Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Jim Rogers: Cash is King


not anonymous said...

Jim Rogers.Good common sense stuff.

the Dow and the Nasdaq rose 11% yesterday,The mother of all dead cat bounces??

not anonymous said...

every time I click on a financial webpage I get some fucker smiling back at me.

Global markets rally ahead of $250bn US rescue package!!


paul said...

Please Jim, tell me comforting lies, I dont want the truth. :p

lwtc247 said...

I know you allow this commentator t bend your ear Stef.

Rescue for the Few, Debt Slavery for the Many


lwtc247 said...

Sorry Mr. Rogers, I don't understand.

How can everything be liquidated?

Is there no purchaser of the 'liquidated' asset?

Are you perhaps just looking at it from the point of view of a speculator? I don't see many Joe soaps liquidating?

If there is a purchaser, then arn't we just a transfer of cash?

And who is supplying the cash/who's doing the buying? What happened to liquidity problems Mr. Rogers.

Please Mr. Rogers I don't understand.

not anonymous said...

the smooth prick in the suit didn´t get the answers he wanted to hear.

Anonymous said...

longer interview with Jim Rogers


ziz said...

Bloomberg's ecellent ringside coverage of the whole ghastly Bonfire of the Vanities is riveting.

Mr Rogers from the safety of Singapore talks a goodeal of sense he has 10% equities, the rest in US Treasuries.

Sound man Mr R.

Please note the rise and rise of ms bair at FDIC who keeps popping up as here empire and influence grows in the Wall Street firepit.

Stef said...

Mr Rogers from the safety of Singapore talks a goodeal of sense

...with a hokey Southern accent

Jim is clearly an uncomplicated Southern gent who enjoys the simple things in life - cornbread in the morning, catfish in the evening and becoming Death, Destroyer of Worlds through playing his part in the allocation of scarce finance capital in between

You wouldn't think that he was talking about the prospect of people starving and freezing to death at any point in that clip

The psychology of him appearing on television to tell us how we're all going to get BF'ed interests me

He clearly doesn't expect his commentary to change anything

He can't be doing it for the money

I think he just gets off on it for its own sake

not anonymous said...

well I suppose being that rich gives him a totally different perspective on things,a sort of aloof detachment.
It is of course a historical fact that multitudes of people face severe hardship at times.Europe AND THE US have had it relatively easy since ww2 whilst the rest of the world struggled.
Nature from time to time wipes out 10,000 of thousands with out even the bat of an eye,,I suppose chaps like Jim Rogers just look at the rise and fall of the financial markets as a natural healthy function and its up to each individual to be ready to cope with downturns,,,for example don´t get into debt,save etc etc.

Thats not factoring in of course the corrupt nature of the entire monetary system.It seems to me that the banking system is so fucked up like no other time in history.
A country who can let its government murder nearly 3000 of its own citizens and do nothing deserve all they get,I hope the lesson is severe and prolonged.
The US is fucked pure and simple.
Rogers it seems has got the fuck out.Wise man.

Stef said...

yup, that's how I reckon he's wired too

not anonymous said...

Money and the Crisis of Civilization
Charles Eisenstein

worth a read.


lwtc247 said...

Mr. Rogers in the 'still', looks remarkably like Jim Fetzer who’s been blasted by an energy beam from space.

As for Keiser/Chomsky, the streaming paused just at a superb moment. Max spent some time formulating a statement for Chomsky to comment on and Just after Chomsky (woke up from his slumber and) said ‘sorry I didn't hear that’, a picture of a frozen Max with an incredibly perplexed look on his face radiated for my screen for a number of seconds.


Stef said...

worth a read

yes it was, thx

lwtc247 said...

Well, either Fetzer or the Sherrif in Live and Let Die.

Stef said...

In case anyone missed this...

The Job

not anonymous said...

anyways how are things doing in Opium land???not so good not so good

Reversal of fortune leaves Kabul under Taliban's thumb

Anonymous said...

the BBC are going into overdrive now,,just listening to radio 4 and some religious nut telling us now how greedy we all are,,yes we are all greedy which has gotten us all into this mess,,,go wash your fuckin hands you greedy cretin,,,unemployment is rising at 1000 a week the bbc told me,,hard times like we aint had in a long time are a comin,,wait for the son of the return of Bird flu,,,any day now maybe the odd stray asteroid is going to collide soon.We are all doomed.No doubt about it,head for the hills,,,not to mention 2012 is approaching(the mayan calender ends then)then the fireworks will really start to fly.the skys will spit asunder and the big yins finger is going to flick this shitty little planet like a subuteo football into the center of the sun where we will all fry,,,and rightly so.

Goodnight folks.

Anonymous said...

Tent cities spring up in LA
not be long till they start springing up in and around the UK.

Stef said...

Goodnight folks

I was watching a group of rabbits doing their thing on the edge of a local wood late this afternoon

A voice in my portable wireless set told me that the FTSE was down 7% on the day

The rabbits didn't seem to give a shit

Bridget Dunne said...

Anon: "Tent cities spring up in LA
not be long till they start springing up in and around the UK."

Time to start getting out the old Squatters Rights handbooks then!

Polish decorators down tools and claim squatters rights in banker's flat

Stef said...

Funnily enough I was walking along the North Circular with a chum only last week

Didn't seem to be no housing shortage there

Adam said...

Jim Rogers going be gloating a little bit. After all, the famed investor has been predicting a recession in the U.S. economy for months and shorting the shares of now-tanking Wall Street investment banks for even longer.


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