Tuesday, February 07, 2006

What are you playing at Tony?

One throwaway thought on the plethora of Hate related stories we’ve been enjoying lately...

Our Government has just lost two votes on its proposed religious hate laws, even though it commands a healthy majority of MPs.

Given the lengths that the Government went to to try and pass the 90-day detention without charge or trial law a few weeks ago, this seems a little strange. Labour MPs were dragged out of their sick beds, told to get back on planes immediately after touching down in foreign countries. All sorts of stuff.

This time round, twenty MPs were sent off to Scotland to cover a local election and Tony Blair himself even forgot to vote for his own law.

This peculiar behaviour was dismissed, without exception, by the British press as being the result of some kind of cock up. One thought that nobody entertained is the possibility that, for some reason, Blair decided that he didn’t actually want the law to be fully passed just right now.

A bizarre possibility admittedly but one that amuses me. I’m still playing with it.

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