Sunday, June 28, 2009

Well, it could have happened...

Went to see the All Blacks play Italy last night

The high point of the night happened before the match actually started, when spectators were treated to an authentic and fascinating exploration of what might have happened if the Romans had ever invaded New Zealand...

The Italians lost 27-6

Next time, I suggest the visitors bring plenty of infected blankets and fire water



gyges said...

Meanwhile in Blighty, some conspiraloonery from John Redwood,

"Yesterday I attended a rather grand seminar in Oxford, to discuss the current state of world politics. It was a curious experience. Most people talked in soundbites from long gone spin doctors, or in media hype.


When I had a go, I felt like a fox in the duck coop, dealing with so many canards. The replies were predictable:

Obama - carrying on detention without trial at Guantanamo - “He wants to close it down but it is difficult”
Obama - creating new prisons in Afhghanistan to extend detention without trial - no answer
Obama - intensifying the war in Afghanistan, so US troops are still killing Arabs — “His speech showed he wishes to get on well with the Muslim world”
Obama - promised to save the motor industry - and the planet from climate change - is doing neither - answer “He is doing his best ”

paul said...

Rather unfortunate choice of words from the sub-editors

Stef said...


an outstanding choice of words imho

Richard Dawkins now performs the finest parodies of Richard Dawkins on the planet

and his clear-sighted, rational and open-minded followers are dab hands at making themselves look like tools, without any external assistance, also

as one adoring commentator wrote underneath that piece...

"Religion is the source of all conflict on this earth. Anything exposing the lies and corruption is a good thing.

Lauren, London, UK"

The Overlords of Finance Capital must whack off every time they see shite like that parroted

Stef said...


the virus is spreading


Stef said...

edit: the buggers pulled the page I linked to above

now that's what I'm talking about

Anonymous said...

27-6, not a bad result, considering it was in NZ.
And oh man, that Dawkins article was both depressing and hilarious at the same time.

Anonymous said...

My sister was at that match

Stef said...

my commiserations go out to your sister

not only was she witness to the worst All Blacks performance in living memory there's also a good chance that she left the stadium with early symptoms of hyperthermia

It's been feckin' cold down here for months

though, obviously, as it's been colder as opposed to warmer than usual this is an example of weather, not climate, and is therefore insignificant in the context of the global warming debate