Sunday, November 27, 2005

A couple of links

I’m a serious connoisseur of the New World Order conspiracy thing and looking forward to the embarrassed silence when American militia types, anti globalisation campaigners, genuine environmentalists, civil liberties protestors and all the other deliberately fractured and manipulated activist groups out there realise that they have all essentially believed the same things all along.

That’ll be a laugh.

One of the exciting developments we can look forward to in the meantime is increasing scarcity, genuine and manufactured, of all sorts of things; fuel, personal freedom, water, decent jobs that pay a living wage, this year’s must have Christmas present, life saving vaccines, stuff like that.

With that in mind, I find stories of people fighting each other for shit that they really don’t need quite entertaining and a handy pointer towards what life will be like for most of us in the not too distant future. This video clip of people stamping on each other in a Walmart in Michigan is a fairly amusing example of the genre.


And whilst I’m posting links, how about this story in the Washington Post that talks about ‘Post Traumatic Personal Growth’ experienced by soldiers returning from combat in Iraq – and there was I thinking that seeing babies burned alive and having your own legs blown off wouldn’t have an up side.

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SquirrleyMojo said...

I [heart] the "deliberately fractured and manipulated activist groups"!