Friday, March 10, 2006

Come and take me on if you think you're hard enough

In case it’s escaped anyone’s attention, the governments of the United States and Great Britain are currently planning to commemorate the third anniversary of the invasion of Iraq by…

wait for it

…attacking another county

The only key differences being

  • One letter of the alphabet
  • The usual despotic leader but this time with a name containing far too many syllables to really work as an effective hate figure in Western propaganda. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad doesn’t really roll off the tongue like Saddam or Osama does it. I’ve just written his name out five seconds ago and I couldn’t tell you how to spell or pronounce it.

Er, that’s about all the differences. The rest is the same; the copious facial hair, the reliance on bullshit intelligence, the ulterior globalist motives. The current build-up is so similar to the events leading up to the attack on Iraq I sometimes find myself blinking and shaking my head, so amazed am I that they’re trying to pull the same shit twice. Particularly when you consider how the last one turned out.

My favourite line of the week came from our Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw. A journalist asked him why he wasn’t hitting on countries like Pakistan or Israel. Countries that already have nukes put together through their own clandestine programs assisted with a little bit of thievery here and there. His answer was sublime

Pakistan and India haven’t signed the Nuclear Non Proliferation treaty so they haven’t broken any international obligations. Iran has signed the treaty.

And the moral of the story is ... don't sign any international agreements and no one will fuck with you

Tony Blair hears voices and Jack Straw is a c*nt.

Anyway, I’m one of the legions of people who has recirculated the suggestion that the timing of the impending assault on Iran may be driven by the knowledge that the Iranians will start selling their oil in Euros rather than Dollars later this month. Someone (Wolfie) left a link by way of comment on one of my earlier posts on the subject. It’s not bad…

And I have to say the fact that the major media networks haven’t even touched the oil bourse story does add some weight to the possibility that there is something to it.

But, just in case we’ve all be suckered by some spooks feeding credible sounding but flawed analysis into the Web, here is a different take on the motives behind the coming staged attack on Iran in an article written for the Asia Times

It’s a heavy-ish read but it does contain some points worth considering if you’re interested in figuring out why the mad fucks who head our governments are itching to slaughter a few hundred thousand more innocents.


Wolfie said...

Funny you should post a link to that moneyfiles article, I was going to write a post about it myself but you've saved me the effort. Great minds think alike I guess.

Daniel said...

Perhaps if Bush and Blair have any sense they'll send Chuck Norris and his Karate Kommandoes into Iran to spare soldiers lives...

Anonymous said...

greece will free iran soon.
satan will be destroyed in iran.

God is great and will free us forever!!!!!!!

luke skywalker