Monday, March 13, 2006

Kancho for beginners

I’m going to be a little busy and won’t be able to write any posts over the next couple of days. This means that I’ll have to pass on commenting voluminously on the news that Jean Charles de Menezes has been accused of rape six months after he was executed by police (sic.) in Stockwell tube station.

Obviously, the news that JCdM was almost certainly a violent sexual predator means that the police (sic.) did society a favour all along.

All concerned citizens can now rest easy.

Phew, what a relief.

Nor do I have time to comment on the news that the man in charge of those police (sic.) who did us all a favour, Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair, has just been caught out taping telephone conversations with the Attorney General and officials investigating the JCdM execution, without getting their parents’ consent beforehand.

And, given that it’s Sir Ian Blair we’re talking about, he’s added a dash of his own special magic to the story by illicitly recording a conversation that…

concerned the admissibility of wire tap evidence in court

What an utter arse that man is.


On the subject of arses, I’ve just found out about a new game that I’d like to play with Sir Ian one day, preferably whilst he's speaking to an audience. It’s called Kancho, it’s Japanese and if anyone tried it on Sir Ian in this country they’d be locked up.

Which is a pity.


And here’s a link to The Childhood Goat Trauma Foundation simply because it made me laugh


Anonymous said...

"Charles de Menezes has been accused of rape six months after he was executed by police"

In order to protect the identity of his accuser she is referred to as ...


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Hey, I don't know how I came across it, but I just wanted to comment on your blog and how great it is! =)

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