Friday, March 03, 2006

It's Official: British Prime Minister totally out of his tits

Extracts from a Tony Blair interview due to be broadcast tomorrow...

On his decision to commit Britain to War in Iraq

"I think if you have faith about these things then you realise that judgment is made by other people"

And when asked to explain what he meant by that statement

"If you believe in God, it's made by God as well"

Blair explains that he makes decisions, such as the attack on Iraq, according to his conscience, guided by his Christian faith.

That would be the same Christian faith established by a man, the turn the other cheek guy, who chose excrutiating death rather than having his disciples bear arms. A sect whose followers were persecuted for centuries because they refused to serve in the Roman Army as a matter of principle.

Blair also seems to have acquired a distinctly American fundamentalist spin to his Christianity. One that junks the concepts of free will and personal accountability and prefers instead to basically blame God for all human decisions.

This perverted and wicked belief system is as insane as anything the most deranged Islamicist could come up with.

And this fucking lunatic is in charge

Jesus would most definitely have wept


Daniel said...

I personally thought the git had lost it when he told the British Public and Parliament in 2003 something along the lines of "only God can judge me and my actions" over Iraq. An egomaniacally inflated sentiment that wouldn't have been out of place coming from the mouth of godless fellows such as Hitler, Mussolini, or Stalin...

Anyways, who does Tony think he's kidding witht these PR exercises. He know we all hate him

Anonymous said...

are you saying faith is madness?

Stef said...

many would say Christian faith is a form madness but I am not

believing that everything you do is the express will God is nothing to do with Christian faith

Last time I read the Bible Christians are told they they are responsible for their own decisions. The Christian God put people here with free will and the freedom to do good or to do bad

Claiming that something like the decision to go to war on Iraq was ultimately God's choice is a denial of personal responsibility and all that Christianity is supposed to represent.

It is also in the same league as claiming that 'voices told me to do it' as per your common or garden serial killer

Anonymous said...

In no way am I a blairite or a christian but I do think that in order to make a convincing attack on Blair you have to take his actual words, and not put too much interpretation into his words.

He did not relinquish responsibility for the decision to invade Iraq to God. It's an easy implication to make but he didn't say it. He said that at the same time as he makes a judgement, God ALSO makes a judgement.

Stef said...

I take your point

If I were a lawyer, like Blair, the line

"If you believe in God, it's (the judgement) made by God as well"

Could be open to two interpretations

1. God decided to go to war
2. God judged whether the Blair's decision was right or wrong

Interpretation 1. is plain wicked as discussed above

Interpretation 2. is also wicked as it suggests that only God has the right to ultimately judge whether the War was Just or not. The rest of us basically don't get a look in.

So, in Blair's mind. He is either not responsible or he is responsible but accountable only to God.

Listening to Blair in context it was clear to me that he was at least leaving himself open to interpretation 1.

If he had left his statement at 'I made my decision based on my Christian belief in of what is right and wrong' I wouldn't have commented at all.

However, using weasel words and sophistry when explaining why he made his decision, and bringing God into it to boot is offensive to a huge number of people - Christians and non Christians alike.

It's this kind of nonsense that brings religion and spirituality into disrepute. Sometimes, I even think the likes of Blair and Bush do it deliberately.

Postman said...

"other people" ... that would be the voices in my head then ...?

Bridget Dunne said...

This is from he Stop The War coalition newsletter:


In any true democracy, Tony Blair would have been held to account long ago for his war crimes, not least by the judgement of the British people, the vast majority of whom have consistently shown they are opposed to Blair's illegal war in Iraq.

Blair tells us it is not the British people who will judge him on the war; it is God. Blair says he "talked" to God when reaching his decision to take the country to war. Not for the first time, he is talking the demented language of his mentor George Bush, who says he is on "a mission from God" in his wars on Iraq and Afghanistan.

All of us who have opposed the war and the occupation in Iraq should do everything we can to make sure that Tony Blair's judgement day comes much earlier than anything his God has planned for him. As Mary Riddell put it in The Observer, "Near civil meltdown in Iraq greets the third anniversary of Shock and Awe. Don't wait for God. We will judge you."

Reg Keys, father of Tom Keys, a British soldier killed in 2003, says, "Forget God, I'll judge Mr Blair myself... and I find him guilty on all counts. He's guilty of not telling the truth, not showing restraint and not acting with integrity. God and religion has nothing to do with this war."

And Rose Gentle, whose 19 year old son Gordon was killed in Iraq in 2004, says, "I hope my boy isn't with the same God Tony Blair prays to. What kind of God would justify the deaths of thousands of people? If there is a God, He'll judge Mr Blair to have made the wrong decision - one for which I and many other British families have already been punished."

David said...

You can't lose if you're religious. How can anything you do be guided by anything else, (except if it's done by your religious enemy...).
Basically it shows up religion for what it truly is, an obsolete, totally man-made evil illusion designed to herd the masses like sheep. Blair is unlikely to believe a word of it but knows if he says he does he can get away with murder. Literally.