Friday, December 12, 2008

This is not just an offensive composite picture. It's an offensive composite picture with an obscene children's rap theme...

One of the following composite images has been photoshopped to death in an attempt to justify the execution of an innocent man*. The other hasn't. Can you spot which is which?

Hussain de Menezes

Biggie Small vs Thomas


* = not to mention claims that he was a rapist/ an illegal alien/ off his face on coke/ running away from the police/ behaved in a menacing way/ ignored clear warnings/ and sundry other cynical lies and slanders that should make all British citizens feel 'ooooh that proud' of their police, media, judiciary and government



ziz said...

What seems top have been overlooked, forgotten, swept under the carpet, erased from thememory banks, moved to room 101, erased, wiped, destroyed from folk memory is

* Sir Ian Blair's letter to Sir John Gieve .. ("incorrectly" dated 21 July but was in fact sent on 22 July.

"In the meeting we had with the Prime Minister yesterday....."

"I have therefore given instructions that the shooting that has just occurred at Stockwell is not to be referred to the IPCC and that they will give no acess to the scene at the present time."

* Sir John Gieve's reply to Sir Ian Blair

"I do not believe that Section 17 can be suspended as you suggest.."

The result was, the Met kept the IPCC off the case for at least 5 days, wuite against the advice of sir John geive and the without the support of Len Duval Chairman of the MPA.

During which time the Met / SAS officers / MI5/6/7/8 . Mark urban Myth et al at RUSI all sat down and sung from the same hymn sheet, destroyed from folk memory, all sat down so they could all sing from the same mymn sheet,destroy / lose / mislay / hide / CCTV evidence , alter notes... all the while remembering not to tell Ian Blair that Jean Charles was the wrong guy.

Meanwhile the pols who got so hot unde their collective collars wjen Plod rifled through one of their own's drawers are sctumm, mum , silent, about the murder of a man, hias subsequent vilification , rapist , druggy, illegal, etc etc.,

Stef said...

Very silent

So, it's back to business as usual and this sort of thing being perfectly OK, as long as it's not white middle class Tories being wrongfully searched/ imprisoned/ shot

Stef said...

e.g. anything like so much as a squeak from Mr Staines/ Fawkes' allegedly hard hitting blog, and all the alleged libertarians that hang around there?

umm, nope

biff all

now there's a fucking surprise

Stef said...

A short while ago this forum was full of "Police State" threads because an MP got arrested and questioned for a short while.

Today a jury finds that the police shot an innocent man without warning and nobody comments.

No comments on the fact that just before this shooting happened the police were asking for immunity from prosecution for their "gunmen".

No comments of the fact that the Coroner tried his hardest to back the jury into a corner.

No comments on the fact that the jury rejected the coppers claims they shouted a warning. Not pointing any fingers but I thought it was illegal to lie in court.

I know it's off topic but that never stopped you with the Damian Green thing.

Hubris said...

I've noticed a similar phenomenon where I live . . .

Hypocritical Irish Scumbags

Merkin said...

Well, that is the problem Steff.

i was right in there about the attack on Parliament - because it is part of the same attack on us.

How do we reconcile our disgust at both things without seeming to be one sided? - and pulp for the MSM spin mill.

We must just hit 'em when we can where and how we can.

Stef said...


that is, indeed, the problem

there are some superb examples of denial on that HPC Thread I've linked to above

Lots and lots of right-wing berks prattling on about how the police needed to put JCdM down before he detonated his invisible/ non existent bomb

and my personal favourite comment...

"The victim was an illegal immigrant who wasn't even entitled to be in this country. If the dead guy had complied with our laws and gone back to Brazil when he was supposed to he would be alive and well today- this is a critical point.

I want the security services in this country to put the safety of our friends and family first- if that means shooting suspected suicide bombers in the head then so be it.

Imagine the outrage if a suicide bomber detonated on a packed tube because the Police were ar$ing about checking his ID."

as mentioned in a previous thread, I'm waiting for a response to a visa application so I can get the fuck out of this madhouse. The answer can't come soon enough

Anonymous said...

It was reported that one of the armed assassins/police chased a uniformed tube driver and pointed a gun at his head.

Was that mistaken identity too?

Stef said...

Was that mistaken identity too?

nah, that just doesn't get mentioned

not anonymous said...

Menezes: Did the police lie?
By Mark Hughes, Crime correspondent
Saturday, 13 December 2008

read the comments under the aricle

Jean Charles de Menezes was not lawfully killed as part of an anti-terrorist operation, a jury decided yesterday, rejecting the police account of how the Brazilian died as not to be trusted.

not anonymous said...

John Cooper, a criminal law expert at chambers in 25 Bedford Row, London, said prosecutions against police officers for perjury are rare, writes Robert Verkaik, Law Editor. "Just because a jury disbelieves the evidence of the police it does not follow they think the officer is lying. If there were to be a perjury trial every time the jury rejected police evidence, the system would break down." But if the coroner considers there is evidence that a witness has lied to frustrate the course of justice, he may refer the case to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). The family can ask the CPS to review the evidence. As a last resort the family can bring a private prosecution

Stef said...

read the comments under the aricle

yes, that's restored my faith in human nature a little

I needed it

Stef said...

depressed again...

"Our Police are under tremendous pressure in this country, having to treat drunken thugs, educationless idiots and religious lunatics with 'respect' and lumbered with a government hell bent on destroying the fabric of our society in favour of politcal correctness and pandering to the 'rights' of everyone except our own citizens.

It is a tragedy this man was shot. However he was a foreign national in the UK illegaly and failed to stop when warned by armed police during an emergency brought about by a terrorist outrage caused by religious lunatics who DEFINITELY should not be in this country when there are plenty of other forsaken hell holes where they can practice their crazy so-called beliefs.

Perhaps those criticising the Police might want to go to Rio, where you can be attcked by armed thugs while the Police stand a few feet away and ignore are after all a foreigner.....why should they intervene.....or Saudi, where the islamic police will blame you for any incident, road accident or problem...because you are a foreigner and if you hadn't been in their country, the incident wouldn't have happened!

Our Police are magnificent and operate under extreme pressure because of our corrupt Government and do-gooders who should go and try life in the countries of these people and groups they seek to defend - then they'd learn what freedom really is."

Anonymous said...

Stef - I'd suggest avoiding the Overclockers UK forums, lest the sheer number of crazy apologists\fascist types overwhelm you...

Anonymous said...

The media isn't so bad after all...going by that article.

Stef said...

That article is halfway there but also barks up the wrong tree a little

Details such as whether the executioners shouted a warning or not, or whether JCdM lunged towards them, are distractions.

They entered the train with orders to kill

Responsibility for the killing lies with whoever gave the orders. Particularly as evidence uncovered at the inquest indicates that the senior officers in the control room were aware that JCdM was not carrying anything that could have been a bomb

If the killing had simply been the fault of a couple of incompetent footsoldiers you can be pretty sure they would have been hung out to dry by the careerist droids in senior Met management.

I personally wouldn't expect the establishment to go to the effort of arranging a comprehensive media smear campaign and a bent inquest for the sake of a couple of grunts.

There's been a lot more to the outrageous establishment behaviour than a few lower ranks telling a few porkers and rewriting some note books

Stef said...

Stef - I'd suggest avoiding the Overclockers UK forums, lest the sheer number of crazy apologists\fascist types overwhelm you..

I couldn't help noticing that a high proportion of the online commentators I've seen arguing that a few dead innocent Londoners is a price worth paying for keeping the wogs under control hail from the South Coast

which supports a long held suspicion of mine that some Argentina-bound U-Boats were wrecked on the Isle of Wight sixty years ago where the descendants of the survivors live to this day

Anonymous said...

Better article than the BBC though ;-)

Someone suggested I join a mechanic's workshop in Brunei, I have wondered about how I would fare over there (no income tax, no big police state, among other positives)...

Stef said...

Yes it is

As for the Brunei thing, I give you three guesses, no, make that one guess, what I would suggest

Anonymous said...

Do it?

Stef said...

You're good at this game

Anonymous said...

Lol. If only I didn't have commitments here...

Stef said...

Commitments come first

Without our commitments what would we be?

The Antagonist said...

Without our commitments what would we be?

Human beings instead of human doings.

Anonymous said...

That said, it hasn't stopped others selling up, dragging their families with them and leaving...