Tuesday, November 09, 2010

I can't believe it's not a proper inquest pt6

The J7 7/7 Inquest blog has now been updated to include a post about 7/7 survivor Daniel Biddle's testimony:

The J7 post discusses the material covered in my previous post but with a lot more rigour and detail

There's also, and it's a rare day indeed when I link to this site, an interesting comment over at the UK 9/11 forum:


There's a little bit of Carol Vorderman style numerology before the meat of the comment, which after an analysis of Biddle's testimony and train timetables, concludes with...

"A question for Mr Keith QC and his team:

How is it that Danny Biddle, disembarked from a main line train that, in your own words, arrived at Liverpool Street at 8:40 am or as confirmed by Mr Biddle, "there or thereabouts", then made his way along the platform, across the concourse, down the steps to the underground ticket barriers, through the ticket barriers and eventually onto the the Circle Line platform, ignore an overcrowded train and wait for the next Circle Line train, and then travel eight stops including Edgware Road on a Circle Line train in under 10 minutes on 7th July 2005 ?


I presume that, Gareth A Davies at The Telegraph to pick a single example from the media are able to explain how they had Danny Biddle still tapping out (or editing his previous draft of) a text message to work to say he was on the way at 9.17am - the same time as the MPS originally claimed for the Edgware Road incident.

9:17am is now, according to Mr Keith QC, over 27 minutes after Mr Biddle saw MSK's arm move quickly, an action he elaborated upon in his "more detailed" version given in December, by adding that it looked like he [MSK] was pulling a white cord."

Here's a link to
another newspaper story that quotes Biddle being injured at 9.17am

So, to recap...

On the morning of 7/7, Mohammed Sidique Khan walked along a rush hour tube carriage, scattering bank cards and other documentation in front of his fellow passengers along the way, before standing up/ sitting down and putting his small/ large rucksack on the floor/ his lap and blowing himself up some distance from/ adjacent to the device, which was made from military grade/ home-made explosives, at 8.50am/ 9.17am

Clear as mud

Unless you're one of those people who goes for the '
Some Muslim nutters did it!!! What more do you need to know?!!' school of intellectual thought, the current state of the Official Narrative is, um, shambolic

As I and others have stated previously, the 7/7 inquest does not appear to be an objective information gathering exercise but, rather, an extended presentation of a pre-established, and seriously flawed, narrative.

The material starting to pile up at the J7 7/7 Inquests blog supports this conclusion very strongly

Taken from the forthcoming - Official 7/7 Narrative Logic Problems for Kids Vol.1
(originally intended to be a single volume, but that was before the Inquest started)

And now I'm going to ask for a favour

Without rehashing old debates, I personally have been somewhat scornful of certain other 7/7 researchers

From my high-tech secret command centre (a page of RSS feeds running on an abused netbook), I monitor postings on a large number of alternative news websites. What this sophisticated intelligence operation tells me is that those other 7/7 researchers have received, and continue to receive, considerably more promotion on-line than the work of J7 and producers of films that share the J7 ethic

That's the ethic which focuses on identifying the flaws in Official Narratives rather than promoting alternative narratives

Plugs for
7/7 (Raspberry) Ripple Effect and the musings of a certain Nazi apologist and BBC comedy act there are a plenty

Plugs for J7 and films like
Ludicrous Diversion and Seeds of Deconstruction ...biff all

I can't remember the last time sites like Alex Jones', David Ickes', What Really Happened and loads of other major conspiraloon portals pointed readers to J7, if ever

You could debate the reasons for this for ages but the fact is J7 is the source of much material that a lot of other researchers include in their own work. Yet credit, or valuable search-engine fodder in the way of links, is rarely given in return.

I can't help noticing that J7 has started to heavily watermark some of the excellent material the group is generating for the 7/7 Inquest blog. I suspect that this has little to do with vanity and quite a lot to do with people ripping off and repackaging J7's work, without offering readers the chance to view the material in the context intended by the people who created it

Jaguar at Luton station car park from J7 Truth Campaign on Vimeo.

J7 is a small group of ordinary folk running themselves ragged filling in FOIs, attending hearings, sifting through transcripts and presenting their findings in as clear and as well-documented way as they can. I think they could do with a hand during a period in which they must be absolutely shagged out

So, here's the favour I'm asking for

Over the course of the 7/7 Inquest (and it's set to run for months), and assuming J7 is able to maintain its prodigious effort, please think about posting the occasional link to J7, especially the J7 7/7 Inquest blog, during your travels around the Internet.

I have no doubt that the kind of intelligent, sophisticated, empathic and physically attractive people who pass through here don't need me to elaborate on this request by suggesting that any links posted should be as intelligent, sophisticated, empathic and physically attractive as they are. So I won't

Except that bit where I just did





The Antagonist said...

This site isn't bad.

And, you're right, the tagging has nothing to do with vanity as J7 has always happily published the fruits of its research for free.

By the same token, a simple credit/link to the sole site or source from which people have liberated a load of content that they then use - say, for a speculative, obfuscating, glory-seeking, trolling spree - is equally as free as the liberated content.

The Antagonist said...

Of course - speculative, obfuscating, glory-seeking, trolling sprees make for better headlines and bottom-lines than lots of boring old facts and silly old evidence-based source material.

Stef said...

or, as Lord Patel would shamelessly employ, pictures of Venezuelan beauty queens in swimsuits

Stef said...

He was quite adament that posts on VAT carousel fraud would rack up two or three times the page views they would otherwise get if he could work some lycra in there

Stef said...

which might go some way to explain phemomena such as this

Anonymous said...

Yep, anyone who's reading this, please research, discern & post on yer local gardening blog.

Ta Stef, for speading the words.


Stef said...

I have it on good authority that Alan Titchmarsh is a screaming conspiraloon

Stef said...

alternatively, you can play the 'How long before this comment is reported to the Comment is Free moderators and removed' game

or the 'How long after this link is posted on Indymedia does it take for a statist troll to appear and start lying through his fucking teeth?' game

best to use a stopwatch with an accuracy of at least a tenth of a second if you're going to try either of those

Anonymous said...

this is off topic I know but anyone fancy joining the Club K?

YouTube - Club K Container Missile System

The Russians can be so inventive sometimes.

Stef said...

A few years ago Putin made a couple of speeches where he said that Russia would not repeat the mistakes of the past and bankrupt itself trying to match US defence expenditure. I can't remember the precise phrase he used but he said that Russia would develop lower-cost, laterally thought out counter-measures to stuff like this

It looks like he's keeping to his word

Stef said...

The Evil Terrorists, of course, have to be even more frugal than the Russian state and probably won't fork-out on sophisticated cruise missile systems, preferring instead to wait for 2-for-1 specials at their local Asda on black pepper, craft knives, barbecue equipment and nylon underpants

Mercifully, thanks to the billions spent by our security forces on electronic surveillance, they'll be denied the opportunity to accumulate customer loyalty points

paul said...

What happened to the widely available and rothschild conneceted duck economist keiser?
Looking at the micra photo, is it any wonder there wasn't room to fit in a vital and deadly boots available bomb detonating battery into the car?
B4 U answr, i delare that i have @least and possibly more than zero economic and forensic experience b4u answer

Stef said...

How chillingly observant of you

Yes, I have pulled the Duck-based link to Max K. from the margin of this blog

Not because of the s**t he comes out with about 9/11 and tWoT

Or the s**t he comes out with about a certain little statelet in the Middle East

Nope, I'm just sick to my fucking teeth of his AGW ramping

It's incessant, tediously so

I note he rarely raises the subject when he's in conversation with anyone but the Annie Machon to his David Shayler but in his podcasts and in his postings he's shameless

He's too smart a cookie to buy the AGW crap he's peddling. So I must conclude that he thinks anyone who's listening to him must be a stupid cunt

He's in more dire need of a decking than any white man in history

Stef said...

... a quick search for 'Max Keiser Global Warming Shill' led me to this reasonably accurate comment -

I was pleased to hear AJ stand up to Maxs rhetoric. It is getting really tiresome to hear Maxs clownish diatribes. Every time he is on AJ's show, Max has a self indulging cause. Whether he is trying to get laid by some french cookie chefs, or get donations for his film site. His flamboyant emotional rants are of little use. And they rarely even make sense. He is a sociopathic leech that cares only about promoting his self serving schemes.

As for his RT show... The sum of Maxs 'anti-NWO' statements amount to base lip service. I swear, some people will just follow anyone that says 'arrest the bankers'. Oh yes, support the carbon tax, support the prison industrial complex, give up on America, and by the way... arrest the bankers. Yeah, I guess that makes it all ok, hmm?

I hope to never hear Max on AJ again. Drop him Alex. Max brings nothing to the table.

plus a photo of the recently redecorated Georgia Guidestones in the same thread


Stef said...

re. the 7/7 question, if the plotters had thought about it, they could have put the battery in the same place you'd put the 5th elephant

Stef said...

Max Keiser's take on Israel 4 mins in

Stef said...

... even AJ's taken aback for a mo' there

Stef said...

This site isn't bad either

Anon said...

Love the title.

- Aangirfan