Tuesday, April 19, 2005

A radical new look for my blog

Pretentiously Pensive
Originally uploaded by StefZ.

The voices are still compelling me to continue writing about spud guns and terrorism.

However, I have escaped their grip for a few short moments to change my Blogger profile photo. Reasons for doing this include

One: An attempt to convey a more weighty, intellectual look to this blog

Two: The old picture was six years old and a vague accusation that I was doing a Joan Collins was tossed my way a few days ago.

It's too late to apologise now. You know who you are. T*%#!!!


Anonymous said...

er...is that an Iraqi 'super' spud gun? man, those are deadly.

David said...

I've seen a number of your older photos, but this is the first one where you look like my friend Joe, who's parents are from Naples. What a small world! (you can also see him in person if you use one of the local BR stations, I will say no more...).

Stef said...

Re. spudguns

WMD grade 'potato vectoring' equipment here ...


Re. Joe /Giuseppe

Don't ever let my mum catch you comparing me to a Neopolitan. I once had a girlfriend who's grandparents came from that part of Italy and I got the distinct impression that mum would have much preferred a boyfriend, just as long as he was from anywhere else but there. This probably dates back to an ice cream van war or similar back in the 1950s. Old emnities/ rivalries die slowly.

You've got me all curious about the BR comment now ...