Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tories back in power! F***ing AWESOME!!


For reasons that aren't important right now, I find myself in a position where I have to choose between continuing to be an expat or returning home to the UK

Until a few days ago I was all set to click the button, buy the ticket and return back to Blighty. A decision my family and close friends were supportive of

And then something interesting happened

Quite a few of my friends and family have started suggesting that I hold my horses and think about hanging on for a bit, certainly until my right to return to somewhere a long way from the UK becomes unconditional

Some have pointed to the relatively high cost of living and dire economic prospects of the UK as a reason for staying away. Both of which are very fair points. From the point of view of anyone who isn't an oligarch, the UK fucked

A couple of other people though have cited the newly, er, 'elected' Conservative government as a primo reason for keeping the Hell away from Dodge


Personally, I think the Tories back in power is awesome news and the best conceivable outcome for the recent General Election

and the fact that the Tories have been forced into an unholy coalition with the Lib-Dems is just icing on the cake

It matters not a jot which figurehead is in charge of the supposed government. The Lords of Finance Capital controlled what went on in the UK before the General Election, and continue to do so after the General Election

What can change as the result of the election is people's perceptions of what is being done to them

I remember 20 years ago when a quarter of a million angry people tore up London in protest against a Community Charge which, in the scheme of things, was pretty much fuck all

And since then, with the noble exception of the protest against the invasion of Iraq, not a fucking squeak

Maybe, now that the Tories are nominally in charge, all those muppets who stood by all the ghastly things Nu Labour inflicted on the UK and world over the last 13 years might get off their arses and start opposing some of those ghastly things

Instead of supporting a political party on the basis that 'At least they're not the Tories' maybe it's about time a few more people defined their beliefs in terms of what they think is right and decent

because there ain't been much in the way of righteous and decency in the way the UK has been governed for a long, long time


edit: and hats off to the Daily Mash, it continues to be by far and away the best serious news channel in the United Kingdom..

"Meanwhile the prospect of a Labour-led 'progressive' coalition has been welcomed by thousands of limbless Iraqis, torture victims and people whose DNA is now kept on a database because they signed a petition in the post office about a new bypass.

Abdul Al-Kaleem, a former limb owner from Basra, said: "I admire the British Labour Party. They managed to progress my legs off very efficiently, while my Uncle Karim was progressed over a wide area.

"I remember being handed what was left of his chin and thinking 'yes, this is definitely progress'..."



Bridget said...

Stef back blogging! F***ing AWESOME!

Welcome back Stef, keep on blogging, the prospect of the slash & grab CON-DEMs is easier to bear knowing we'll have your voice amidst the mayhem. If we can't have you back here in person we'll know you are with us in spirit.

Kier said...

Personally, the excitement over there being about 30 minutes yesterday when we were technically in anarchy, will keep me going for months.*

Stef blogging again comes a close second, though.

*Please don't be tempted to disillusion me with reality; I know Malatesta wouldn't exactly have been jumping up and down!

Stef said...


You know it makes sense

rob said...

here is a good one.

PA Tax Amnesty TV ad We Know Who You Are


I agree with you WW… people have become so pussified that they’re all running around crying about some F-ing TV commercial from gov-co about coming after you for your back taxes… uhhh, yeah, duh! They’ve been coming after people for decades. If you think that’s new, or that it’s somehow “evil” because they put a fancy Mission-Impossible / Jason Bourne commercial on TV, then IMO you’re an idiot sheeple who is FAR too easily impacted by the F-ing television.

Here’s a suggestion, turn of your phucking TV and spend some time with your family.

I CHOOSE not to be terrorized by islamofascists, IRS goons, the gov-co or any other boogy man du-jour… all of which are fabricated or at least fostered by the govt as a means of psychological control. It doesn’t mean I stick my head in the sand, it means that I make reasonable preparations for me and my family and I get on with my life.

Fear mongers have been around forever, and always will be. Don’t let them ruin your short time on this planet.

dan said...

good to see you back blogging

Anonymous said...

Anarchy looks pretty good right about now, compared with a UK government that will inevitably turn wrong even if it starts with noble intentions. We're too far down the collectivist road to patch the current system...we need to start afresh.

Stef said...

of course, for anarchy to work a lot of people would have to learn to trust and like their neighbours again

or, for starters, even know who they are

Anonymous said...

Indeed, admittedly it's been a while since a good example of functioning anarchy (pre-industrial Irish associations come to mind). Wouldn't mind a constitutional republic either.

As for neighbours, depends how you count them. I live in a flat with no less than five others structurally adjoining mine. Haven't met all of the occupants yet. No, not in Lambeth, fortunately

Parabellum said...

Four Lions Trailer

numeral said...

As an official member of the Baroness Pauline Neville-Jones fanclub, your heart will doubtless gladden at the news that she has become Security Minister at the Home Office.

Stef said...

as Lord P. would have said, plus ca change...

Neil said...

They really are using the phrase 'common purpose' with alarming regularity. I wonder how long ago this was all planned?