Monday, June 20, 2005

Cats (again)


Flipping through the sequence of thoughts currently queued in my head, it seems the first happy thought is about seventh in the queue. Which doesn’t bode well for any depressives stumbling across my blog over the next few days.

So, I thought I’d post a picture of a couple of cats I toook in Italy last week just to lighten things up a little. There it is, at the top of the post.

Also, on the subject of things feline, Vanessa and Noel have finally got Tubbs accepted as a contestant in Kitten War. Go Tubbs Go.

though she’s not exactly a kitten though any more, is she, guys.

What else is there on hand to take the edge off the torrent of negativity that’s undoubtedly about to flow through my finger tips …

Oh yes, there’s this thread started by a lonely heart in a cycling forum that’s been doing the rounds lately – the first 25 posts or so are just marvellous in their sheer profane dementedness. I know I shouldn’t have laughed. But I did.

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Anonymous said...

This reminds me (a bit) of an American we met on a Greek ferry. He was OK to start with being a fellow English speaking tourist during the off season, but after an hour or so I got suspicious when he started mentioning

A) How he knew every stone in the pyramids and that the Egyptian Govt. won't let the pyramids be studied properly because of the secret and how he was writing a book on the secret of the pyramids which was to be published on the internet (note the internet book publishing similarity with Cylotourist).
B) That all pictures of St. George on horse had the lance at precisely 23.5 degrees as this is the tilt of the earths axis.
C) That he had visions while he slept.

I think that for some long term travel has replaced community care.