Thursday, February 09, 2006

The fine art of the well-staged spontaneous demonstration pt3

Today was the first time I’ve seen the three ‘extra’ cartoons that a Danish imam took with him on a trip to Egypt to show his other imam chums. These three extra cartoons were amongst those rejected for publication alongside the original twelve. They feature, in no particular order…

  • A man with a pig’s face identified as the Prophet
  • The Prophet as a paedophile demon
  • A dog fucking a praying Muslim from behind

Laugh out loud, hysterical stuff. Those whacky Danish cartonists really do know how to tickle the old funny bones.

Now, depending on who you want to believe, the Danish imam either deliberately misrepresented these cartoons as having been published in the newspaper or he himself was duped into believing that they really had been published.



All these rumours and counter rumours and the violent shenanigans arising from them remind me of the Indian Mutiny in 1857.

No, really. I think like that.

India was run by a relative handful of British troops supported by 260,000 local soldiers called sepoys. Some naughty scallywag, with an eye to national independence, put a rumour about that a new type of rifle cartridge issued to the sepoys was sealed with cow and pig fat. The problem being that sepoys were a mix of Muslims and Hindus and they had to bite the cartridges before using them. To cut a long story short, they went mental and much removal of white men’s testicles came to pass.

Cow AND pig fat!?

Nice work.


What is it with pigs anyway?

I’ve just read a story that Muslim hackers have attacked hundreds of innocent Danish web sites and left abusive messages on them. The web being what it is, there’s no real way of establishing the real identity of the hackers but they just have to be Muslims don’t they? Who else would do such a thing?

Well, I could think of a few groups actually.

Al-lah rulez. People who eat pork smell real bad. I wanna to fight you western dogs. PS I is a Muslim

This impersonation thing isn't very difficult is it? Or maybe I’ve discovered my true calling as a master forger.

Reading another website earlier on today I was reminded of the legendary Black Panther Colouring Book. This master work had been rejected by the Black Panthers when it was brought to them by a man later revealed to have intelligence connections.

As part of its COINTELPRO programme directed against civil rights organisations, the FBI took the book, added even more offensive illustrations then mass mailed it across America to fuck everyone off with Black people.

Hmmmm, does anyone smell bacon?

Aside from the sheer crudeness of its cartoons which are actually very funny if you’ve had a few beers, the colouring book was clearly a fake as the pictures were too fiddly to colour in with a crayon.

I know, I’ve tried


Sitting right here, right now it seems that nothing is going to stop the war that is being forced down our throats. Everyone, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, except for the handful of scumbags behind this madness will lose.

Are you ready to rumble?


Daniel said...

Don't hold back! Your certainly kicking butt this week. ;)

Ken said...

I've got an 'earworm' mental picture of Danish people putting things into cartons....

(apologise for flippancy...your blog is top-notch)

jackenstein of all trades said...

Yo there Top-Notch Brother Stef!
The Fact that I have just come Direct from this page to Your Blog - which may or may not add grist or just mild gritty stuff to the mill - is purely a coincidence, but is the only A to B connection i can actually be sure of in this current climate.
Yep, that sounded way better before i typed it.

Apprentice said...

Completely, totally and utterly agree. I am so tired of listening to all this whinging about free speech.

A lassie called Maya, 24 years old, was arrested for reading out a list of dead servicemen. Where? Bloody London.

Free speech? For fuck's sake.

I dunno, everybody is asleep.

jackenstein of all trades said...

Not meaning to be a snark here Apprentice, but some of us (mainly me who, granted, IS asleep, AND drunk) don't like unattributed statments and get fidgety and all like "who, what, when , and where ?", and like reference urls.

" She was arrested in October (2005) after reading out names of soldiers killed in Iraq at central London's Cenotaph. "

ref 1 - bbc
ref 2 -
ref 3 -
ref 4 -

"19 people are currently facing charges under the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act (2005) which outlaws protests without police permission within 1km of Parliament."
see ref 3.

Stef said...


Thanks for that link - very informed stuff. With minds like that on the case in Europe everything is bound to turn out just fine

Shahid said...

British Muslims like myself are being torn down the middle. It's people like us who both sides need to build the bridges, but they're being blown up left, right and centre and the split has reached my knackers now.

Unpleasant to say the least.

Great post btw.