Saturday, November 06, 2004

RE: Help My Father Was A victim of Madrid Bomb Blast

Cure for all life's ills, Durban
Yes, as mentioned in an earlier post, the 419 scam is back with a vengeance; bolder and brasher than ever before.
This one is corker ...
>Attention the Owner;
>From; Mr David Attah jr
>Topic; Notification Letter on Investment and
>Establishment Programme;
>With regard to my need for an overseas partner to be
>trusted in confidence I crave your indulgence as i
>contact you in such a surprising manner.
>I am a Liberian Citizen my name is Mr David Attah jr
>25 years old first son of the former Mayor of
>Morovia(Liberia)(Mayor Chief David Attah
>who died in the recent bomb blast in Madrid Spain.
>After his death My Mother called me and told me that
>My Father deposited the sum of
>US$22.5M cash with a Security Company in Spain from
>part of the money he made from
>Mineral rich , Liberian'Exports i.e sales of Diamond,
>Gold, Copper and Iron Ore When he was in power as
>the Mayor of Morovia Liberia for 10 years
>The money has been
>kept in a secret vault with a Security Company(
>K.C. Financial Security Company in Spain in a
>suspence account
>i believe in working in confident co-operation with
>you,To consolidate your effort to assist me on my
>business proposal you can confidently make your
>reference from the News Times International of march
>2004 edition or CNN NEWS for your perusal.
>In line with the closed door meeting held with the
>board of directors of the Security Company and my
>mother The
>Security Company has promised to assist me to move the
>packaged consignment diplomatically through a
>trustworthy foreign partner who shall be prepared to
>receive the delivery of the packaged consignment on my
>behalf on arrival.
>I am soliciting for your assistance as an honest,
>gentle and trustworthy foreign partner to kindly
>assist me claim the money on my behalf from the
>Security Company on arrival. you shall be entitled to
>15% of the total amount for your assistance,5% shall
>be earmarked for all expenses incurred during the
>process of this transaction while the remaining 80%
>shall be invested or any profitable
>business ventures in your Country, with you as my
>foreign partner, I shall furnish you more details
>relating to the progressive movement of the cash
>package consignment to be scheduled in your favour by
>the security Company.
>As this transaction is highly confidencial in nature,
>you should enclose your private e-mailaddress and fax
>numbers for easy communication regarding the
>importance of this transaction to me as my only hope
>in life. this is because i would like to reside and
>settle in your Country. you should communicate to me
>through my private e-mail address
> or
>Most importantly, acknowledge
>receipt to this proposal.
>Best regards,
>Mr David Attah

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