are 100% Anti-Nuclear, and some are green as well and some are anti-capitalistic as well.

Parapacem said...

Oh, while we are at the game "I feel like the fictional character ......" then Fox Mulder comes to my mind.

"I'm the key figure in an ongoing government charade, the plot to conceal the truth about the existence of extraterrestrials. It's a global conspiracy, actually, with key players in the highest levels of power, that reaches down into the lives of every man, woman, and child on this planet, so, of course, no one believes me. I'm an annoyance to my superiors, a joke to my peers. They call me Spooky. Spooky Mulder, whose sister was abducted by aliens when he was just a kid and who now chases after little green men with a badge and a gun, shouting to the heavens or to anyone who will listen that the fix is in, that the sky is falling and when it hits it's gonna be the shit-storm of all time."

One month ago I had to fight to urge to kill myself; today I don't want to die until I made at least a little dent in the current scientific paradigm.

craggy said...

Parapacem, intersting post on carbs. Could you recommend any sites for more info?

You may enjoy this related blog.

Parapacem said...

Currently the only thing I know in english language on carbs is the book by Wolfgang Lutz (translated from German) with the slightly misleading title "Life Without Bread".

But there has to some people working on this, right?

stef said...


Fuck that suicide shit

As I tried to express in an earlier post, I personally try and keep myself in far too bloody-minded a state to ever contemplate doing my enemy's work for him

And FWIW my most recent attempts to make my own dent have failed dismally, and comprehensively

but where there's Life there's...

...bloody mindedness

Look after yourself ;)


Parapacem said...

Sorry, English is not my mothers tongue...

I meant to say that I am over suicide. No more depressions (as long as I eat enough proteins), no more panic, no more angst, no more nagging feelings of guilt. It is just gone since I stopped eating carbs. My motivation improved. I can thinks more clearly now. I can talking to stranges without constantly thinking "Is this right what I am doing here?".

And some physical aspects improved as well. I started getting problems with my adrenal glands - practically gone since I have stopped eating carbs. I had an certain addication - still a bit vulenarble, but almost over it. I had problems with my mucous membranes in my nose since I was child - much improved, and from time to time I can breath through my nose as clear as never before in my life. My physical fittness improved, alas, my stamina needs training - but I enjoy exercise now. I was starting to get problems with blood circulation - gone now.

Everything was a drag before - now I want to life to at least 100 years. You should really try to cut down on carbs (all carbs), eat enough proteins - and forget the dangers they purport about fat.

stef said...

"You should really try to cut down on carbs"

Not the easiest thing to do if you've got an Italian family background. I've cut the procssed/ refined carbs out a good while ago and it did make a difference. As did cutting down on processed/ refined foods in general

The tricky thing is trying to figure out which of the many small changes you've made in your diet has had a significant beneficial effect

For example, before I started taking a Vitamin D supplement during the dark months about three years ago I would catch every cough, cold and flu going. Since then, virtually nothing.

So, is my good fortune down to the Vitamin D, my choice to reduce food additive intake, better exercise, or dumb luck?

stef said...

"You should really try to cut down on carbs" pt2

My own personal food obsession is focused on 'excitotoxins such as MSG and Aspartame

I've observed the effect shit like that has on children. The fact that food and drink, particularly food and drink marketed at kids, is saturated with the stuff is a fucking obscenity

The bastards who put that stuff in food know that it is poison. Your guess is as good as mine as to whether they have active murderous intent or a simple passive disregard for the fate of their victims

stef said...

@parapacem - I've added Lutz's book to my reading list, thx for the tip

Parapacem said...

Well I was radical in my change of diet because I had to be. As I know now, my endocrine system was pumping me full of some hormones and reducing the output of others, in order to somehow regulate the influx of carbs (and the blood glucose level rise). My problem was that the adrenal glands started to reduce Cortisol and pumped me full of Glucocorticoid, in order to reduce the blood glucose level. And I think I had DHEA levels much too high as well, which is not a good combination with low Cortisol levels - I was quite literally going mad.

And then the physical symptoms started to grow (very slowly) worse, and new symptoms appeared. I was suspecting Diabetes type 2 and was reduced carbs (sugar in the tea and such) and felt how eating carbs (rice, potatoes) for lunch lead to a feeling of panic an hour later - at which point I cut out carbs as good as possible (around 10 to 20 gramm carbs per day at the moment). The change was huge and immediate - your mileage may vary.

Lutz does a better explaining than me, but with your Italian ancestors you are probably better protected against Diabetes type 1 and 2, coronal problems and such, while eating carbs. The theory is that farming (and carb consumption) came from the middle east, spread first in Mediterranean-Europe and then slowly made their way up north. So the longer your ancestors ate carbs, the better you are protected (just like the development of Lactose-tolerance). BUT. This means that you have a lower risk of getting the really ugly or deadly stuff, BUT carbs are still screwing everything up in your body.

There are some other fundamental problems with eating high level carbs, but it would take to long to explain now and Lutz does a better job. Anyhow, I am going to study biology and improve the knowledge on what carbs do to the human body.

Parapacem said...

Oh, and I tried to increase carbs in the first week. I drank about 100 ml of milk at one evening. In the next morning I felt the Glucocorticoids level has risen (there are a ways one can tell...). Together with the slight uncomfortable feeling from the kidney area (which I now know was the adrenal glands) - which is gone without carbs - I know better then to try anything stupid and eat carbs now. I sometimes have a (very small) urge to eat something sweat, and a bit stronger urge to eat some white bread to all the meat, but I know better.

I hope that in 6 to 12 months the glands that produce too much have grown a bit back and I can eat up to 6 bread exchange units. Then I will try to eat carbs, increase, see what happens, but no more than these 6 BEU.

Parapacem said...

Substitute Glucocorticoids with Androgens - I made an error there ...

Parapacem said...

From the makers of the "Magic Wellness Stick" TM, now the "Bait Van"! Kettle your unruly protesters with a stylish reason! Looks good on TV! Order now and get a pair of Agent Provocateur free!

stef said...

well, it's makes a nice change from bank windows

Tom said...

"The bulk of the protesters arrived to find their route blocked and an already slightly gratified van in the middle of the crowd."

It must have been an attention-seeking vehicle.

Tony (Parapacem) said...

One more thing: While Lutz is a bit indifferent to Omega-3 fatty acids, I think they are important for the "maintenance" of brain and nervous tissue. The body can do without, but then it has to compromise on what to do with its limited resources...

Try a tea-spoon of linseed oil per day, its taste is a bit strange (and there are different qualities you can buy, you have to keep it cool or it gets bitter), but in a salad it is OK.

craggy said...


On the subject of low-carb diets I heard Jonny Bowden recommended today. Amazon have several of his books and they seem well regarded. Look here and here

Tony said...

Ok, one can find more information than from Lutz (much of his practical experience is lost in the english translation and the hormone-theory of his is not up to date..) in the Paleo/Primal area.


A good overview of what to do:

And if you want some background on the problems with cereal-grains (the main but not only pathogen):