Friday, June 04, 2010

The Joseph Goebbels Handbook: Chapter 5 – Fine Dining and Watersports

Gaza - so full of cakes there simply isn't enough room for any more humanitarian aid

Whilst wading through the GIYUS-style spam which is being posted underneath articles about the lethal act of Israeli piracy earlier this week, I’ve occasionally bumped into references about how the Israeli blockade doesn’t need to be broken anyway

The Friends of Israel who’ve commented against the necessity of blockade running have informed the casual reader that market stalls in Gaza are literally groaning under the weight of produce on offer.

They’ve also mentioned that exotic, mouth-watering dishes such as ‘steak au poivre’ are on offer in Gaza’s extensive selection of gourmet restaurants

A quick Google search for ‘Fine Dining in Gaza’ by myself and the source of this nonsense was quickly established…

“In a bid to stir awareness of anti-Israeli slants in foreign media coverage of Gaza, the Government Press Office sent an e-mail on Wednesday to members of the Foreign Press Association in Israel containing a guide to a luxurious restaurant in the Strip and a recently opened Olympic-sized pool”

Hmmm, fine dining and lovely big swimming pools

Would those swimming pools be even more luxurious than this one?

And would those markets and restaurants be even more overstocked with tasty comestibles than the ones they had in this paradise on earth?

Theresienstadt 1944 - simply lovely...

I don’t know what the fuck is going on in Gaza. I do know that I’ve always been able to get a decent meal even in the shittiest places I’ve been to around the world, provided I had enough money in my pocket. I wouldn’t however be so wilfully deceitful as to pretend that this proved the general populations in those shitty places were having it easy

So, no I haven’t been to Gaza, but when apologists for what’s going on there start quoting from the Auschwitz and Theresienstadt Lonely Planet Guide, c.1944 I certainly start to feel creeped out

And if a goy like myself feels creeped out by references to swimming pools as being proof that life is OK somewhere I would hazard a guess that the better educated mensch behind that press release would have at least some idea of the historical irony they're toying with



Anonymous said...

Well since some people are intent on sticking to their story that the aid convoy had Hamas terrorists aboard...

Malcolm Pryce said...

Apparently, when they are not lauding the delicious cuisine in Gaza the Israelis privately refer to the blockade as putting the people on a diet. Which, apropos your ‘Egon Ronay Guide to Theresienstadt’ theme, reminds me of the SS practice of throwing prisoners off a cliff and calling it ‘parachute training.’

How very droll.

Welcome back to Blogland, Steff. Don’t run off again.

Stef said...

ooops, almost forgot to post this quote from the BBC' second favourite offixially appovred 7/7 conspiracy theorist...

Let us hope the schoolchildren visitors are properly taught about the elegant swimming-pool at Auschwitz, built by the inmates, who would sunbathe there on Saturday and Sunday afternoons while watching the water-polo matches; and shown the paintings from its art class, which still exist; and told about the camp library which had some forty-five thousand volumes for inmates to choose from, plus a range of periodicals; and the six camp orchestras at Auschwitz/Birkenau, its theatrical performances, including a children's opera, the weekly camp cinema, and even the special brothel established there. Let's hope they are shown postcards written from Auschwitz, some of which still exist, where the postman would collect the mail twice-weekly. Thus the past may not always be quite, as we were told.

Stef said...

"Israelis privately refer to the blockade as putting the people on a diet"

this would be from the same school of side-splitting humour that nicknames 50 ton people-crushing bulldozers teddy bears

Stef said...

One of the many ironies about the situation in the occupied territories is that many of us who oppose what's going on are conscious of and haven't forgotten past horrors. The repeated attempts to smear opponents of Israeli policy as being racist and fascist, when they are the exact opposite, is as Big a Lie as there comes

lwtc247 said...

Strangely enough, I bought Kollerstorms book last night. This follows, even more strangely, from much irritation at Nafeez Ahmeds book that even more strangely still, comprises of corporate newspapers articles to overall "prove" the big bad Muzzies did it but poor old Mi5 just weren't quite on the ball and even engaged in a few pass and move maneuovers.

BTW that's the "this book must be true 'cos it's got redacted parts in it - ouuuuh!" which Nafeez refused to discuss with me.

Never mind the science or the logistics of what happened that day.

"Don't bother me with facts boy" (Foghorn Leghorn apparently)

I'd rather try and identify Kollerstorms (possible) idiocy from his own words and not automatically believe wikipedia, esp when he's a critic of Israyhell. 'cos when Israyhell is involved, there are many swimming pools of various shapes and sizes for various 'sports' too!

I've never seen or heard him give an interview. I don't mid paying about £14+PnP (paperback) to find out either way.

Stef said...

the bits Dr Nick cut and pasted from J7T (not £14+pnp) are probably accurate

as for the rest, let's just hope his scholarship is up with the high standards he set with Gardening and Planting by the Moon 2008

as evidenced by his appreciative readership...

"the moon dates in this book are wrong, i have cross referenced with an ephemerides and moon calender and they are 3-4 days wrong, suggesting they are 2007/8 dates. therefore can't be used as an accurate planting guide"

"The month by month to do calender in the front portion of this book is so inaccurate as to be laughable.He'll have you planting out tomatoes and beans long before the frosts end and probably before you've sown them. Whilst I have planted by the moon with success, the inaccuracy of this section makes me wonder about the accuracy of the moon information."

"Although this book explains the general theory and principals behind planting with the moon's cycles very well, I immediately realised that the actual planting calendar contained within it relates ONLY to 2007.

It is therefore out of date and not relevant to the current planting year.

I feel that maybe this should be pointed out somewhere in the book's description."

Stef said...

Here's an interview with Dr Nick here

shame I didn't let you know in time to save you fourteen quid

apparently K Dog is "is among the planet's leading defenders of civilization, and his book on the London bombings is exemplary in its willingness to follow the truth wherever it leads. And here, as in the case of 9/11, it leads very quickly to a very uncomfortable place"

there's no disagreeing with that last bit

Stef said...

and I've said this before, the (apparent) enemy of your enemy is not necessarilly your friend and the most perfidious way of harming a cause consists of defending it with faulty arguments

giving someone and their shonky arguments a 'pass' just because they appear to support your own beliefs can get you into all sorts of shit

cf. dolores shayler

Anonymous said...

Where was that post that you mentioned Leni Riefenstahl on, Stef? I can't remember why you brought it up... I know it was a UK piece.

Stef said...

I'm always rabbiting on about Leni, usually in the context of the Olympics or Live Earth syle events

Madonna's obviously a big fan too

lwtc247 said...

I agreed last time you said that Sef and I still agree now. But I hope the book will give me a greater insight as his alledged stupidity (I've never discarded the possibility)

If he does mention "sunbathing" and the like, then please trust me curse him appropriately. And any stupididy I may come across w.r.t. Jewish holiday camps won't cause automatic dismissal of contemporary events - but of course would call into question his judgement.

I'll let you know if I come across any brass bands and grand balls, prom nights etc.

Stef said...

Many moons ago we were shown 'Triumph of the Will' when I was at school

That was a cut-down, deliberately scrambled up version

Rumour had it that it was edited to lesson the impact of the original cut

It was still a fascinating introduction to how that sort of thing is done

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, here it is:

That's the one I was thinking of, the 600 police officers etc. Yes, you did reference the Olympics.

Stef said...

here's a link to Esther's, sorry, Madonna's Riefenstahl homage

like I said at the time, my granddad used to wear a shirt that colour but my family doesn't talk about it much

Stef said...

...and I love the way that the director managed to work in what appears to be either a Tesco carrier bag or an Israeli flag (same difference) at 4:50 into that video

that is one fucked up illuminst, kabbalistic, neo-ecofascist piece of work

Stef said...

...and I love the way everyone is dancing along

lwtc247 said...

Thanks for the links Stef. I didn't spot them before and I've not had the time to check them yet - but I will.

The approx 14 quid isn't just to see if he's a a nazi apologist.

Sophia said...

These are the folk (Jerusalem Post_JP) who posted a video on YouTube Mocking The activists in such a vulgar way that the government of Israel was forced to apologize for. But in private, members of the government like Mark Regev are very proud of the video and others said that THe JP was defending Israel better than the IDF.
Hasbara gone mad...

Stef said...

I'm actually delighted this video has been made and want as many people as possible to see it - even if they can't quite stomach watching it all the way through

Stef said...

... it took me three tries

Anonymous said...

Eh, I've watched people call for eugenics off their own back, claiming that lazy, disabled and old people need to be culled for being leechers.

So this video isn't anything spectacularly offensive in comparison.

Stef said...

the difference with this video is that that people have actually beern euthanised

Stef said...

and I do find the parallels with Nazis and Nazi apolgogists genuinely creepy and disturbing...

- the belief in racial superiority
- the practice of collective punishment
- the crude propaganda about gourmet food and swimming pools
- the denial of deliberate genocide
- the claim to be the self-appointed bastion of western values against the hordes from the East
- the lebensraum thing

it goes on and on and on

Stef said...

there again, at least the Nazis didn't have nukes...

lwtc247 said...

Dear Stef

Thanks for the AFRadio link. I found the time to listen to it. I especially liked the bit with bit with Dr. Ken Biegeleisen. So much so I'm trying to get a hold of his book.

As for the Kollerstrom bit, I'm wondering if you listened to it before you posted the link, as I don't think there is anything said in there that casts doubt on his integrity and absolutely nothing that could suggest he thought things like Auschwitz was a holiday camp or even anything remotely anti-Jew or anti-Israyhell/Zion. A similar thing goes for his book. So far, (I do admit it's in the que, but it has had the occasional scan and index-hunted-pragraphs examined) it seems lot less incrimination stuff on Israyhell than I was expecting {or think should be present}.

In fact I think he did very well and was appropriately cautious on a number of issues and made some very clear and strong points and made the case against the govt narrative v. well.

Sorry, but thumbs so far, IMO. I'm seeing the use of approx £14 fiat as an increasingly good choice.

You called Kollerstrom "the (apparent) enemy of your enemy" yet from what I've heard and read, I wonder why an (apparent) state of enmity is supposed to apply. Certainly from Zionist cirles yes; Anyone criticising the Zionist aberration - Israyhell - is an enemy. But detailing Israeli angles into 7-7 isn't.

You also said he is hurting the cause. But NK isn't creating a divide in the pursuit of '7-7 truthers'.

So once again I find the accusations against him are pretty much baseless (exemplified by Norman Finklestein and other academics who have lost their job due for political expediency and pressure from the Zionist lobby - as Ilan Pappe also experienced).

Interestingly (for me anyway) NK's understanding of Nafeez Ahmeds 7-7 book (assuming it the same redacted one I have) is different from mine. But I do believe variety is the spice of life.

Lastly, He claims to have done - innovatively or not - what first pushed me into reading a lot on 7/7 when he says something like: "...We went to check up the story of the 7:40 Luton train... and I and a friend went up there and we got the exact train times and we found the the 7:40 was cancelled that morning... I was quite involved in the story having made that discovery." (which does actually suggest novelty on unpeeling the 7/7 lie)

I don't think you can accuse him of copy and pasting J7 stuff. All later works can draw upon and explore the body of work before them.

Like all mud, the accusations leave a stain, but I'm gonna give this guy the benefit of the doubt for now and not accept the hitherto baseless anonymous unsourced accusations against him.

I'm afraid gripes about moons/beans and 'wrong years' (?), about plating veg doesn't cut much mustard either. A book which I suspect hasn't been read either and by those 'reviewers'

Lastly, I reserve the right to be wrong.

StefZ said...

I had listened to the Dr Nick interview a couple of times before sharing the link

There's porbably a misunderstanding here. I didn't mean to suggest that the link proved that Dr Nick was a rabid Nazi I was just responding to your comment that your hadn't heard him being interviewed

I refer back to the example of Dolores Shayler. When he's on topic, I don't disagree with much of what he says. But when he starts dressing as a lady and claiming to be Jesus he does, wittingly or unwittingly, reinforce the mainstream media's position that anyone who questions Official Narratives is out of their tits

Stef said...

and the reason why don't disagree with much of what the likes of Shayler and Dr Nick say when they're on topic is because, most if not all of the time, they're ripping someone else's research off

again, whether this is intentional or not, these characters are playing the classic old cointelpro two step...

1. Hijack the material
2. Dress as a lady

Stef said...

NB I've reached my own sceptical conclusions about the like's of Shayler, Dr NIck, and others independently. But those independent conclusions have been corrobrated by people who I trust who have had first hand dealings with these characters

Stef said...

and, without wishing to be a repetitive bore, I still maintain the right to be at least as sceptical of alternative narratives as I am of Official Narratives

anything else would be intellectually dishonest

I've looked at the evidence which supposedly proves that Israel was behind 7/7 and it does nothing of the sort (9/11 is an altogether different sack of bagels)

we can all have our suspicions but they should always be kept separate from claims of definite fact

Stef said...

and btw, just because Dr Nick claims to have done something that doesn't mean that he actually did

cf. the letter to the BBC at the bottom of this page...

Stef said...

and fwiw I do not believe that Dr Nick is a rabid nazi or a paid shill

just an idiot with piss poor judgment

Stef said...

and on the specific subject of holocaust revisionism

anyone with an ounce of good judgment knows that wading into that subject subsequently taints anything else they are involved with

I'm with Chomsky on this one and have a real issue with a particular historical account being set in stone by law. However, rightly or wrongly, that's the way it is

but it's a moot point anyway

the Jewish holocaust is utterly irrelevant when it comes to what is being done in the here and now

- The Jewish holocaust does not give Israel carte blanche to commit whatever heinous acts it likes

- The most prolific holocaust deniers are those who promote what happened 70 years ago as being a unique atrocity which trumps all others, past present and future

Whether more or less than 6 million Jews were killed, whether the killing was systematic or not, none of this justifies exploiting the deaths of those Jews to support an oppressive cause or to minimise the sufferings of other groups who have also been targeted because of their ethnicity

Spelling holocaust with a lower case h and sticking the word Jewish in front of it pisses in the Zionists' chips in a way that cutting and pasting drivel about swimming pools in Auschwitz (yes, Dr Nick has done that) never will

Stef said...

it really is worth reading that Kollerstrom quote again and asking yourself what kind of plum would put his name to this kind of bollocks...

'Let us hope the schoolchildren visitors are properly taught about the elegant swimming-pool at Auschwitz, built by the inmates, who would sunbathe there on Saturday and Sunday afternoons while watching the water-polo matches; and shown the paintings from its art class, which still exist; and told about the camp library which had some forty-five thousand volumes for inmates to choose from, plus a range of periodicals; and the six camp orchestras at Auschwitz/Birkenau, its theatrical performances, including a children's opera, the weekly camp cinema, and even the special brothel established there. Let's hope they are shown postcards written from Auschwitz, some of which still exist, where the postman would collect the mail twice-weekly. Thus the past may not always be quite, as we were told'

now I thought that the established anti-Zionist narrative was that the Zionists collaborated with the Nazis to make life so awful for Jews that the survivors would be enthusiastic about moving to Israel. According to Dr Nick this collaboration produced something like a 1940's equivalent of Butlins

The man is an utter, utter tool

lwtc247 said...

Crikey, I made more typo's and lefto's (left off's) in my last comment than usual. Sorry about that. Hope you could decipher it all.

As you are aware, past accusations against NK involve slandering him for supposedly daft views on aspects of the Holocaust. I don’t think I should take such claims at face value given that there are numerous and modern day examples of false accusations destroying careers.

I took the above as follows: I cautioned against that contentious wikipedia quote, saying the book will help me decide any such idiocy as I've never heard such things from the horses mouth in an interview, to which you provided a link to an interview which could have saved me £14, and you said he had 'shonky(?)' arguments belief of which might support my beliefs and can get me into trouble. So it seemed to me the alleged weird holocaust revisionism/denial was on the table.

Re: NK's 7/7 book, you said NK cut and pasted from J7T, later mentioning "ripping someone else's research off". Aren’t you suggesting plagiarism? In the book and interview, he references very well his sources, and he claims to have pioneered the 7:40 problem. I can’t see any clear plagiarism. In fact NK puts referenced opposing views forwards in the interview. If I use J7T stuff, which has provided gems of info, I’m not plagiarising. If anything Nafeez Ahmad would be a worse offender and his book is absolutely brimming with corporate media newz.

Given the gardening book is called "Gardening and Planting by the Moon 2005" It's rather silly for KG to say on 30 Oct 2009 that the book is out of date. In fact, KG's "review" actually relates to a more updated book called "Gardening and Planting by the Moon 2007: Higher Yields in: Higher Yields in Vegetables and Flowers", but somehow permeated into the linked 2005 page. KG them 'informs' us, that the actual planting calendar contained within it relates ONLY to 2007, which is strange as there was something about the book that gave me the impression the book had something to do with 2007.

KG also seems to think that people aren't smart enough to add the annual lunar offset (probably explained in the book) to plant successfully in future years [I‘m assuming NK isn't Myan]. Certainly if KG can find this out, then I'm sure almost anyone can.

I've got no real interest in spending time defending NK (should he need defending) but it seems to me the guy is being saddled with a load of defaming and slanderous remarks, so I’m saying something about it not just from a morality standpoint, but for selfish reasons too – it could happen to us, and is looking increasingly likely that it will, and soon!

"I still maintain the right to be at least as sceptical of alternative narratives as I am of Official Narratives" – I support that view, but the Auschwitz Hilton element doesn't feature in Kollerstroms 7/7 “narrative”, it seems to have been put there for him!

As for Israyhell I don't think anyone can finger ANYONE being responsible for anything. That's why a proper inquiry is necessary - to make that finger pointing justified. But the facts of Israeli Involvement do give good grounds for close scrutiny; Again I concede he might hold these views and that it’s just a case that I’ve no come across them yet.
- End of pt 1

lwtc247 said...

Part 2:
If you don't believe NK's 'rabid nazi' why associate him with things supposed Nazi's are supposed to believe. There’s a David Irving parallel here.

You said "btw, just because Dr Nick claims to have done something that doesn't mean that he actually did" Does that apply to Naziesque like words attributed to NK too?

As for "holocaust revisionism", that it ”taints: in the first place is quite revealing. And you are right to bring Chomsky in as he has written extensively about how, why and the effects of the perceived taint in the first place. The taint is false, but admittedly it’s prudent to avoid at times.

But again I don't think NK has been foolish re: holocuast. Not only because I've never seen him say such things, but because his book (and the radio interview you linked to makes no mention of it at all). You yourself have written on the Holocaust as well as 7/7. Why should NK be any different? IF indeed he has mixed them up.

You said "the Jewish holocaust is utterly irrelevant when it comes to what is being done in the here and now” - and I don't think I've ever been in more disagreement with you.

The Holocaust is far from irrelevant, as it's a prime marketing tool by which the vile Zionist philosophy, its protagonists, apologists and collaborators has managed to strangle much of the contemporary world in many ways, not least the Palestinians whose Genocide we watch from our 3 piece suites. Where people are assassinated in “The national security of Israel - a place of refuge for the Jews, so that the crimes against the Jews vis-a-vis the holocaust (and other various pogroms) can never happen again.' Come on Stef, you know those claims! And the notion of 1m or 6m (or whatever) just because of their (so we are told) religion (note the rich ones didn’t do too badly) is horrific enough to be indelible on our consciences, esp. while the cursed manifestation of Zion is still around.

“- The Jewish holocaust does not give Israel carte blanche to commit whatever heinous acts it likes" – To Israyhell, the US, UK, France, Canada, Australia, Germany, Russia, India, Singapore, Italy etc it does.

Your last comment re: "that Kollerstrom quote" suggests you take it fact he said it, which is at the heart of the matter here. I have doubts about whether or not he actually said it and I would have thought you – wise in the world of Hegelian mind f--ks (, would exercise some caution about this too. Wikipedia is a dangerous place to go looking for truth on serious geopolitical issues. If DrK did say these things: obfuscate the holocaust with 7/7 and did believe Auschwutz was a 3d/2n kinda place, then I'd agree, he would be an utter tool, but I want to hear him say it.

I'll try and ask him when I get the chance.
- End of pt 2

lwtc247 said...

Part 3:
The recent referral on this blog to Lenni Brenner’s 51 Documents inspired me to finally get a copy of it, which I’m eyeing right now. I wouldn’t call the Zionist Nazi collaboration with the Nazis’ an established anti-Zionist view, but a marginal one. Few really study the roots of Zionism (and I’m talking about starting from the rebelliousness against Moses here) which includes and the 19th century Christian Zionists Cyrus Schofield, John Nelson Darby active before anti-Semite Hertzl. It’s a marginal view because remember, it’s tainted, here be dragons. Most anti-Zionists (not the researchers on the topic) are actually quite ignorant about it focusing on modern day Zionism. Certainly some Zionist activity was to make life bad for the Jews so that they’d move to the illegitimate annexed areas of Palestine. Lavon affair and Iraqi synagogue bombings, but the Jews had been moving (in small numbers) to Palestine proper before WW2 as Michael Neumann mentions in his book “The Case Against Israel”. And actually most non-Palestinain anti-Zionists I met agree with the creation of an Israeli state!!! [Something I utterly reject, unless it carved in states that last century used to persecute Jews, Germany, Austria, Russia].

There. I’ve said what I wanted to say about NK. Thanks for the engaging.

Typo and lefto corrections to previous post.
“thumbs-up” and
“assuming it IS the same [Nafeez Ahmad] redacted [7/7 book] one I have”
- End of pts 1-3

Stef said...


lots of stuff I could reply to...

first off, the reference to the Moon Book thing was just to demonstrate that, at times, Dr Nick is a sloppy writer - in the field in which he is qualified

If you pick through the reviews you'll see that Amazon has lumped togther all reviews for all annual editions of his book in one place

and, yes, he did fuck up one year's edition through some sloppy cut and pasting

Stef said...

the reason why a couple of folks, me included, refer to Dr Nick as a 'cut and paste' revisionist is from a direct quote from a comprehensive demolition of his revisionist paper someone posted on a 9/11 UK Truth board

and, yes, he did write that piece which attempts to portray Auschwitz, a place which even hardcore revisionists admit was a lethal workcamp, as being a holiday camp

Dr Nick performed no original holocaust research and simply served up existing material from the likes of Leuchter in a thoroughly nauseating tone

the man is a knob

Stef said...

now I admit that I haven't read Dr Nick's book, and I never pretended that I have, but because he's a knob Dr Nick appeared on the BBC's Conspiracy Files along with a certain Muad'dib

without rehashing material we've gone over before Dr Nick, Muad'dib, Muad'dib's crappy little film about 7/7 and his claim that Israel (a country he claims to be king of) definitely did 7/7 all combined together in a big gooey, bonkers, messianic, anti-semitic, revisionist mess

no-one in their right mind, even if they had doubts about the 7/7 narrative, would want to be associated in any way with this shower of twunts

Stef said...

as for my comment about Dr Nick ripping people off, there's a difference between using other people's material as a source and claiming that the source material is in fact your own

there's a long story behind my allegation that Dr Nick has done that and I really haven't got the time to go into it, with the rigour that it would require, now

Stef said...

here's the link to Dr Nick's original holocaust paper over at the zany funster CODOH site...

Stef said...

and back to the Jewish holocaust again

I really do mean, and have thought long and hard, about what I've said about its relevance to what's going on today

It's a complete red herring

and the reasons why certain governments kiss Israeli arse have got a lot to do with massively funded, completely ruthless lobbies, a zionist controlled mainstream media and 300-400 nukes aimed at God knows where, and less and less to do with the Jewish holocaust with each passing year

sure, the apologists for Zionism are still flogging the holocaust horse but they're essential preaching to the choir

everyone else is increasingly thinking 'yes well, that was very horrible but so is shooting 19 year kids in the back of the head in international waters or dropping phosphorous on women and children'

anyone wishing to neutralise to effectiveness of the Jewish holocaust as a propaganda tool to justify contemporary genocide is much better off dealing with the morality of the here and now, rather than computing the coal consumption of 1940s trains or writing about Auschwitz's bounteous leisure facilities

Stef said...

...let me put it another way

I propose that Zionists absolutely *adore* holocaust revisionists

Zionists adore the revisionists because the revisionists do not challenge the legitimacy of using the the holocaust as a justification for committing terrible acts in the present day, provided the events of the holocaust can be proved to their personal satisfaction

afaic the revisionists are questioning the wrong thing

lwtc247 said...

Cheers Stef for your time and reasoned replies.

The case for Muad'dib being off his trolly is far clearer than that of NK. But the stupidly named Muad'dib (snMd) - as has been said before - does get my appreciation for he gives Israyhell deserved attention. It's attention avoided for fear of the shitty anti-Semitic(at best) bawlers like Cohen, Arronovich, LittleJohn, Phillips spit out - scum that have unfortunately succeeded in their objectives - musnt mention the Z.I and J words. The snMd also gets some sympathy from me as to demonizing spin he was subjected to. If the bagels are indeed different Re: 9/11, it would seem to me very foolish to take Israyhell as innocent by default. Sadly its not possible to get your full lowdown on the 7/7 Israeli bit. Please note I believe there is a difference between the allegations made against Israel and the any links of it's connection. I'm not adopting the claims of others e.g. the snMd

But Deloris and the snMd are getting away from NK.

Thanks for the CODOH URL. I didn't know NK had a paper there. More reading to do. *Groan(with an appreciative smile)*

A quick look shows NK exploring (very well referenced!) Fred Leuchter's scientific study, which as far as I know isn't negated by a counter scientifically based study, only threats and lies. The David Cole Auschwitz documentary and consequences tie well into this also and Prof. Tony Martin.

Well, I'd rather not harp on about this, and I'm sure it's mutual. I think I've made my concerns clear. As usual, I'll bear your valued opinion and treasured analysis in mind.

lwtc247 said...

Re: Holocuast.

It's a complete red herring.

I very much disagee. Israyhell may have much of the militarised world by the balls due to $$$ (ergo: Media, Industrialised military complex etc), but it's the Holocaust that's used to pacify and con the masses who on occasions, however rare, do say enough is enough.

Israyhell is the biggest obsticle to world peace - and it's getting worse, FAR far worse. The Holocaust is it's excuse for existance.

they are flogging and preaching to the proverbials, we should WHY was that "shoah business" [(c) Finklestein] established in the first place??? Because it WORKS. It works like - or better than - a dream. But of course it a forking nightmare.

Try selling Shitzrayhell by telling the people that the bLiars, Browns, Camerons and Cleggs of this world, The Regans, Bushes, Clintons, and Obama's, HArpers, Aznars, Musharraf's, Karzais, Talibani. Al Maliki's ad nauseum have this domestic and foreign Israeli policies because it is personally financially rewarding (not to mention the little 'clubs' these people belong to). Surely it wouldn't go down.

Stef said...

personally speaking, I'm not opposed to Zionism because of any doubts I may have about the existing Jewish holocaust narrative

or even because of any latent anti-semitism on my part

I am opposed to Zionism because it is racist, genocidal and, particularly in its Christian form, plain bonkers

Norman puts it rather well...

Stef said...

and Shoah Business really isn't what it once was

do you honestly think that the masses approve of what Israel is up to?

in spite of all that political, economic and media influence it still lays claim to being the most disliked state on Earth

lwtc247 said...

"afaic the revisionists are questioning the wrong thing."

I don't think they are a one trick pony Stef. Besides, what of the old adages that go something the lines of: "to know the present requires understanding of the present and to know the future requires understanding of the present" The Young Turks, Bolivar(early 1800's), The British, Dutch, French, Italian and US colonialism are massively important to understanding the world as it is today. Just as 9-11 (and it's manipulation) will have long standing impact to come. Why is the EXTRAORDINARY theft of Palestine and the birth of a bastard nation, only 62 years ago; a fraud of a religious state, AKA Israel - immune from impact or importance. Not least the 5 million(?) Palestinian refugees would certainly beg to differ.

The financial stocks we find aurselves in are FOR the sake of ISRAYHELL. People so easily dismiss the underlying “religious” element of Israyhell. The oxymoronic Zionist religious element is that of a perverted religion. That’s why a number of Jews fiercely oppose Zionism. They know it perversions and danger to Jews and Gentiles.

Israyhell and where it’s headed comes second fiddle to noting in importance of the world. The 3bl people living on $2 a day or less are it’s victims too.

All Roads lead to Israel. They really do. Even the alledged 'enlightenment' and Darwinisn/NeoDarwinism, the Russian revolution. The forced abandonment of China's use of silver and gold as money.

p.s. ver word: ducksker

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the that part of his Canadian Tour is great. If you haven't seen the full documentary, it's a great use of torrent programs.


lwtc247 said...

do you honestly think that the masses approve of what Israel is up to?

Much of the world Yes. Those who buy newzpapers for LittleJohns xenophobia etc, or believe in the White mans burdeon - you mentioned that are already converted.

A great deal don't approve of what Israyhell is up to but on the "balance" of things, still surrender to the trash pumped into their heads that it's essential for Israyhelli national security. Brits (as you know) get a few sacks of this garbage thrown into their heads too on numerous occasions.

And as I've said earlier, a large number of anti-Zionist still support "A" country called Israel in Palestine. To them, Zionism that doesn't pick on the Palestinians would be isolated in Israyhell. How wrong, What a terrible musinderstanding of Zionim.

Those people like me who have no (brainwashed, 'on the balance of things') tolerance for that nasty freak of a 'nation' and its filthy filosofy are exceedingly rare.

Anonymous said...

"to know the present requires understanding of the PAST and to know the future requires understanding of the present"

(sorry once more)

Anonymous said...

and by "most of the world" I mean the heavily militarised, and heavyily (fiat)monetized parts of it - predominantly the western world and those in its shackles e.g. Japan, South Korea, Singapore who are in its shackles.

Stef said...

Herzl was an atheist

Stef said...

Personally speaking, and I have ploughed through more of the available material than most folk, and that includes all of the old favourites, I do not believe that all roads lead to Israel/ Zionism

Yes, I freely admit that I believe that very peculiar hidden hands have been interfering with (as opposed to completely controlling) the flow of world events for a long time

I could point to all sorts of different lines of evidence which have led me to that view...

- the role played by certain interlinked clubs in the establishment of new orders in countries such as france, america, italy, and turkey
- the disproportionate and persistent influence certain dynasties have had on finance, medicine and social science
- a ridiculous number of apparently inexplicable historical events and apparent coincidences which I won't even start to go to the effort of listing now

but I believe that Israel/ Zionism has been a tool of these hidden hands, not the objective itself

unfortunately, I'm f***ed if know what the actual objective is

Anonymous said...

I can posit some suggestions for that last part: a much reduced population under the shackles of a global police state, just enough people to run the utopia that the likes of Rothschild and Rockefeller subscribe to.

lwtc247 said...

Herzl was an atheist - yip. A man when whose diaries are read to Israyhelli's, is identified as no-one less than Adolph Hitler.

Stef. What you are seeing but can't identify, is the hands of Iblis, but your religious outlook, what you have refered to as a 'sky God', prevents you from admitting it. It's the big bad devil I'm afraid. Always has been, always will be. The Satanic world is gearing up for the Antichrist. The exact flavour doesn't really matter.

Jehova willing you WILL get there. Ameen.

P.S. Do you read Vigilant Citizen?

StefZ said...

my religious outlook is perfectly willing to incorporate a designing intelligence but not the simplistic, irrational, easily pissed off, Sky God so many people of Faith seem to adhere to

you won't find me being critical of theism, just certain mainfestations of theism

off to read through Vigilant Citizen now, at first glance it appears to be about the occult symbolism that's plastered all around us

I have to say, I feel a lot less lonely wrt these subjects than five, six or seven years ago...

Anonymous said...

That would make you a Deist then Stef, like several of the founders of the US (yes, they weren't actually Christian per se).

Glad we could accompany you on these issues Stef, but I'm sure your other 50% does a good job of that already ;-)