Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Blog Cross Plug

Came across this blog through a comment made on my recent climate change post

Global Warming is Good

A contrary weblog that argues against the dangers of climate change, that contends that global warming is not essentially a man-made phenomenon nor can it be significantly modified by man. Many scientists are afraid to speak out against the global warming culture, possibly because they may lose funding, possibly because they are not able to get the word out through a biassed media. So it is up to sites like this to get out the word.

Nicely put


While am at plugging other blogs here’s another that I picked up on by way of comment to one of my previous posts

Robert Sharp’s Blog

anyone who links to one of my posts is alright in my book ;)


Robert said...

Thank's Stef, keep up the good work!

Apprentice said...

Yeah, I liked this:

I know that you believe
you understood
what you think I said,


I am not sure
you realise that
what you heard is
not what I meant.

David said...

Bloody well done Stef, as Charlie Wolf said, what is the 'correct' climate for the world anyway? I even read the sea level's rising from 0.04'' a year to, wait for it, 0.08'' a year! Blimey, I'm heading for the high ground right away!
Personally suffering a week of frost it can't come too soon for me, sadly I'll be about 150 before the predicted results kick in properly...