Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Let's play 7/7 Conspiracy Files BBC Bullshit Bingo!!

courtesy of The Antagonist

edit: and the scores on the doors are...

AFAIC the BBC is complicit in deliberately obscuring legitimate questions about an act of mass murder

It's no fucking joke



Edo said...


You'll have to do a follow up with the red splodges from those markers they use in the bingo halls. Have you seen them? Like fucking toilet rolls they are.


Parabellum said...

What? No orbital particle beam cannon? I am seriously disappointed.

CAPTCHA: mentro

Anti_NWO said...

LOL, good stuff.

Stef said...

looks like it's going to be a full house

Anonymous said...

My card has "Israyhell?" on it. So I'll not be winning.

Anonymous said...

"The video...picked up by some Muslims in the UK as evidence that the official account of what happened that day is untrue." - Really? And those muslims are who exactly?

"much of the evidence, such as CCTV and photographs, only came out slowly afterwards." - huh? Have I missed something???

"Muad Dib's conspiracy video has been picked up and held up as truth." - Crickey! I MUST have been on mars or pluto, cos this is sure newz to me.

"asked the congregation to raise their hands if they did not accept the government version - nearly the entire gathering did." - Call me an olf fish, but how does that mean RE is taken as truth.

"But Peter Power, a former Scotland Yard police officer," - Now operating from a mail drop in London, was suspended in 1993 from Dorset Police force and ran, shaking, from a "We Are Change" Interview ambush and was involved with a number of other disasters, made a statement he was working for a company that he and the government have not names of...

"Muad Dib's website reveals he believes he is the Messiah..." -which people like the we, the BBC, are going to use to bury everything JH says, simply because these two separat and usual ideas don't fall within our person bounds of what people can think, however wrong...

"Alex Jones, who runs an internet site and a US radio show devoted to conspiracy theories," {Ed: Actually Alex overwhelmingly uses documented facts including scandalous government documents, and at personal risk to his own life, engaged in undercover undertaking investigative of Bohemian Grove - a retreat in Western United States where leading US politicians and presidents engage in rituals like owl worshiping and mock sacrifices"...

"there is concern that conspiracy theories are divisive and could alienate Muslims from the authorities." - not to mention the governments CT

The former Metropolitan Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Brian Paddick, says action is needed to prevent further atrocities." - but in pandering to the govts CT, the 'action' didn't include leaving a murderous foreign policy.

"Hopefully there will be people in the police service, the security service and in government who will realise how important conspiracy theories are. And how important it is… that every attempt is made to try and counteract them." - Ooooooh! watch out Conspiracy EXAMINERS! Do you like porridge?

"If people in mosques think that the government is so antagonistic towards them that they're actually willing to frame them for a monstrous crime they didn't commit, what does that do to levels of trust?" - noting really seeing as that trust was eroded by Desert storm, approx 12 years of hideous sanctions based on lies about dual-use medicines and watter pipes etc, killing up to 500,000 kids - a price worth paying according to Ms. Albright, and then more lies about 45 minutes WMD and Saddam exploding nuclear bombs. But Ms. North or our correspondent Gwynne Roberts.

Stef said...


I refer you to our earlier conversations about 7/7 RE

I'm not at all surprised at how this little exercise in staged farce played out

In all honesty, are you?

And do you have a better understanding of where I, and others, have been coming from?

There's how it should be and there's how it is

We have to be at least as smart, and pragmatic, as the people who would fuck us all over

Stef said...

The people who would fuck us all over are actually not that smart, or capable of original thought, at all

Hence, the Bullshit Bingo scorecard

The problem is that an awful lot of Troofers fall for the same old shit time and time again and appear to check their brains into the cloakroom when they come to the party

Stef said...

and here's another question for you

Where would the BBC have been without 7/7 Ripple Effect and Lord Muad'dib's and Dr Nick's comedy antics?

A film and series of comedy antics which reared their head shortly after the BBC started its 7/7 Conspiracy Files production

What could they have shown?

paul said...

A crimewatch style reconstruction of the ON?

lwtc248 said...

"In all honesty, are you?" - No, just didn't want the BBC lobbox to go unanswered. Thought of doing a post about it myself but you got there first :)

"And do you have a better understanding of where I, and others, have been coming from? - I always understood your position Stef and that of other highly respected loons, just some bits of various bits n bobs here n there I thought could have taken a different and IMHO better line, that all.

"We have to be at least as smart, and pragmatic, as the people who would fuck us all over" - agreed. I got the feeling from the BBC that they were fatigued in writing this crap... they didn't even try and provide some lubricant to slip us all into the land of lobboxarnia. Maybe their sleep deprivation is getting as intense as mine?

There is a coffee that is brewed from beans pulled out of wolf shit or something. The covering of shit can sometimes hide something valuable. (Then again most shit is just exactly that).

I never for once second doubted the BBc would use what ever was available to try and stop people asking hard hitting Q's, my growing library of reports in which the BBC pretends to offer 'journalism' would agree.

The timing like Atta's passport does tell it's own story.

Here's a Q....
The the dust(i.e. shit) of the BBC fals why don't J7T produce or even commission a J7 documentary (with full editorial control of course) If MD did it so ca J7T. I ask because I believe the 4000 signatures indicates the web is only exposing J7T's info to small numbers - those who can read and read about things that actually matter to peoples lives.

Or do a Mind the Gap II/update etc?

Has J7T ssessed tactics and progress towards the goal of full independent(!) public enquiry?

I'd be willing to finacially contribute to them doing a video documentary.

Anti_NWO said...

The question is, how many people believed the BBC's smear job?

paul said...

I especially liked the "there is compelling evidence these 4 men did it" part which neglected to actually show the compelling evidence, just trust them that it exists.
I noticed Bruce Lait got a passing mention, I doubt what he said was mentioned though, ie the strange lack of allah akbar shouting multiple ID throwing bag wearing jihadist at the pushed upward blast zone.

face it said...

Alex Jones if one of the filthiest shills out there.

Antipholus Papps said...

The question is, how many people believed the BBC's smear job?

Given that the BBC's output increasingly resembles a witless episode of Brass Eye, hopefully less and less!

Stef said...

Brass Eye is, of course, a lot funnier

Stef said...


I appreciate that you did understand where we where coming from. My question was just one of degree

I believe that J7 has considered putting a documentary together in the past but decided to put it on hold. I can't recall the exact reasons but I will ask

It is worth remembering that there is another film out there - Ludicrous Diversion - which many members of J7 were OK with

I had some issues with LD, but they were quite subtle and nothing like the alarm I felt when watching 7/7 Ripple Effect

I haven't actually seen 7/7 Conspiracy Files yet but I'm guessing Ludicrous Diversion didn't get a mention

I would also guess that traffic on J7 is up today and visitors will note that J7 stuck its fingers up at Lord Muad'dib, Dr Nick and the BBC long ago - which afaic endorses J7's approach when dealing with these shills and useful idiots

jon doy™ said...

it's not all bad, those cunts at the bbc actually finally released Time Trumpet

in almost completely intact condition

apologies for the language

jon doy™ said...

nothing to add, but the word verification is faequ

which is sort of my attitude to the BeeBtelesCreen

Stef said...

as someone said to me in another place, it's strange to think that this is the same BBC which was once capable of producing documentaries such as the one which exposed the workings of Operation Gladio.

though, given the fate of its producer, maybe not that strange

Anti_NWO said...

Was he even working for the BBC?

As for his death...well, lets just say it wouldn't surprise me if an American intelligence agency was responsible.

Anonymous said...

Comedy Gold from a Kentucky Fried Movie sketch: 'Scott Free' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7e3RK_xSvc

bz said...

It's the oirish
It's the oirish
It's the oirish
It's the Mooslems
It's the Mooslems
It's the Mooslems

only now they can't even manage/be arsed to frame the fuckers properly...

Stef said...

definitely the Mooslems

Anti_NWO said...

@ bz:

Lol. Yeah, I brought that up, the whole 70s\80s shebang with internment and so on. People just said the IRA were mostly Irish Catholic terrorists and that was that. *sigh*