Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Ooops I almost forgot

Thanks to Peter for reminding me that I haven’t got round to posting about the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill.

That’s partly down to me not having so much free time lately but also because it’s a ‘more of the same’ kind of thing.

For any UK readers stumbling upon ths blog who don’t know about the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill here are a few links to bring you up to speed

The titles of the articles convey the gist of what’s involved.

Basically, the UK Government is sneaking through a piece of legislation which will enable it to make laws by decree without prior submission to elected representatives.

That’s what fascist governments do.

The political climate in the UK has reached a point where I’m not entirely sure just exactly what it would take before people finally faced up to what is going on.

I really don’t know.

Someone started a flickr group devoted to opposition to the new law a couple of months ago – I joined, made a comment along the lines of ‘It’s going to happen, we can’t stop it. Just like we haven’t been able to stop any of the other crap that’s gone down’, and things have been pretty quiet there ever since. I feel a little guilty about being so openly pessimistic but what reasons are there to think any other way?

The Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill is going to be passed and we will then be just that little bit nearer to the totalitarian, corporately owned state that is being assembled all around us.

And I honestly believe that nothing is going to stop it.


Here’s a link to a speech I think that’s worth reading/ listening to…

Former Soviet Dissident Warns for EU Dictatorship

It was given last month by Vladimir Bukovsky, a former Soviet Dissident who knows a thing or two about totalitarian states and how they go about their business. He touches on the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill whilst painting a broader thesis about what lies in store for the UK and Europe. He quite deliberately skirts questions about the interests and motivations behind what is taking place, presumably because he doesn’t want to come across as nutter, but he still has some amusing things to say.

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