Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Conspiraloon Round Up December 2010 pt1

So much going on in the conspirasphere, so little time to vent fully, but just enough time to place a few bets on some on-going stories...


Such is Julian Assange's new found fame, even my pensioner Mum who never reads newspapers and only watches Italian gameshows on TV asked me the other day if I thought Assange was kosher on the level a straight shooter or not

The fact that she was even asking me the question pretty much answers it

Aangirfan has put together a much more detailed list of reasons to have little faith in Wikileaks

He could have saved himself a lot of time by trying to come up with a list of reasons to actually have faith in Assange

The countless debates about whether Assange is what he claims to be or not remind me of the past antics of the Shayler Being. Fans of Shayler's work will recall that he bought credibility in certain Truther circles by revealing the startling news that, shock fucking horror, MI6 planned to murder Gaddafi at one point in the 1990s. In return for this completely underwhelming revelation he was given a free pass to trample all over UK Conspiraloondom for the better part of a decade. I was still debating with people who wanted to give Shayler the benefit of the doubt even when he started claiming to be the reincarnation of Jesus AND King Arthur. Mercifully, the low cut blouse and lipstick was the final straw for all but the most open-minded and tolerant of folk.
However, Shayler's ex girlfriend/ handler, who bought into Truther status at the same low low price, is still out there hard at work, playing a much longer game and with a slightly better hairdresser

To be honest, I'm a little nonplussed that so many on-line folk are willing to give Assange so much benefit of the doubt, given the nature of the official narrative friendly bullshit he's pumping out, the stuff he isn't pumping out, and the fact that he's getting so much coverage from the mainstream media.

In comparison, it's worth remembering how hard the mainstream press worked at trying to ignore, then downplay, the Climategate story last year. A leak which genuinely did piss in The Establishment's chips, a lot

When in doubt, it's always worth remembering the Golden Rule of State Broadcasting Portraiture. If someone is covered by the BBC and they're not lit, or otherwise presented, like Baltar from Battlestar Galactica they ain't threatening anyone of any importance

Eric Cantona's bank run

Fair play to Eric for calling for the collapse of the banking cartel...

...but a planned bank run ain't going to do it

Even if a mass protest did take place, managed to overcome daily cash withdrawal limits and actually killed a bank or two, how exactly would that beat the system?

The Fed in the US and other central banks around the world were actually created in the wake of staged bank crises

More dead banks and more chaos equals more consolidation and more centralised control


Cantona strikes me as a decent man but one who doesn't fully understand how money works

Unlike a certain indecent man who does...

Max Keiser

Max, and his new best buddy and fellow precious metal salesmen Alex Jones, have been trying to whip up a viral campaign with the claimed objective of destroying JP Morgan by buying up physical silver. The story goes that JP Morgan has been selling lots of paper silver, so if Max's followers buy lots of physical silver they'll reduce physical supply, drive up the price and JP Morgan won't be able to honour its paper contracts

Curiously, in spite of all his ranting on the subject in recent years, Max seems to have forgotten what happens every time the finances of large banks go tits up, and who ends up covering all the losses. Buying a few poxy coins isn't even going to scratch a power structure that's been crafted over centuries and any immediate losses inflicted on that structure will be recouped, with interest

Max also seems to forget who controls most of the production and stockpiles of precious metals around the world. The last time I looked, I don't recall identfying many silver mines or bullion depositories that were owned and operated by anarcho-syndicalist cooperatives

Max also seems to have forgotten that there isn't actually that much physical gold or silver to go round and that if ordinary people did actually drive the price of gold or silver up to astronomical highs by buying a couple of coins each they wouldn't benefit themselves by very much but would benefit anyone who's already sitting on a few thousand coins to start with enormously

There again, maybe Max hasn't forgotten any of this

On reflection, I think he probably hasn't. I think it's more likely that he's trying to succeed where others have failed; through the power of the internet, lots and lots of bullshit and total and utter contempt for anyone who'll listen to him...



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Tony (Parapacem) said...

Capitalism - Even Max Keiser has to make a living in it!

(Captcha: noncris)

paul said...

Julian and Max are collaborating on the the new prison planet branded satnav system, the dumdum.

KingofWelshNoir said...

Why would the low cut blouse and lipstick be the 'final straw' for defenders of Shayler? If, like me, said defenders believe the poor guy is mentally ill, then the transvestism would support that belief. Yes, it's possible he's playing some deep conspiratorial game for his spook handlers. Personally, I think he's had what used to be called a breakdown.

Edo said...

Just like Stef's mum, some non-spiraloon friends of mine asked me, "so Edo, what do you think of the whole Wikileaks thing then?" When I told them I thought it was a psy-op start to finish, and threw a couple of explanations in to justify it, rather than poo-poo me, they accepted what I was telling them. That's a first with these particular friends... Some time has passed since we last brought up a topic like this, but I think they were half expecting me to digress into lizard reptilian talk (not that I ever have, but you get the picture) and when I didn't, and just answered the wikileaks question, I think I told them what they already suspected...

stef said...


a breakdown? almost certainly

induced by psychotropics?

very possibly

do I derive any amusement from another human being's breakdown?

absolutely not

but, whatever his condition, that does not detract from the fact that his 'buy in' to be a media anointed Truther spokesperson was hardly worth the title 'whistleblowing' and he hasn't half endorsed some bollocks

and then there's the small matter of his much more self-possessed ex girlfriend who doesn't appear to have suffered any kind of obvious breakdown whatsoever

stefz said...

...I find myself having very similar debates and discussions about other characters who have been anointed as UK Truther spokespeople by the media - Lord Muad'dib and Nick Kollerstrom being the two that spring to mind

This isn't a case of me launching into ad hominems as my primary grounds for having issues with these characters' work.

My issues lie, first and foremost, with their output. The ad hominem material simply serves to flesh out the possible explanations for the perfidious harm they cause

One of the well-practiced ripostes from Muad'dib's followers is that it is unfair and irrelevant to criticise him for his religious beliefs (i.e. that he thinks he's God and if the masses don't acknowledge that truth most of us will be executed once he sheds his current form)

In response I'm thinking about founding a religion based on taking the piss out of messianic old charlatans who hassle murdered people's relatives and put out speculative truth videos and declare that they are revealed fact

stef said...

and whilst on the subject of ad hominems, it's worth remembering that the ad hominens are very often the sting in the Establishment's tail

People are selected as Truther spokespeople by the media precisely because they are Nazis apologists/ wannabe Messiahs/ racist fuckwits/ whatever

When I was arguing with people about Shayler for example, I did initially stick with the guff he was coming out with about holograms, Sumerian tablets and all the rest. The reason why his mental deterioration became relevant is because having a mentally unwell person speaking for valid issues you hold dear is not the smartest of PR moves

I have no idea what Assange's 'thing' is but I doubt very much that he would have been allowed to get as far as he has if there wasn't something in a closet somewhere that could be used to control and, if necessary, destroy him as and when required

paul said...

It might be here:

Julians blog

Hard to pick a favourite entry, but I'm going to go for "Krill to the baleen of the feminine"

paul said...

I note his email address is at the rather spook ridden harvard university<

stefz said...

I'm inclined to concur with your selection

and it's interesting to see someone with a persona you'd expect to find in a Dan Brown novel writing in a similar style

stefz said...

Dan Brown would've written him into Yale

Sinclair said...

Of course, the Assange business provides full MSM fillup of the newz (helped along with an asprin today).

This stuff keeps other news off the scoreboard...

stefz said...

There's a lot of that sort of thing going on these days

still, it's only paper...

wv: ilastsit ???

Sinclair said...

If anyone in Ireland is planning to demonstrate, just drop a note to the BBC:

Are you in Ireland? Will you be affected by the budget cuts? Do you think the proposed cuts are necessary? What are you hoping to see in the budget? Will you take part in the planned demonstration? Send us your comments using the form below.

Anon 22:41 said...

re Assange&Wikileaks

Just like 9/11, no need to go into technical details and theories Loose Change style. Nothing will ever be materially proven, everything is deniable. You only have your inner conviction.

Groups or individuals with a good and operational violent/scare/scapegoat factor are hardly ever created from scratch. Weak ones are imprisoned or eliminated.
The Man/Secret Services/Reptilians always try to control existing ones by infiltrating and manipulating, or they would create competing movements of a more bombastic nature.

I could personally see the shift in Wikileaks after the publication of the helicopter shooting video "Collateral Murder". The tone was very militant, the video itself wasn't much different to many others released on YouTube, and nothing other than the video could be accessed. Soon after or concurrently, Assange went public.
Until then Wikileaks would coldly release documents with very little comment or opinion, and the whole archive was accessible.

re Cantona

His organized bank run was doomed to fail, as popular as it may have been, because internet crowd rarely take actual action.
Yet let's not underestimate the people's capacity to panic. The rumour of any shortage causes massive queues. Maybe this was just a trial (bank) run.

re Max Keiser&Alex Jones

I always thought these two were loud windbags. Alex Jones however seems to sincerely believe in is stuff.

Stef said...

@anon 22:41

Well quite. The only reason why people are talking about Assange is because he has been fully complicit with the mainstream media in turning the story into being about him rather than the information. This isn't something which was thrust upon him. It's a path he chose; leather jacket, shades and all

As for AJ, I also used to think he was sincere but he's come out with some right fucking pearls lately which have stretched that belief beyond breaking point

Wolfie said...

Not forgetting the comedy feminist angle. What I find interesting is that the "assault" charges were dismissed first time around but sprang back into life on the announcement of dirt on a major US bank (I wonder who that might be?).

The Underdoug said...

I have my doubts about Assange too (why would an organisation like wikileaks have a figurehead when all of its internet operations are run in a distributed, low profile fashion?). Therefore I propose the A-M-J (Abraham, Martin and John) test: based on the line "it seems the good die young".

If he is extradited to Sweden and then Sweden drops all charges and hands him over to the US, and if the US then executes him, then I might believe he wasn't a complete shill. The test is falliable in that it doesn't distinguish between NWO shills who have gone rogue and those raging against the NWO machine. One hopes that the test could evolve into an infalliable one for the good of civilisation.

paul said...

Whether you beleive in JA or not shouldn't really matter. The 'victim' of the leaks seems really rather undisturbed by the releases. The media sturm und drang recalls the wholly confected 'cleggmania' which supposedly gripped our nation last year.

gyges said...

"Wikileaks Reneges [on] Bradley Manning Promise

"Immediately following Bradley's arrest in late June 2010, the whistle-blower website Wikileaks publicly solicited donations specifically for Bradley's legal defense expenses. In July 2010, Wikileaks pledged to contribute a "substantial amount" towards Bradley's legal defense costs. Since Bradley's selection of David Coombs as his civilian defense attorney in August 2010, the Bradley Manning Support Network has unsuccessfully attempted to facilitate the pledged Wikileaks contribution. "

gyges said...

As for my thinking on Wikileaks ...

Chaff seeded with lies.

Ie, low level intel/gossip seeded with propaganda.

As a Bayesian, I reserve the right to change my opinion as more evidence emerges.

RoHS said...

Just do it!

The cm of Nike is always so cool.

gyg3s said...

Gloria Origgi makes some interesting points,

"Truth is not just an epistemic commodity: it is a human value."

There's a lot more in the article but she asks not to be quoted without permission. I don't know whether that applies to comments sections in blogs, so out of courtesy, I haven't quoted her at great length.

paul said...

'Chaff seeded with lies'

Fair enough,g, but there is plenty of interesting stuff.

eg this one

Though how many people are interested in or liberated by these disparate and rather esoteric infosnax I do not know.

Craggy said...

gyg3s: Wikileaks = "low level intel/gossip seeded with propaganda."

An excellent summing up imo.

anon 22:41 said...

The Wikileaks scandal has often been called "Diplomatic 9/11".

This headline alone should have made any conspiraloon prick up his/her ears.

Broadly speaking 9/11 enabled two wars and he advent of a near police state in most developed countries through unrestricted government surveillance and security measures.

The Cablegate hasn't enabled any war or diplomatic shift (or maybe not yet), but will eventually enable near total control over the internet space.

gyges said...


you're obviously a gentleman and a scholar.

gyges said...

Aalam Wassef writes,

"In an interview to the Belfast Telegraph, Julian Assange, WikiLeaks's founder, explains: "We don't verify our sources, we verify the documents. As long as they are bona fide it doesn't matter where they come from." And he concludes: "We would rather not know."

So, that's how they seed the chaff.

Wassef makes an interesting comparison with Watergate in his comments.

paul said...

ffs gyges,watergate was not what has become to be a 'gate'.

paul said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stef said...

"I responded on this site before about the wheat and the chaff problem, but my comment disappeard."

I think there's a good chance that comment has returned now.

Blogger has a fine new spam filtering feature which you cannot turn off, works retrospectively after a comment has appeared and is random, arbitrary and shite

Craggy said...

gyges said...


you're obviously a gentleman and a scholar.


stef said...

anon 22:41 said...

The Wikileaks scandal has often been called "Diplomatic 9/11"...

...The Cablegate hasn't enabled any war or diplomatic shift (or maybe not yet), but will eventually enable near total control over the internet space.

F W Engdahl certainly seems to think so

whether total control over the Internet is possible or not this Wikileaks business does have the air of a Fund Raiser about it

stefz said...


I've been pondering along similar lines to your A-M-J test as being a semi-reliable guide as to who was a good guy all along

But I've always been a little ambivalent about Lenon. Whilst I appreciate that Imagine is apparently the UK's favourite song and very fluffy and all that, I did try imagining a monocultural world and decided that it wasn't something I personally aspire to

otoh I recently saw this clip where Lenon didn't give the answer some of his fans might have expected and my appreciation of him rose a couple of notches