Friday, October 14, 2005

Daft Link Roundup

Some recent web links that didn’t quite make the cut during a tidy-up of my favourities folder

  • The Wagner’s Meat Home Page – I was a little concerned that Hurricane Katrina might have closed them down but it appears to be business as usual. Bad news for vegetarians, good news for fans of knob gags.

  • That story about armed, special forces-trained dolphins being released back into the ecosystem by Hurricane Katrina. Sadly, there has been no follow-up to that gem.

  • That story about the german inventor developing a process that can turn dead cats into fuel

  • Photos Beyond the Wall – A US based photo editing service for people in jail

  • Truth or spoof? – Rent My Daughter

  • A collection of Donald Rumsfeld quotes - as well as being the spitting image of Dr Strangelove, he really is America’s Greating Living Intellectual

  • I also couldn’t help noticing that the online edition of Pravda has taken to occasionally linking to articles featuring pictures of naked women. I’m not sure what Lenin would have made of it. Another sign that Pravda is keeping up with the times is the fact that they’ve started publishing a ‘Funny Stories’ section, though a certain degree of traditional central control can still be discerned in titles such as Russian Oligarchs Ready to Pay Millions for Huge Penises and Putin Will Be There for You… Even When You Go to the Toilet. It’s also clear that the Russians still haven’t quite worked out their long standing issues with the Chinese.

And a couple of links that need sound…

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