Thursday, March 31, 2005

It's your heritage

A couple of oldish articles about photo taking in London

They go some way to explaining what those new 'Heritage Wardens' who have started springing up around town are all about - they're about b*llshit jobs, a little bit more fascism in our daily lives and yet another spiffing way to extort money off Joe Public under the guise of law enforcement. Whatever law enforcement means these days.

What really twists the knife home is just how many of these newly appointed street gauleiters who are so busy hassling and fining us; parking attendants, security guards, CCTV operators, heritage wardens and all the rest, are recent arrivals into this country who sometimes can barely speak English. Are these the desperate skills shortages that we are told need filling with migration?

The migration thing isn't the real issue though. It's about state encroachment and control into areas that don't need it. It's about using the law to tap people for cash. It's about criminalising and manipulation of an entire population. Heritage Wardens and their japes are just a small example of a wider, and growing malaise.

Why on Earth are so few people wise to what's been going on around us these last four or five years? Are people in this country that weighed-down with their daily grind, or that stupid? You know what, I think they are. Jesus ...

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