Friday, July 16, 2010

I despair pt.211

As I haven't a lot of free time to put together much in the way of considered blog posts myself , I've been spending what free on-line time I have hanging around other people's blogs

Sad to say, and especially with the passing of Lord Patel, there continues to be not much in the way of UK blogging which suits my own personal tastes - sceptical of official narratives, but equally cautious about competing alternative narratives, and not inclined to run away with the fairies, or aliens

Craig Murray's blog is always worth popping by, though I suspect Craig has decided that he needs to retain at least some kind of connection with the mainstream in order to sustain a living. The swarm of trolls that descended on Craig's blog after he started commenting on the Israelis shooting nine peace activists in the back of the head indicates he must be doing something right

Aangirfan's prodigious blog is also worth visiting but, my, it does cross the line between anti-Zionism and something a tad more uncomfortable with reliable regularity

I've also spent a little time wading underneath the comments on Old Holborn's blog, though I always find myself wanting a shower afterwards

Old Holborn claims to be a Libertarian, though he and his entourage of commentators seem to spend the vast majority of their time venting race-hate about brown people and blaming them for all of the UK's ills, whilst devoting pretty much fuck all time to the Evils of the State. In fairness, Old Holborn also has the occasional wee pop at Zionists and has aroused the enmity of other members of the British Libertarian Party for doing so

That's the depressing state of Libertarianism in the UK - mostly pro-zionist wog-haters, plus the occasional anti-zionist wog-hater

In that respect, there are strands of American Libertarianism that are light years ahead of the essentially hate-fuelled discourse that's taking place in the UK

And what's the subject of Old Holborn's latest post? With the country, and the world, on the brink of an economic and social precipice, engineered by a governing, legal and financial elite that is to all intents and purposes entirely Muslim free. What's the Big Issue on the mind of the UK's leading Libertarian blogger?

Yup, Khazis in Rochdale

The series of demented, racist comments underneath that post make truly depressing reading. There's no way of knowing just how representative this bile is of ordinary British people's views but there's no doubt that the media has been stoking it up for years and that must be having some effect

I despair

My one consolation is that, if history is anything to go by, it's the brown shirt dickheads who are first up against the wall after they've outlived their usefulness to their puppetmasters

But, as consolations go, it's pretty poor fare



lwtc247 said...

Come on Stef, those toilets are pretty dire! Your not supposed to stand and shoot you know!

Martin K said...

Sad to say, and especially with the passing of Lord Patel, there continues to be not much in the way of UK blogging which suits my own personal tastes...

Stef - I am convinced that there are a substantial number of blog readers who would echo that sentiment; many of whom are looking forward to the day when you can muster the time, energy and the motivation to resume the level of blogging of say, two years ago.

I don't think you appreciate just how sorely your blogging has been missed (is being missed).

I guess what I'm trying to say is that you are that blogger whose musings you, yourself miss, if that makes sense?

As for Old Holborn and his mainly fatuous blog - an establishment honeypot whose real purpose is to corale the loudest of the dissident voices...

lwtc247 said...

To ease the despair (or to increase it?)

Jeffrey Simpson
Just what we need: a $16-billion fighter jet [Canada]

Anon said...

Most of us are too busy with offline stuff to blog, and don't wish to get embroiled in Wordpress purges or Google's web (Blogger). Of course, you could pay for a host but then you need advertising to recoup the cost if your blogging is just freely available commentary.

I'd love to start a blog, but really, I have too much else to deal with, like surviving (I suspect this applies to most of the bottom 99% of the population as well). The UK doesn't have the same spirit of individualism as the US either, which is why my comments in debates often fall on deaf ears.

On the toilets thing, the vitriol seems to be aimed at the "muzzies" again. Personally I don't usually touch public toilets if I can help it...

Brenda said...

Martin K is spot on.

Come on, Stef.

stef said...

@martin k


stef said...


As you know, I've had the wind taken out of my sails lately. It might take a wee while getting back on course, or even deciding where I'm headed

working on it tho' ...

Wolfie said...

Glad to see you blogging again Stef, I did miss your oblique missives. I've retired from the sphere myself thanks to the demands of new parenthood - I don't think that needs expanding. Hope you are settling in and life is treating you well down-under.

stef said...


As it happens I'm not currently settling in anywhere but, rather like the ups and downs of parenthood, that's the kind of thing that makes Life interesting