Friday, June 03, 2005

Things that have made me laugh over the last day or two

Portable Tree, Pimlico

Something that made me laugh in a kind of nervous, worried sort of way #1

The Portable Disciplinary Mat

A tool that can assist in TEACHING CHILDREN TO SHARE

Something that made me laugh in a kind of nervous, worried sort of way #2

A gallery of pictures taken at a 60th anniversary re-enactment of the battle of Iwo Jima. Flamethrowers and all. Though it’s not immediately clear how the flacid, tubby office workers playing at soldiers decided who was going to stand in for the Japanese being roasted in the caves.

So few people are signing up for the real US military at the moment that someone in the Pentagon with a sense of humour might get round to drafting these guys into a real war. Now that would be funny.

Top comment from Noel on that particular album

"As you all know our next "outing" will be a faithful re enactment of our brave boys of Charlie Company at My Lai. So I want every one to bring along their families so they can join in"

I wonder if lonely sadsters will be re-enacting the current fighting in Iraq in 60 years time. Probably not.

Something that made me laugh at the the sheer scale of a human life wasted

A picture of Venice drawn in MS Paint, yes the one that comes free with Windows, that took 500 hours to complete.

Something that made me laugh because it was very silly

Something that made me laugh because it looks like a penis

Actually, several things made me laugh because they look like a penis.

and other things that I’m not at liberty to share right now

Something that made me laugh because it was cute
Actually, she (‘peppermintrock’) is quite an amusing photographer. I’m particularly taken by her series of pictures of her doll ‘Blythe’.

which in turn led me onto discovering about an entire subculture, that I was previously completely unaware of,
devoted to Blythe worship.

oh, and there was
Toast in the Post as well. That was quite funny. And there was the story that Tower Bridge was stuck open for the better part of the day. That was funny because it’s 113 years old and it jammed due to a, wait for it, ‘software error’. I just wish we could dig up some Victorians, reanimate them and get them to fix everything so that it works properly for a change. The 21st century is just so bloody useless …

That was about it for the last 24 hours or so. Gosh, my chuckle bones sure have had a mighty workout. Maybe it’s time to get a job now instead of taking pictures of stupid things like portable trees on the streets of London and surfing Japanese websites all day.

Nah. Sod that.


Sparkling said...

Getting a job is way overrated.

Stef said...

A gross exaggeration!!!

Getting a job is overrated no more than 98% of the time

Nurses and Japanese web site designers are performing an excellent and worthwhile function.

as for the rest of us, well ...

Ian said...

nurses who model for Japanese websites also provide a vital service to the needy.

Anonymous said...

perhaps we could do job sharing Stef, I've got 4 nights next week, 22.00-06.30, fancy covering them?
I'm kidding mate, however I'm not kidding about this...

Er...this is bit spooky but I know an asian girl who takes photos of dolls (close ups and in famous locations)...and the name of the Doll?...yep...Blythe (they both live in Birmingham). Jesus, i wonder if they've already cloned people?


Stef said...

I appreciate the offer but I'll pass. More interesting opportunities are on offer next week (I'm guessing that wouldn't be very difficult ;-) )

re. Blythe. I don't know about you but I'm getting one. That way They might think I've already been 'done' and pass me by. The first time anyway. Of course They will catch me the second time and then I can expose my girlfriend to my new clone masters by doing my best Donald Sutherland impersonation, pointing at her and going


.... or something like that