Monday, November 28, 2005


OK, I took a pop at the 9/11 hologram theory a couple of posts ago and didn’t post a link to a page that explains the hologram theory. I’ll redress that omission right now…

What is the Hologram Theory?

Do I think holograms were employed on the day? No.

Do I think that the use of holograms was absolutely impossible? No.

Do I stand by citing hologram talk as an example of the kind of chatter and plurality on the Internet that can end up confusing the average Joe when surfing the Internet for alternative news and opinion? Yes

Competing conspiracy theories are like organised religions. At the very best, only one of them can be correct.

So, for example, some 911 theorists support the hologram theory. Others believe that the airliners were hijacked remotely and guided into the towers using ‘Global Hawk’ technology. At least one of those groups is flat wrong and peddaling misinformation. Whether they are doing this sincerely or maliciously is kind of academic.

That’s why I personally prefer discussing and contemplating unanswered questions rather than formulating or supporting alternate explanations.

And I admit it, that makes me a pussy


de said...

One thing missing from the "MIT science bit" are the words "based on avaliable data".

i.e. "The visible flying craft cuts six floors which is impossible.. based on available data".

And you may imagine that data for passenger aircraft flying into very tall buildings is scarce. And you would be right.

Pete Ashton said...

OMG! The Twin Towers were destroyed by JPEG artifacts!!!11!1!!


Stef said...

Nice one ;)

sid vicious said...

Bovine Gas versus Holograms ;->

Daniel said...

What cretin in their right mind can create a 'credible' thesis seriously to support this incredulous and fanciful bullshit.

The mind boggles at some people's capacity for self deception, bullshitting and or black 'humour'! The wonders of the internet... ;)

Cocaine Jesus said...

hmmmm, a pussy? probably not.