Thursday, January 26, 2006

Peter Wingarde to stand against Ming Campbell

Further to my earlier post on the subject of the Liberal Democrat leadership election, it comes as shocking news that Simon Hughes, 54 year old bachelor Member of Parliament who comes across on television like a camp vicar, is gay.

Well, only a bit gay apparently.

Hughes has admitted to having had both hetero as well as homosexual relationships.

That’s a typical Liberal Democrat for you isn’t it.

Unlike his colleague Mark Oaten, at least unmarried Hughes cannot be accused of cheating on his wife. Though, apparently, he has "often" thought about getting married but had not been "as successful as I would have liked".

But then we’re told that Hughes didn’t come clean voluntarily but was outed by The Sun newspaper which had incontrovertible proof that Hughes had used a gay chatline called Man Talk

It’s just like a bloody nightmare isn’t it. It just gets worse and worse. Hughes is such a sad human being that no-one wants to go out him plus he sits at home whiling away the hours engaged in gay sex talk at a couple of quid a minute.

The technical term for Hughes current situation is, I believe, fucked.

The media is currently making great play of the bitter 1983 Bermondsey by-election when Hughes defeated Labour candidate Peter Tatchell. The campaign got quite nasty and Tatchell’s homosexuality was implicitly referred to in some of Hughes campaign literature. Without going over the history of that by-election is painful detail suffice to say I was around at the time and Tatchell lost because the majority of local people thought he was a tosser. The gay thing was incidental and was only played up then, and since, to mask some disgraceful behaviour on the part of the local Labour party. The fact that the leader of the national Labour Party, uber leftie Michael Foot, declared that he also thought that Tatchell was a tosser has been quietly forgotten. Tatchell’s subsequent career only confirms to the sound common sense of the South London electorate. Hughes has held onto what was historically a safe Labour seat for the last 23 years. He is seen as a good local MP. However, the charge of hypocrisy at the time of his first election does stick.

So, here we are with a Government busily assembling the framework of a police state and committing us to foreign wars that are patently against the interests of the majority of the British public. And what is happening to the only political party that has taken a stand against these issues?

Total implosion.

In the space of a couple of weeks the Liberal Democrats leadership has been exposed as a collection of sad alcoholics, so lacking in charisma that they have to pay for sex or masturbate whilst on the telephone. That kind of behaviour may be OK for the rest us but for the leadership of a political party?

*Bangs head against keyboard*

And it’s not just the Liberals is it? Labour MPs who have taken a stand against the War or erosion of civil liberties have the life expectancy of mayflies…

Mo Mowlem – dead

Robin Cook – dead

Tony Banks – dead

Claire Short – fucked

George Galloway – where, oh where, do you start?

Someone (The Sun newspaper) has dug out another embarrassing video clip of Galloway shaking hands with a mass murderer this week. Expect to see the footage repeated until the end of time and considerably more frequently than, oh I don’t know, Donald Rumsfeld shaking Saddam’s hand or Jack Straw cosying up to Robert Mugabe (‘it was dark).

It comes as no surprise that today’s Simon Hughes story was printed by a Murdoch owned newspaper. A Murdoch owned newspaper whose editor is friends with the Blairs. That’s the British Press in 2006 for you. Totally crap at objective, critical comment on current events, rather good at taking public figures out of the picture, as and when the owners feel like it.


Anonymous said...

Claire Short-Fucked? I think the words you are looking for are bitter, morose and Brummie :P

Ian said...

I followed the Peter Wyngarde link under the photo and found out he had his feet broken as a child in a Japanese concentration camp in Shanghai (interesting enough in it's own right)and produced a cult sex-album of music which includes a song called 'Rape', which he discusses here (he was obviously ahead of his time in analysing The General State of Things)

"....Rape - truly the album's centrepiece, it's this suite which has given the record such cult notoriety that collectors happily shell out up to £400 for a copy. Wyngarde defends the piece on which his musical infamy is based. Is it politically incorrect? "I've really no idea. It's about all kinds of rape. There is so much rape going on rape within bureaucracy, rape at so many government levels, rape of countries. You know, even attempting to explain it totally defeats its purpose"

I am downloading it at the moment and look forward to hearing it - he tries to seduce you straight away on track one apparently.

David said...

Stef, thank God you didn't put Jenny Tonge on that list, I'd have had to resign from your fan club ;)

Daniel said...

Jason King, Klytus from Flash Gordon, and now it turns out a musical maestro. Is there no end to this man's talents ?