Friday, May 20, 2011

Little Rays of Sunstein pt2

The inquest into 7/7 London bombings concluded on Friday 6th May 2011

On the same day the J7 Campaign published a
commentary on the Inquest and its verdict

A commentary which even a blogger who had previously dismissed J7 as a bunch of disinfo bastards described as being 'spot on'

Naturally enough, the mainstream press said nothing,
and allowed nothing to be said, about the egregious way in which the inquest was carried out. An inquest which somehow concluded without having established how or where the victims of 7/7 were killed

Consequently, the only information outlets that could have conceivably broadcast the shortcomings of the 7/7 inquest were the internet-based Alternative Media

It didn't quite work out like that

The Alternative Media certainly covered a 7/7 related story and that was the news that on Thursday 12th May 2011 Anthony John Hill aka Muad'dib was acquitted of attempting to pervert the course of justice. The hearing had started on Monday 9th May, immediately after the conclusion of the 7/7 Inquest

The handful of us who have been critical of this Muad'dib character have been accused of indulging in ad hominem attacks and attempting to slander The Messenger rather than the message. As it happens, we have explained why we believe his message – the film 7/7 Ripple Effect – to be an example of distractive misinformation. However, yes, some of us have also taken issue with the fact that Tony claims to be the Messiah, the King of England, the King of Israel, and that millions will burn if the world does not acknowledge His Divine Majesty before he decides to shed his current form (i.e. die)

I do not think that making an issue of these claims is an unjustifiable ad hominem as it is relevant to the motivation behind his 7/7 associated behaviour. After 7/7 Ripple Effect was released Muad'dib engaged in a series of attention seeking antics. Stunts which had little prospect of furthering 7/7 truth but every chance of establishing his own notoriety. The Son of God allowed himself to have the piss ripped out of him by the BBC, attempted to interfere in a trial without the consent of the accused and he hassled victims' relatives

My contention is that his actions were always about promoting himself, that 7/7 was a means to an end and the intention always was for him to become the story, not 7/7

Well, he and his followers have got a result haven't they?

Not without a little help though

Whilst the 7/7 inquest was in progress I did my best to avoid falling into the trap. I tried to ignore the old charlatan and his conveniently-timed trial

A decision which placed me firmly in a minority within a minority

A quick game of Conspiraloon Connections...

Here's a photograph of Muad'dib and some of his biggest fans standing outside court on the day of his acquittal

Muad'dib is the guy dressed as the Israeli flag and/or the Blue Fairy in the centre of the photograph...

I could be mistaken but I believe that the woman tugging on Muad'dib's arm to be Dolores Shayler's former landlady
Belinda McKenzie. In the words of John Cleese, she should know that Muad'dib is the One True 7/7 Truth-speaking Messiah as she's seen a few

And I'm certainly not mistaken in spotting a monochrome Nick Kollerstrom in the photograph. Kollerstrom is, of course, the PR genius who put his name to a completely gratuitous piece of cut and pasting on the subject of Holocaust Revisionism which added absolutely nothing to the subject but did establish his credentials as a daft prat, shortly before appearing on the BBC's 7/7 Conspiracy Files show

I should also point out that Kollerstrom's Auschwitz piece was bold enough to go even further than most revisionists can stomach. Not content to simply downgrade Auschwitz to merely being a very unpleasant work camp where people died, Dr Nick went the whole hog and implied that it was virtually some kind of holiday camp – with swimming pools, picture postcards, soccer tournaments and a disco. An endorsement from David Irving's chum, the very fragrant Michele Renouf, was the cherry on the cake

Dr Nick has recently teamed up with that paragon of 9/11 Truthiness Uncle Jim Fetzer and is posting articles on Jim's blog, such as a sparklingly original piece on the possible use of doubles in recent Bin Laden videos

Which is the real Osama Dib Laden?

Given that the article required extensive cutting, pasting and rearranging of material from other websites which have already done the subject to death, Uncle Fezter is to be commended for his excellent casting decision

The reason why I became aware of Dr Nick's association with Fetzer was because Fetzer has recently popped-up in both Adrian Salbuchi and Kevin Barrett's podcasts, plugging both Dr Nick and Muad'dib (Kevin Barrett wrote the forward to Kollerstrom's book Terror on the Tube)

Adrian Salbuchi, in turn, has been plugging James Corbett who, in turn, just released a podcast of Muad'dib whittering on about the Stone of Scone

James Corbett, along with many other alternative news commentators, has taken to bigging up the vaguely unsettling Charlie Veitch in recent months

That would be the same Charlie who reportedly was thoughtful enough to pop round and offer Muad'dib
cheery support during his trial

All timed to coincide with the conclusion of the 7/7 inquest

It's a small, small fucking world

But wait! There's more. Kevin Barrett's mate
, the ever-truthy Gordon Duff over at Veterans Today has just slapped up an epic article devoted to stroking Gandalf's staff...

VT's readership clearly includes some first-rate minds, as evidenced by this comment underneath Duff's piece...

"We conclude that Israel ordered the Mossad to carry out 7/7 with a high degree of certainty, with the odds against innocence being a minimum of tens of thousands to one"

Presumably, if they had some actual evidence of Israeli culpability in 7/7 then the odds would be even slimmer (a tediously fact-based opinion which proves that I'm obviously a Zionist shill with the odds against innocence being several million to one)

Even Alex Jones and Alan Watt got in on the act. Watt has even written a fucking poem about the latter day Solzhenitsyn

All of these people have focused on Muad'dib rather than the disgraceful 7/7 inquest

I swear, if I wake up tomorrow and Webster Tarpley or David Ray Griffin has started endorsing this bollocks I'm calling it a day and going back to Official Narratives

Or putting it another way, I've asked myself repeatedly wtf am I doing having to argue with people to be wary of some bloke who claims to be Jesus, has put his name to a demonstrably misleading piece of curiously professional film-making and whose court appearances are synchronised with an inquest of national importance? What the fuck would it actually take anyway?

I am not implying that all of the Alternative Media personalities listed above are disinformation operatives. I can think of many reasons why they could be innocently played the way they have been:
  • The pace of current events is now so fast some of these characters can’t possibly research every issue they feel obliged to comment on
  • Some are victims of hubris and reluctant to back away once they have been persuaded to give an endorsement
  • (Sadly) the majority of conspiraloons have no more negative capability than non-loons. They prefer neat narratives, however weakly supported, rather than all that uncertain, partially known, partially unknown, fact based stuff that makes the world go round

  • As far as some are concerned, as long as 'The Jews' get blamed they don't give a damn about much else
  • Some are disinfo bastards
I've written this post not as part of some crusade against Muad'dib or Kollerstrom. Muad'dib will show his true colours in due course and Kollerstrom will probably bumble along cutting and pasting indefinitely

I have, however, been put out by the way reporting of the 7/7 Inquest has been overshadowed by the contrived antics of yet another White Man with a God complex

A couple of commentators under my previous post have said that the opportunity to publicise the 7/7 whitewash has now passed. I don't know that for sure but I am 100% certain that this Muad'dib thing was a perfectly timed and well executed distraction

Then there's the more general issue that this distraction was facilitated by Alternative Media which seem to be undergoing some form of consolidation and in the business of offering easily digested, undemanding, fact and reason impaired narratives

In that respect, the Alternative Media don't differ from the Mainstream Corporate Media very much at all



Anonymous said...

James Corbett, along with many other alternative news commentators, has taken to bigging up the vaguely unsettling Charlie Veitch in recent months

That would be the ex-military man Charlie Veitch who wasn't content with the sort of 'love policing' practiced by the military when he joined up.

About.... turn!

Bert said...

Strategically placed herrings that have thwarted any serious mainstream investigation of the events of 7/7 (in rough chronilogical order):

1. The Kingstar van (7/7/05)
2. Netanyahu's 'warning' (7/7/06)
3. Peter Power's hair on the back of his neck (7/7/05)
4. The release of the Luton station 'railings' photograph
5. The July 21st non-bombs (21/7/05)
6. The murder of 'suicide bomber' JCdM (22/7/05)
7. The release of the ABC 'Luton' photos (27/7/05)
8. The TV capture of the July 21 'suspects' (29/7/05)
9. The release of the MSK video (5/9/05)
10. 28/6/05 'dummy run' CCTV footage released (20/9/05)
11. The release of the Tanweer video (7/7/06)
12. BBC Conspiracy Files 7/7 episode (30/6/09)

Strategically placed herrings that shaped/thwarted/put paid to any serious mainstream investigation of the events of 7/7, were not covered in any depth in the July 7 inquests, but shaped the public perception of the 7/7 story....

Anonymous said...

Not forgetting the Richard Dearlove quoting new mate of Julian Assange, Ms Silkie Carlo, Cambridge Politics & Psychology student and partner of aforementioned Charlie Veitch.

Stef said...

The automatic Blogger spam filter is going berko. All comments will be cleared as and when I get a chance

Stef said...


nicely put

though pointing out that Netanyahu's 'warning' is a nonsense clearly identifies you as a Zionist shill, just like me

Stef said...

Kicking myself for neglecting the Assange connection :(

Bridget said...

Following on from Bert's earlier chronology, when the mainstream media eventually decided to 'investigate' 7/7:

Early July 2007: BBC contact J7 'interested in making a serious documentary' J7 offer their cooperation and discuss many of the issues

Late July 2007: J7 receive the first email from JAH/Muad/Tony/The Blue Fairy asking for information on 7/7

August 2007: Two dibmen join the J7 forum requesting information

November 2007: 7/7 Ripple Effect released and J7 discuss the content

December 2007: J7 decide to write a rebuttal of the supposition in the film after receiving an email asking for help to track down bereaved families, doctors etc and we are now deeply suspicious of the agenda behind the film

December 2007: The BBC contact J7 after months of silence to explain that the 'investigative documentary' they are proposing is an episode of the risible Conspiracy Files series. J7 refuse to participate as we are now aware of how 7/7 Ripple Effect and the Messiah will be used to frame any debate on the issues

As a J7 member wrote at the time:

“Reading the transcript, the impression I get is of an attempt to construct an alternative account of what happened. I don't think this is a good approach. It tends to exclude other possibilities from the debate ie the debate narrows to either jforjustice's account or the Home Office account. There are so very many discrepancies in what has been reported (as documented on this forum) that any number of plausible alternative accounts could be constructed, so I think it is unwise to promote one particular alternative.

I think it is significant that the opponents of J7 have persistently used the taunt of "what do you think happened then?"; quite recently someone posted on another forum that we don't put our money where our mouth is. This is a trap. As soon as an alternative is put forward, the focus shifts from examining the official account to examining the alternative account.

As far as I can see, all the material in "The Ripple Effect" has been available for a good two years, so I am curious as to why it is only now that this film has been released."

Still curious to know why 7/7 Ripple Effect was released 2 years after the event and who precisely is behind the making of the film, as it certainly wasn't Dibman.

Stef said...

Now here's a funny thing. In that piece written by Kollerstrom quoted in Veteran's Today and Prisonplanet Kollerstrom writes about a 'well-referenced' study written by social-sciences professor Ridley-Duff

That would be this study

Strangely enough, Ridley-Duff repeats a couple of times the following assertion

"The popularity of 7/7 Ripple Effect prompted the BBC to devote an episode of its Conspiracy Files
series to issues raised by the internet documentary"

and I know for sure that the BBC production started before 77 RE was released, as my blog postings would prove


bert said...

Dibbly Duff said:

"While [my] paper concludes that both [BBC Conspiracy Files 7/7 & Ripple Effect] construct truth that supports their political outlook and agenda, the theory advanced in 7/7 Ripple Effect is better able to explain anomalies in the official account as well as the evidence of a crisis at Canary Wharf on the same day."

Let us see from where the 'Canary Wharf' incident arrives into the Duff mix:

"a [CNN] reporter asked Brian Paddick:
“Can you tell me -- the rumors that a police sniper shot dead a suicide bomber at Canary Wharf -- do you know anything about that...

Did the duff peers review this, or what?

Bridget said...

This email from the BBC's Chris Alcock to J7 shows that in August 2007 they had a production ready to go 'in the autumn':

From: "Chris Alcock-INTERNET"
To: "July Seventh Truth Campaign"
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2007 10:18 AM

Hi Bridget,

Hope you are well, and thanks for this link.

The project is definitely going ahead, and will probably go into production in the autumn (although looking out of the window that's about now!).

Will be in touch when we are in full swing.

All the best


-----Original Message-----
From: July Seventh Truth Campaign
Sent: 08 August 2007 14:33
To: Chris Alcock-INTERNET
Subject: J7 Truth Campaign

Hi Chris

Hope all is well. It's been a while since we last heard from you, perhaps the project has been put on hold or even shelved?

A relative of Anthony Fatayi-Williams has recently contacted us about a film he has made called Homefront:

I thought you might be interested in this if you are still researching July 7th,



Anonymous said...

Josef Mengele was a doctor. Harold Shipman was a doctor.

What does the title 'Doctor' infer other than the ability to pass a few tests?

Stef said...

"What does the title 'Doctor' infer other than the ability to pass a few tests?"

Cue Denis Rancourt...

Why not to do a Phd

By the time you get to Phd level the only test left is to prove that you think like the people supervising your Phd

And this business of supposed Conspiraloons making Calls to Authority is devilish tricky as, by their very nature, Loons are not necessarily impressed by what authority figures are telling them to believe

Stef said...

"Did the duff peers review this, or what?"

If someone gave me a paper that talks about one narrative 'constucting' truth better than another narrative for scientific review I'd conclude that person was

a) taking the piss

b) bucking for a transfer to the philosophy department

either way, Duff does concede in passing that the Canary Wharf story cannot be traced to any first hand witnessed account which means that he, and Kollerstrom and Muad'dib would have us all up Shit Creek, sorry Canary Wharf, without a paddle, playing a game of Chinese Whispers rather than ripping into the Official Narrative

Looking forward to the sequel of Duff's paper - 'Theorising Bullshit'

Anonymous said...

I think the details are unimportant.Your never going to know them anyway.
I think just knowing in a general way the the London bombings were an inside job ie those at the top planned and organized it is enough:
Not only that the perpetrators will never be brought to justice they just don´t carry out serious investigations on themselves in the US or IK or just about anywhere for that matter.
All smoke and mirrors.

Anonymous said...

all aboard the starship!

Kier said...

Anonymous said...
"Harold Shipman was a doctor."

But a useful one.....his crimes initiated the government's excellent idea to keep us all safe from any future Shipmans by forcing those in healthcare prfessions to pay a not insubstantial sum each year to have their names put on a totally meaningless register. A bit like the way everyone who works in a profession where they come into contact with just about anyone else has to also pay a not insubstantial sum to prove they aren't a kiddy fiddler.

Of course, you could always just get yourself a doctorate in looking at the sky to give yourself some gravitas, like certain someone, and stay off all those pesky regulation registers. Perhaps he's not quite as stupid as he often seems to be.

If M Dibby had been on the ball that day, he could have made some slight amendments to his outfit which would have paid such great tribute to their red, white and blue love affair. 7/10 for effort though; I'm in a generous mood today.

gyg3s said...

@Stef said at, 21 May 2011 14:32,

"By the time you get to Phd level the only test left is to prove that you think like the people supervising your Phd"

Hopefully there is at least one exception?

Re The comments about Shipman. It is interesting to compare the Shipman case with that of Dr John Bodkin Adams particularly the aspects of 'interferring with the case' and the motives for doing so.

Stef said...

"Hopefully there is at least one exception?"

There are always exceptions ;)

Stef said...

Hadn't heard of JB Adams before, thx

That was, of course, back in the good old days of immaculately turned out look-alike serial killers

I imagine police work was a lot more straightforward then

Anonymous said...

The dark side

Stef said...

"all aboard the starship!"

oh dear

that was cosmic

I'll see your starship and raise you my starship

The only public health facility that I'm currently aware of modeled on an extra terrestrial vehicle.

And a vision of what the NHS would look like if Heaven's Gate were put in charge, and still alive

Stef said...

I should mention that the first time I learned about Starship Children's Health was when I was working in a school in New Zealand and someone mentioned that Little Keanu had got sick and had to visit the Starship...

I am now a plant

gyg3s said...

"Hadn't heard of JB Adams before, thx"

Found his name whilst looking for stats about medics and serial killers in order to support a speculation that if the No of serial killers are governed by power laws there are a lot of them out there ...

Stef said...

well quite

given that Shipman was only detected because the relatively high death rate of his patients attracted the attention of some victims' relatives, one could probably knock up an equation that attempts to quantify a sustainable optimum Doctor-Patient murder rate that would not attract inconvenient levels of attention

Based on Shipman, one a month seems to be a reasonable ball park figure

That's, of course, just the intentional killings, overlaid on top of the regular background noise of all the unintentional pharmacides

Edo said...

Currently reading David McGowan's "Programmed to Kill - The Politics of Serial Murder", quite a fascinating, if somewhat disturbing look into the backgrounds of some of these characters. Quite a chunk of the book focuses on Henry Lee Lucas who deserves a mention...
(the only death row inmate granted clemency by non other than govnr George W Bush)
You can read the first few chapters at

Anonymous said...

"This paper uses three different theories of truth to consider claims broadcast in two documentaries about the London bombings of 7th July 2005: 7/7 Ripple Effect and the BBC’s Conspiracy Files: 7/7."

I wonder what Dr Duff's theories of truth would make of the official 7/7 narrative?

Instead he analyses two documentaries of dodgy provenance...

CS said...

Perceptive post.

That the alt. media are as rife with BS as the MSM is not surprising. If the ruling elite, government or private, are as seems evident, in the business of controlling public perception, then naturally they will want to control the alt. media and should have little difficulty.

In this context, it is of interest to remember that during WW1, President Wilson set up the Committee for Public Information, headed by former newspaper man George Creel.

According to Trikipedia, "The purpose of the CPI was to influence American public opinion toward supporting U.S. participation in World War I via a prolonged propaganda campaign.

The CPI at first used material that was based on fact, but spun it to present an upbeat picture of the American war effort...

The committee ... recruited about 75,000 "Four Minute Men," volunteers who spoke about the war at social events for an ideal length of four minutes..."

Is Sunstein's Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs anything other than an Internet age incarnation of George Creel's Committee of Public Information?

If so, 75,000 operatives working an eight hour day could surely transform the Internet consensus on anything of government concern. And remember the government shills use software that enables them to operate under multiple personalities. So 75,000 shills might look like 37.5 million!

CS said...

I was pleased to come across the term "negative capability", which I had not previously encountered, although I happen to have considerable experience of the phenomenon.

Some years ago -- decades actually -- I was employed by a government agency to investigate a potential long-term hazard. It became clear that there was a rational basis for the perception of risk, which might entail costs in the tens to hundreds of millions of dollars annually, but which could be eliminated by an expenditure of one or two million dollars annually. However, the nature of the risk was such that any close approximation to the actual probabilities seemed unattainable.

What I found in explaining this to senior people, up to the rank of corporate vice-president, was that they always demanded a definite answer to the question: will it happen or not?

I conclude therefore that negative capability is indeed a rare gift, as Keats thought. This has a practical implication for conspiracy theorists: since without a thorough forensic investigation, which no amateur can undertake, you will always have to deal with uncertainty, which in turn means that most people will either reject your account out of hand, preferring the definitive story put out by the authorities, or they will adopt it without taking account of the various provisos and uncertainties that are necessary to avoid entering the realm of irrational certainty.

So, no, to expect rationality and integrity (see my previous comment) to prevail in internet forums would be a triumph of hope not only over experience, but also logic.

Perhaps the best way of disposing of the whole convoluted discussion about the physical evidence, which no amateur without the resources of the police can hope to evaluate adequately, is to focus on the circumstantial evidence, which tends to be simpler and easier to evaluate.

Thus, as I have mentioned on the 7/7 inquest blog:

(1) Why would Islamic terrorists bomb a tube train? What was the effect of killing a bunch of innocent people going about their daily lives, doing no harm to any Islamic interest? Obviously the effect was to stiffen public antagonism to Islamic extremists and Islam in general.

So if the official story is correct we have to assume that four Islamic terrorists sacrificed their own lives in a mass murder that was counter-productive to their own cause.

(2) Why would the state not immediately have undertaken a forensic investigation when there was the possibility of discovering others involved in the plot as organizers or suppliers of material or information (how to make an unknown explosive from pepper, for example)?

So, if the official story is correct, we have to conclude that the authorities were simply too stupid to find out as much as possible about the event with a view limiting the risk of a repetition involving some of the same agents.

These points alone, seem to provide evidence about as strong as one could hope to get in such a case that the Tube bombings were an act of state sponsored terrorism to control public perception of Islam.

Paul Craig Roberts has a fine piece on rule by manipulation of public perception. He provides a good analysis of the circumstantial evidence that 9/11 was not the work of Islamic terrorists.

Anonymous said...

The Four Minute Men Bulletin 1 of May 22nd, 1917 is here, & includes:
"Be sure to prepare very carefully your closing appeal, whatever it may be, so that you may not leave your speech hanging in the air."

Much like all the News Bulletins with the tagline:

"On 7th July 2005, four suicide bombers detonated devices...etc."

Stef said...

"Perceptive post."

thank you

"Is Sunstein's Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs anything other than an Internet age incarnation of George Creel's Committee of Public Information?"

Nope, not at all

and let's not overlook Operation Mockingbird

Stef said...

"I was pleased to come across the term "negative capability", which I had not previously encountered, although I happen to have considerable experience of the phenomenon"

Credit to the original Keat's scholar...

Node in the Noosphere

Stef said...

"What I found in explaining this to senior people, up to the rank of corporate vice-president, was that they always demanded a definite answer to the question: will it happen or not?"

I've got background in audit and risk management, took the supposed purpose of my role seriously, and have one or two, well, more than one or two, similar stories

Stef said...

"These points alone, seem to provide evidence about as strong as one could hope to get in such a case that the Tube bombings were an act of state sponsored terrorism to control public perception of Islam"

There are, of course, some people with a different take on the objectives of the attack. Some people think it was all part of an elaborate scheme to keep the Rightful King of England off the throne...

e.g. Can You Tell What It is Yet?

Anonymous said...

@ Bert at 20 May 2011 23:19
Where is your proof that those things were 'red herrings'?
If they were 'red herrings' aren't the people that placed them guilty of conspiracy and perversion of justice / hindering police investigation / treason etc etc etc?

Who could do such a thing?

Stef said...

"If they were 'red herrings' aren't the people that placed them guilty of conspiracy and perversion of justice / hindering police investigation / treason etc etc etc?"

Yes, they would be

and speaking personally, even though I'm not Bert, I think the majority of the items on the list were acts of deliberate misdirection. However...

The real motive for the JCdM execution has never been established. And no I'm not buying the suggestion that he built the 7/7 bombs based on nothing more than the fact he was an electrician

Peter Power sounds genuinely surprised during his Larry Silverstein moment and blurts out more information than someone who was a knowing agent in the 7/7 bombings would have any need to disclose

lwtc247 said...

"and speaking personally, even though I'm not Bert, I think the majority of the items on the list were acts of deliberate misdirection."

They may be deliberate distractions, in which case the perpetrators of 7/7 have huge resources and access at their disposal, largely suggesting state or a cabal within the state apparatus.

But there is no proof, like people strongly believe Jews had something to do with 7/7 but those views are not permitted. In regards to 9/11, you personally suggested they had involvement in that, yet I guess you lack proof too or surely you would file criminal proceedings.

Power did sound genuinely surprised, suggesting that if 7/7 was a black-op, he was used as a patsy too - an idea I find most likely. I wouldn't grant it the equivalence of Silverstein however, as Larry's statement and insurance policies are strong suggestions he had foreknowledge; If pull it was used in the

JCdM's execution and cover-up was so bizarre that I take it to automatically suggest a motive for his killing. Given his profession, geographical location, the context of his killing and it's timing, it's not unreasonable to believe he had some knowledge of 7/7 or he was thought to have some knowledge of it, and if the previous 'red herrings' were red herrings, we are looking at serious and ruthless people for whom assassinating one non-white person would be no big deal.