Friday, December 19, 2008

The fine art of prediction

I can't put my finger on exactly when but at some point over the last six months a crossover point was reached when the alleged spoof news on The Daily Mash became more factual and less satirical than the current affairs coverage offered by the BBC

At least a couple of times a day now I have to do a double check halfway through reading a news story just to remind myself which site I'm actually on

Here's today's most recent example...


Too difficult?!!

Being shit at making predictions has never stopped them before. And it has certainly proved to be no impediment to the Bank of England, the Meteorological Office, the Intelligence Services and just about every other fucker out there who's been earning a tidy living churning out dishonest bullshit

nope, I can't see any kind of a clear trend there...

For 'Too difficult' read 'We could make an objective, rigorous prediction but it's not the objective, rigorous prediction we're paid to make and we can't even pretend the lie is true anymore. So we're packing up and starting Christmas early, bye. PS UK house prices are fucked'

Me, I'm confidently predicting that 2009 is going to be a peach



Anonymous said...

oh come on now stef!stop being an economic girlie man!

economic girlie man!

Stef said...

says the governor whose state is buggered

Anonymous said...

old Arnie,he should have stuck to the movies eh?

Stef said...

/ serious Predator fan

Antipholus Papps said...

/ serious Predator fan

In which, I believe, Arnie uttered the immortal line 'stick around', after pinning someone's head to a wooden beam with a survival knife. Or somesuch.

Stef said...

You are indeed correct

though Jesse Ventura, of course, gets most of the best lines, and mustache, in that movie