Sunday, May 23, 2010

Free Range Livestock


Anonymous said...

If only statism was dead. Not to mention the renewed sabre-rattling\threats towards Iran, a country that hasn't attacked anyone in decades. Not to mention the interference by western intelligence agencies, sanctions, the 80s war backed by the west which saw gas used on Iranians...

I argued the point of growing your own food with some "professionals" and was told that it would lead to a population boom and increased work hours. Hahahahahahaha... love your slavery, peons.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Stef!

Viewing civilization/states as a purely commercial enterprise seems to be exactly where a lot of people who are questioning 'reality' are arriving at.
Indeed apparently on the legal side, people like John Harris <- well recommend this vid, has that bloke who films the police in it as a bonus!) are raising awareness of the fundamental corporate nature of countries/states, and how it applies to legal corporations created via birth certs etc... which commercial corporate statutes can be applied to.

Others like
The Informer in the US ( and Mary Croft have done similar work which they have applied themselves.
It seems that 'money' (corporate book-keeping ledgers in reality) anymore is ultimately created from our signatures, and its our future labor which is really the collateral behind it.

Stef said...

cheers for the links, I'll be grazing on them shortly

and, yes, a lot of seekers are arriving at similar conclusions which do seem to echo, at least in part, conclusions that were already on the table 150 years ago or more...

"As the state arose from the need to keep class antagonisms in check, but also arose in the thick of the fight between the classes, it is normally the state of the most powerful, economically ruling class, which by its means becomes also the politically ruling class, and so acquires new means of holding down and exploiting the oppressed class. The ancient state was, above all, the state of the slave-owners for holding down the slaves, just as the feudal state was the organ of the nobility for holding down the peasant serfs and bondsmen, and the modern representative state is the instrument for exploiting wage-labor by capital."

I'm kind of hoping that this time around that people come up with better, non statist, solutions off the back of those conclusions

Stef said...

@anon #1

With you 100%

and doing whatever you can to supplement your own food consumption is another one of those conclusions that seekers are arriving at

it makes sense on so many levels it's hard to empathise with people who don't get it

love your slavery, damn right...