Friday, June 24, 2011

Count your blessings

I've been humming this little number to myself over the last few days...

Adam Curtis was clearly otherwise engaged, so not the the highest quality accompanying visuals conceivably possible

On the plus side, Curtis didn't write the lyrics either



paul said...

I wonder if these people share that stoic attitude

paul said...

I wonder if they're going to be whistling, or these people or these

Still, there's a bright side to deliberately deflating the economy

The Antagonist said...

John Bird of Big Issue fame is a nasty piece of work.

He thinks selling copies of the big issue is a fast-track shin-up the greasy pole of private home ownership for homeless people.

Nobody needs a copy of the Non Issue in exchange for a couple of fiat pounds.

But then just handing over a couple of quid in exchange for nothing is terrorism.