Friday, November 12, 2010

Economics 101 - Lesson #3 Supply and Demand



gyges said...

In this case QE means QED!

Anonymous said...

it costs us here in Germany €150 a month for Gas and Electricity

Stef said...

In the coldest months in Christchurch, NZ (and they are cold) it costs something like the equivalent of €100pm for electricity (not much gas in NZ) in a 2/3 bedroom home. One interesting thing is that it is now illegal to fit a wood-burner in your home unless there was already a burner in place. So the State in well on its way to locking its population into even greater energy dependency. You can still drill your own boreholes for water, for now

I'm not sure what the monthly energy bill would be for Italy but I know the unit costs are comparable with the UK. The water supply in my family's village has recently been taken over by the regional water company. It was managed as a co-operative before that

Get on the monopolised grid. Get fucked

Stef said...

It's worth remembering when comparing prices between the UK and other European countries that people in the rest of Europe generally...

a) aren't getting screwed anywhere near so bad on rent/ house prices, for the privilege of living in shoe-boxes

b) don't pay for private pensions

c) don't have to choose, as my brother has just done, to lose four teeth because he can't afford the dental work

The British are, however, blessed with something like 40% of Europe's total retail floorspace

Stef said...

...I think if the French woke up tomorrow and discovered that they were suddenly living like the British there wouldn't be a politician or a banker left alive by supper time

Stef said...

...populations have to be eased into their new lifestyle, gradually

Anonymous said...

I have a wood burning stove in our house which heats the bottom half in Winter.
Love that thing,very cozy.The wood is expensive for Birch and Oak your talking €70-€80 a cubic meter.

Our house is 130 square meters.We just changed our gas supplier from EWE who are putting Gas prices up 16% from December.
The new supplier costs €810 for a year.

Here is a good site to compare the costs of energy in germany.You can change supplier at the click of a mouse.
You have to put a post code in to get results,,,for example "27616"


Sinclair said...

Interesting article on RI here:
'Are UK Energy Companies Operating A Cartel?'