Monday, January 10, 2011 - back to being a PIA

Those of us who remember the early days of Blogger will recall what a Pain in the Arse it used to be. Blogs would disappear for days on end, comments would disappear, the formatting of posts would get shredded for no reason at all. You got, as they say, what you paid for

For the last few years the service has been relatively sweet, with only the occasional, bearable niggle

Lately, however, Blogger has implemented an anti-spam filter which you can't turn off and which takes an arbitrarty and sometimes retrospective approach to sandboxing comments

The main reasons why I try and keep this blog going, even though I have competing calls on my time is the fact I enjoy the occasional outbreaks of informed, amusing and profane commenting that sometimes appear under my posts. It's heartening to be reminded that there are at least some people out there who are sceptical of Official Narratives but, at the same time, don't chug down and regurgitate Alternative Narratives without checking them out beforehand

Blogger is now getting in the way of that. Moderation fecks up the flow of commenting and Blogger is effectively imposing arbitrary moderation on commenting whether I like it or not. It doesn't help that Blogger does not inform me when a comment has been retrospectively removed. The comments aren't being erased permanently but as I'm not (quite) sitting on a computer permanently there may sometimes be a delay before they are released



Anonymous said...

what do you make of this Stef?the congresswoman who got shot in Arizona has subsbscribed to the guy who shot her on her youtube page.

bottom left of page.

YouTube - giffords2's Channel

stefz said...

It's still too early to make out what this event is all about

However, one thing that is already clear is that Alex Jones and the boys over at Prison Planet who constantly bang on about the 'false left-right paradigm' seem to be drifting off script a fair bit...

Liberal Smear Machine Backfires After Gunman Found To Be Occultist, Pot-Smoking Left Winger
Effort to conflate killer with anti-big government conservatives falls apart

Stef said...

...rumour now has it that the congresswoman and shooty person's mum attend the same place of worship

and no it isn't a mosque

CanSpeccy said...

"Liberal Smear Machine Backfires After Gunman Found To Be Occultist, Pot-Smoking Left Winger
Effort to conflate killer with anti-big government conservatives falls apart "

The shooter was apparently a member of the same synagogue as the Congresswoman who was shot.

But anyhow, why isn't assumed, at least until such time as there is evidence to the contrary, that the murderer was just stark raving bonkers, like everyone who knew him always said?

Anonymous said...

People are saying it was a staged incident,rumours.The BBC reports today that she will recover 100%,,from seriously critically ill to 100% recovery within a day or so!,was she even shot?

Edo said...

One for Stef

stefz said...

cheers ta

quality stuff

and the especially inane laughter track gives the sinister tone of the sketch a nice, multi-layered texture

- write a spoof governent infomercial which 'jokes' about being imprisoned for critical thought

- stick it on the state broadcasting company and bathe it in the sound of airhead laughter which sublimnally conveys it's all a bit of lightweight fun

that's where the producers of Monkey Dust fucked up

paul said...

After seeing mr barrack obama's speech, the Gifford shooting all looks a bit princess Di to me.