Monday, November 08, 2004

Stef Joins First Earth Battalion

Extract from First Earth Battalion Training Manual
Synchronicity is a very strange, and real, thing.
A few days ago I was pontificating about whether to visit Kensal Green Cemetery for a photography session that morning when I turned on the TV and saw a documentary about the history of Kensal Green Cemetery.
A few days later I was explaining to Tracy, and later blogged, the idea that if US forces were really Christian they would march, unarmed towards their enemies with signs of peace rather than with weapons. The next day both of us watched a show about a US Lt Colonel called Jim Channon who had written a paper for the US Army advocating training of pychic warriors, The First Earth Battalion, who would go into battle armed only with love and peaceful music, carrying symbolic flowers and lambs rather than conventional weapons.
Clearly, being unemployed and contemplating the Universe is developing my precog powers to an awesome degree. Stay tuned for blogs on horse racing and roulette strategy.
One of the great things about Jim Channon's vision is that he maintains anybody who has been touched by the First Earth Battalion concept is a member of the Battalion. Synchronicity reared its head once more as I realised that I had all the necessary equipment right with me in the flat. I asked Tracy to photograph me in my new uniform ...

Unfortunately, this was hurried as Tracy was late for work - so apologies for the less than usual quality of the photography. Tracy asked me if I felt any better with my new helmet on and I had to confess that yes, yes I did. A little later I found that I could hold my new helmet in place by means of an army-surplus net scarf tied through the handles. Even if I say so myself the final look was fantastic.

The TV program was fascinating and featured:

  • Special forces green beret killers worrying hamsters in cages by force of will alone
  • Soldiers training to sense plant auras
  • The former head of US Army Intelligence talking about how he used to try and walk through walls

Channon's thoughts included snippets like:

... Mother Earth… my life support system… as a soldier… I must drink your blue water… live inside your red clay and eat your green skin ...

... Soldiers are in the business of life and death. As a leader during war, I must know that if my soldiers are to die… that it's for the right reasons. When at peace they deserve nothing less than a chance of personal evolution ...

... Soldiers can be a real part of the evolution of this Earth. Anything less… is just something less ...

... When our Earth Battalion people become families and we hope they will, they will then leave the attack battalions and go to the nuclear release sites of each nation with a nuclear strike capability. In this way they will be a clear and present reminder of what exists at the other end of a button ...

... The Universe yields wonderful energies for those who rise above physical mechanics. The Earth Battalion will practice non-denominational techniques for spiritual bonding ...

First Earth Battalion Troops would go into battle armed, not with conventional weapons but with symbols of love; flowers, sheep, soothing music. Combat units would split into two alternating groups; one group would carry out 'offensive' operations whilst the second group prepared itself through meditation and consumption of herb tea.

Bizarrely, the US Military lapped this stuff up and carried out a range of trials and experiments based on Channon's ideas. The end result is that the US Military has adopted techniques that are the exact OPPOSITE of Channon's ideas. Hence the use of jarring music and degradation to break prisoner's Kama in places like Abu Graib and non-lethal weapons systems designed to work on Shiatsu points.

I so want to be a First Earth Battalion Psychic Warrior.

I've set up a page with links to mirrors of Channon's papers and the First Earth Battalion Training Manual here


Anonymous said...

the link's down. the man is watching!

Stef said...

the man is always watching

Anonymous said...

are you still a member? sorry to see the links are down.

so do you think the predator is necessary to keep peace if the baby lambs don't work?

it was hard to track down but I finally found it. I'm all for peace, but I'd rather bonk someone on the head than spray them with mace if they attack me! has the predators. Maybe you can get one and add it to your FEB uniform...

animal said...

Just found out about First Earth Battalion after watching "Men Who Stare at Goats" and found this page on your site.

Your quote about synchronicity is quite accurate.

It's comforting to know there are others out there.