Monday, October 13, 2008

It's OFFICIAL!!! Banking crisis over!!

and remember, from here on, we have nothing to fear but Fear itself


... and fear of Global Terror, obviously

...and fear of Global Warming, that's pretty scary

...and, yes, well, the threat of Global Economic Meltdown hasn't really gone away

...and, remember, Global Problems call for Global Solutions

...and a Global Coalition of Governments that will employ whatever means are necessary to ensure Global Stability

Global Famine and Global Pestilence will be popping round shortly



ziz said...

Why oh Why oh Why can't people be happy ? ..."the Government has taken decisive and extraordinary action to support the banking system during this period of exceptional financial turbulence, and to strengthen the system for the future as markets stabilise."

...and that's official !

Regrettably the picture you use of the pretty lady evidently wetting her pants and looking at a screen was replaced as I watched by another picture with a tag that said "Happier Wall Street traders" as both the NYSE and NASDAQ opened higher.

Will find it for you - for some reason 2 very cheerful chaps are waving US flags.

It seems to me to be a goodidea (sic) to merge all the Banks into one which would work really, really well with a national ID card and then no-one would steal my money then.

I would feel safer.

Therefore a lot happier.

My children would be safe.

Therefore my children would be happier.

Stef said...

I'm feeling so safe, and happy, I think I just shat myself

paul said...

So how long do you give it? I see 4 or 5 full days of uninterrupted growth in confidence.
What price can you put on the feel good factor?

Stef said...

oh at least, maybe even as many as six or seven

price wise, I'd say feel good has got to be worth at least 30 or 40 billion pounds a day

remember, they're not worth as much as they used to be

not anonymous said...

Jörg Haider Banken Mafia in a show apparently a few weeks before his "accident"

I´ll get an exact translation from of what he was saying a bit later

Jörg Haider Banken Mafia in a show apparently a few weeks before his "accident"

not anonymous said...

just in case the good folks of the US get too pissed at then banking scam.

just in case the good folks of the US get too pissed at then banking scam.

ok ol Jörg was saying that all the banks ALL the banks were Mafia,,kinda obvious .

Stef said...

"...what we need is the protection before these ruinous (financial) products. Because the banks are a single gigantic mafia, which has poisoned the whole world with these products. By transporting all that, so to say, out from America, and today nobody want to be responsible.

The whole thing will be delivered onto the little man, because he will loose jobs, he will loose also income."

Stef said...

Good old Pravda writes...

America's bedraggled, debt slave consumers are about to reap the final whirlwind which will finally unwind what is left of their consumer materialist society. This final shoe will come in the form of the cheaply made and cheap priced and often poisonous Chinese consumer goods. It is these very goods that not only have stuffed American households in a gluttony of soulless, Christless consumerism but have equally driven those same mindless consumers out of their middle class manufacturing jobs and into the lower class that make up the vast vast masses of service sector jobs...