Thursday, March 02, 2006

Bring me the head of Tessa Jowell

BTW I just thought I’d mention that I selected that picture of Tessa Jowell used in the last post because it is an absolutely blinding example of how not to take a portrait photograph.

The photographer has used too wide a lens aperture leading to too narrow a depth of focus. The result is that Jowell’s face appears to be flattened and somehow disembodied from her blurry torso. The photograph makes her look almost alien.

On second thoughts, maybe the photographer did know what he was doing


Edit: I've only just discovered that Tessa and her husband have had five separate mortages on the same property. One of the mortages was paid off in 19 days.

Nice clean cash out one end. Nasty, grubby, slimey, thieving, greasy cash in at the other.

That's serious money laundering and tax evasion in anyone's books. I'm almost impressed.

... Tessa 'five mortgages' Jowell

Has a nice ring to it.

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Daniel said...

Lovely Face, Lovely Mortgage!

This government has become even more reminiscent of the sleazy late Major era than ever, where every week it seems another cabinet scumbag is on the take...