Sunday, October 12, 2008

C4 News losing it?

This, somewhat unusually phrased, subscribers' email plonked into my inbox from Channel 4 News this evening at about 7.30pm...

"Greetings all – Alex Thomson Tomomailing here…

They said it would get worse…they said right. Talk tonight of the need for the government to impose exchange controls, given the dire straits we are all now in. And the likelihood now that at least another two banks will be part-nationalised on Monday or thereabouts.

As international capitalism continues to eat itself, we can take some comfort from the hope – surely more than a hope – that at least the further controls of governments upon banks mean more of the overpaid clowns who got us into this mess will lose their jobs – let alone their bonuses – at said banks.

With unemployment likely, nay certain, to begin spiking up seriously, at least some of the banking fat cats may join the other victims in the dole queue.

Sorry if I appear angry.

No, on second thoughts I’m not sorry at all. As no taxpayer should be."

Exchange controls?! WTF!!?

Naturally, I tried to open up the C4 News webpage and was greeted with this little number...

The page is back on-line now but of 'talk of exchange controls' I can see no mention

Or in any other news bulletin as far as I can tell

Will Hutton was dropping some hints earlier on today though

Tomorrow could be very nasty indeed...



Anonymous said...

There's a lot of rumours going about as to be expected. Also some suggestion that they may suspend trading in bank shares so everyone can 'take stock'.

I think we'll get a bounce in the FTSE tomorrow, but it won't last long. The trend is your friend and the trend is down!

Stef said...

if there's one thing that would catapult the UK economy into instant 3rd world status it's the fear that the government is contemplating currency controls

money would pour out and the pound would die on its arse

not the best of prospects for a net importer reliant on financial services

I would really love to know who's winding up television journalists with the suggestion

anon 22:41 said...

Looks to me like C4 got hacked.

Anonymous said...

Can you verify the sender?

Stef said...

The mail came from C4 alright

All forgotten now but I do wonder what kind of pressures mainstream journalists were put under this weekend to ensure they towed the line in talking the latest rescue package up

Stef said...

Alex Thomson is no doubt now undergoing some form of re-education process after yesterday's unfortunate outburst

Anonymous said...

3 points to make about the deal -

1- The issue for the bankers is how much and what form their bonuses now take, not whether they go to jail for fraud and theft
2 - We bought the RBS shares at 65p. They're now worth 61p so we've already lost on the deal
3 - One condition of the deal is that RBS and HBOS must return lending to 2007 levels (!)

They've not learnt anything have they? Can they really be that stupid to try and rtecreate the conditions that caused the mess in the first place?

Stef said...

Not stupid


Stef said...

If some bastard owns your home, can put you out of work with the flick of a switch, can freely dip into your pockets as and when it suits him and has arranged affairs such that the full armed force of the military, police and government are on his side who's the stupid one?

not anonymous said...

pathetic innit.

all is rosy in the financial garden

old rbs is not looking good despite all that cash being injected.

Stef said...

Anyone watching Robert ''He is become pure news' Peston yesterday must have noticed how stressed out and drawn he was looking

He's been on the receiving end of a fair old bit of stick recently for breaking the story that our banks were telling government that they were about to stop working

The Fate of the Nation was truly in his expressive hands

And I think it's likely that a quiet word was had with all key UK news anchors over the weekend not to repeat Pesto's performance

US congressmen were warned that failure to back Paulson's bailout would have catastrophic consequences and probably result in a declaration of martial law

Judging by Thomson's outburst yesterday, my guess is that UK news anchors were warned that failure to back the UK bid and wax lyrical about the government plan would have equally catastrophic consequences

One thing I am sure about is that there's a major disconnect between Thomson's email, timed at 5.45pm, and his appearance on C4 News later that night when he did a very good impression of someone who wasn't fucked off with anything at all

I am also sure that the mainstream coverage of the 'recovery' this morning was so sycophantic as to be nauseating

Stef said...

You've got to admit that announcing banks will be instructed to act less recklessly, whilst at the same 'forcing' them to ramp up their lending back up to peak boom levels is sheer fucking genius

paul said...

Amazing what you can do with the odd half trillion here and there.
I can see the banksters calling round more often.

Stef said...

there again

maybe Tomo got off lightly