Friday, February 24, 2006

Mystery Train

I’ve just watched this evening’s edition of BBC’s Question Time which has set me off brooding again about the issues thrown up by the David Irving trial. There’s at least another post brewing before I get that one out of my system. Boo

Before the question about Irving came up there was much discussion about the impending civil war in Iraq. I’m one of those people who believed that this was the game plan straight from the start. There’s no way for instance that the Kurds in the North were ever going to settle with being part of a province in a larger Iraq. The few actual Kurds I’ve spoken with about the subject didn’t really make a secret of their ambitions for nationhood.

But time and again I hear government politicians bang on about how, whether people supported the original invasion or not, we now have to keep troops in Iraq until the country is magically stabilised.

And last night’s Question Time was no exception.

And throughout the discussion I kept thinking of the Aegis ‘Mystery Train’ video, filmed by mercenaries, sorry ‘civilian contractors’, as they blasted the crap out of Iraqi civilians driving in their cars. And yes I know the country is heaving with suicide bombers and yes I know the ‘civilian contractors’ are permitted to shoot at the engine blocks of suspected cars per their terms of engagement. But who in their right fucking mind thinks that a country reduced to a state where ‘civilian contractors’ are allowed to drive around and kill people in broad daylight with no accountability is ever going to be fucking stable this side of the next two or three decades?

Tap your toes to the Aegis 'Mystery Train' video in QT format here

Adding the Elvis was a nice touch though. As a soundtrack for the war in Iraq, it works


Noel said...

I would have prefered "Burning Love"

Postman said...

"Kill the Poor" The Dead Kennedy's